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  1. Jason served 5 years in the navy after high school where he would be assigned to the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit or MEU as a corpsman out of training. He has spent many years abroad both with the military and exploring the world. He often questioned war and what would drive people to fight many would describe jason as stoic though he liked to keep to himself he would offer hi opinion if asked. Jason had longed hoped to become a doctor but settled on becoming an EMT when he was unable to attend school due to his poor grades in high school. After his certification and 2 years working as an EMT he met a police officer named Mikayla who he would spend many hours talking to. It wasnt long before they were married and expecting a young child. After hearing of a pandemic outbreak Jason reenlisted in order to help serve people with his medical training to much objection and outrage on mikaylas part after a long conversation she knew Jason wouldn't be the man she married if he weren't willing to risk everything for what he believed to be right. Not long after reenlisting Jason was deployed to the quarantine zone where his duty was to treat those wounded in maintaining the quarantine. His unit was assigned a secret mission to infiltrate the quarantine and rescue a high value target who was reported to have info on the outbreak. In the dead of night the team left without a word to anyone. It wasnt long until Jason learned the true nature of the breakout. His battle buddy had suffered an injury it apeared to be a bite from a wild dog jason volunteered to stay behind with his battle buddy to treat the wound and await evac. Late that night he heared his battle buddy by the fire screaming he went to investigate and he learned it wasnt a dog bite but it had been a zombie bight. To jasons horror and surprise before him stood a monster he only believed to be fiction. He took action trying to detain his comrade to no avail Jason knew what he had to do so he snapped his comrades neck when it lunged to bite him. Jason attempted to contact his team with no response he tried to contact command and with no response there either he knew he was alone.
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