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  1. Kevin was in born in 1983 in a suburb of the great city of Pittsburgh. Where their he learned how to embody the Pittsburgh way of life , toughness. To him being born in Steel city was great honor that he carried with him. You see he born to a family of steel workers and coal miners so to him toughness was in his blood. But he always wanted something more then the humble life he was born into, he idolized the fast cars and fancy suits of the rich. Because to him those things met power. Because of this he found himself picking fights with the rich kids in school which caused him to suspend. His father had to go to the school to pick him up but tragedy struck along the way his father was murdered while trying to stop a mugging. After that Kevin changed he stop picking fights at school he stopped idolizing the fancy cars and suits one thing drove that 16-year-old and that was revenge. But tragedy struck one day before he turned 18 the two towers had been attacked. Two days later he was at the nearest army recruiting center. A few months later he found himself in Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia. 10 weeks later he graduated boot back then 14 weeks after that he was out of infantry school with a mos of basic infantry and before he knew it he found himself in the shit hole of Afghanistan. But while he was in afghan his mother was killed in a car accident this is what set Kevin down the dark path. He remembered what he felt when his father died, the rage, the hatred, and the anger all came back to him. He was able to get leave so he could go home a burry his mother, but he had thought of coming back. He as going to find and kill the man that murdered his father and kill the drunk that killed his mother. When he got back home, and he contacted on of his childhood friends that ended up joining the Pittsburgh PD and was able to get the address of the man that had killed his mother. One night he snuck into the mans house while he slept he jumped on top of the man while he slept and covered his mouth and told him to be quiet. When the man shook his head okay he uncovered his mouth. He looked up and Kevin and told him “You can have anything you want anything at all I wont tell anyone” but Kevin just smiled and replied “I am the angel of death. The time of purification is at hand” and before he could scream out he buried his knife into the mans throat. After he watched the man bleed out he simply got up wiping the blood off the mans sheets. As he was about to leave the house he walked by a door to the garage out of curiosity he opened it. Sitting in there was A 2017 MUSTANG Shelby GT350R. When seeing this he remembered the days as a kid looking up to these kids of people. So, he turned around and ransacked the rest of the house stealing whatever valuables he could find. He called up a old buddy from his preschool years who know worked in some black market affairs to see if he could dump his stuff off. When he pulls up to what looks like a old warehouse his old friend Antonio Moretti greets him. He tells him the story of what happened to his Ma and how he got all the stuff. Antonio -“Now I hate to bring it Up Kevin but did you some of my crew got a lead on some of those boys that wacked ya old man and ill send guys with ya so we can take em all out just for you” Kevin “Thank you, thank you Antonio but one other thing I need to get out of the country do you think you could do that for me” Antonio “Yes of course anything for my old Vecchio amico” Kevin and four of Antonio’s soldiers all armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, body armor and explosives bust into a old dilapidated apartment building where the gang was hanging out. Room by room floor by floor they killed ever man their until there was no one left to kill.
  2. Growing up without a father in the 80s wasn't always easy for Jason you see his father was a soldier for one of the crime families when the Sicilian mob was on the decline one his father had to leave for his "job" as he called it then he didn't come back. His body washed up 2 weeks later you could hardly tell it was him his father along with some of the other families soldiers where found dead they found who did it. Once that happened Jason vowed to stay away from the life that his father lived and promised he'd never kill someone who didn't deserve it. He worked in one of the last steel mills in Pittsburgh until he was 21 and then joined the Unites Army where he was Ranger from a few years where he did spec ops down in panama and some other Latin American countries he wasn't suppose to be in. When he was down in Argentina helping out with the local government track and terminate communists rebels that where hiding in the jungles . What he didn't know was that there was entire families in one of the camps that he went to. It was a massacre even children after that he left the army and went private contractor. He ended up working all around the world for anyone from oil barons to fortunate 500 businessmen. he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time he everything collapsed
  3. *laughing now he pulls his radio out * You people follow a blind man who thinks he can see. You two are just as foolish as he is . *Clearing his throat and looking at the men he has standing before him* I can understand how can see this as cringey. Especially after dealing with West's bitch of a son Greg but darlen that wasn't me. Plus We've been recruiting a lot. Some of these son of bitches are pretty damn smart in fact some of these people are more fucking angry at the world then I am , so when they find you and I promise you they will find you. You will simply die . So like I've said before you should have killed me and West when you had the chance to. *He turns off the radio and looks at his men and gives them the nod as they split up in search for Max
  4. *laughing to himself Lets keep this professional and you can call me Mr. Malone and as you said before I am glad that you have pledged your allegiance to us but be careful on who you are punishing for speaking out against your cause for you never know who is watching you Boris. *the radio go silent Prepare for a war Boris for I may need you and your men soon *Kevin cuts the radio off and goes to sleep
  5. *with anger in his eyes and vengeance in his heart after clearing his voice and taking one last drag on the cigar he has been saving. he pulls the radio to his mouth Now I know you may not remember me but I've had time to think what you told me a few days about our common friend Mr. Western but I feel the need I must tell you Max, you want to start counting the days , for the Angel of Death is on the way. Now I cant blame you for what you did after all who could have seen West gathering all these people. *with a pause You should have killed us when you had the chance *there is a buzz over the radio and one could here what sounds like faint laughter right before it cuts out
  6. *listing to the radio communication If you truly need help contact Western he and his group maybe able to help , reach out to 47.7 * as quickly as he pulled out his radio he stuffed it back into his back and looked around to make sure he was by himself then he disappeared into the woods
  7. *Kevin laughs to himself loudly he picks up his radio* Boris just remember you must be careful in who you let into your little group of people and just remember I am always watching you. *he turns off the radio and laughs to himself even more thinking of what happened only a few days before
  8. *Kevin listens to the mans radio plea for help, he begins to speak over the radio* Radio channel 47.7 you have thirty minutes to contact me *radio goes dark*
  9. *He thinks about the days before all this happened , he thinks about his family , he thinks about his country, and he thinks about his service. Kevin looking at his reflection in the water seeing how much older he has gotten he presses the button on his radio I call to every man women and child who have been preyed on , to every man women and child who has had their home destroyed, to everyone who has had there food , water and protection taken away from you to every man who has lost someone I call on you. For war is coming Men, all this stuff you hear about not wanting to fight, wanting to stay out of the war, is a lot of bullshit. We all love to fight. No matter how long it may take to overcome this premeditated act of hostility we will always fight back. Now I call on hero. The real hero is the man who fights even though he's scared. Some men will get over their fright in a minute under fire, some take an hour, and for some it takes days. But the real man never lets his fear of death overpower his honor, his sense of duty. Now I realize this is a large undertaking but we can, no we will overcome. These fools who believe they can control our lives will be sadly mistaken. I don’t know about you but I'd rather die on my feet then live on my knees. * Kevin lets go of the button to his radio thinks to himself he's going to be really pissed.
  10. *Kevin hears the men's voices over the radio and he lets out a deep breath he hooks up his old CD player* *once the song is over the man unplugs his CD player he lets out low chuckle to himself * " Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have messed with? "
  11. *listening he thinks to himself finally "It is a good thing that someone is going to fight against the Horsemen who believe that they can do what ever they want and take control of one of the most impotant places to the surviving people of cherno Mr.James it would be my honorable duty to fight along side you and your people against the horsemen if you need to contact me use the call sign Freedom, Independence, Georgetown, Hamilton, Tripoli
  12. *Alex laughs he knew this would happen "if only I had something to give you but the thing is someone told me I had a better chance at contacting Obi-wan Kenobi then 101 so I decided to give it a shot" *Alex hooks his radio back on his pack and continues looking for them
  13. *Alex shakes his head knowing he sounds like a idiot when he says this "Uhhh hello Obi-wan you're my only hope at finding the group known as 101"
  14. *Jason picks up his radio after listening to the old man "sir with all do respect I'm counting on that sometimes it takes bad things to bring about good and from what I've heard these people are the ones that can help me and all of cherno if you know something contact me with the call sign Freedom , Independence, Georgetown, Hamilton, Tripoli. I repeat my call sign is Freedom , Independence, Georgetown, Hamilton, Tripoli . This is not only for me but for all the good that is left in the world. *Jason shakes his head knowing this is a long shot but these people could do some real good
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