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  1. Fits Well, I Approve //approved.
  2. Roster Updated. Big welcome to the newest members of Brass, @Scrxts @Johnyeh And @Dirty Dave
  3. Group Goals have been updated, added time frames to ones that can be achieved within a select time frame. Thanks for the feedback @Saunders and Everyone else who as posted aswell.
  4. Thread Updated, Updated Graphics, Added More IC Goals. Thanks For Feedback.
  5. Big Credit to the Lovely @ChrisW for the spicy new GFX. Yes, the graphics need resizing. But mobile.
  6. Formed by several like minded individuals, who, at the onset of global destabilisation caused at the hands of the undead hordes, the group saw a chance to both further the prospects of humanity and ingratiate themselves with whoever might emerge at the top of the inevitable power vacuum that would form given the current deficit of an established government. To this end, a vicious sweep of Europe was enacted, with museums pertaining to military history being their main target, firearms and other militaria, deactivated or otherwise, from various points in recent history were collected, with special interest being showed to many of the last ditch firearms produced by the third reich in its death throes, moving rapidly west, sacking the historical institutions of many European countries as they went, taking advantage of the ensuing chaos caused by the collapse of the world around them. Eventually the group arrived in Livonia, and found their pillaging could continue no further, as the Belarussian government had mustered the most resistance to the undead threat, and had taken every precaution to close their borders, deciding to push further east, the group had no choice but to secure passage off-road, a precarious endeavour given the sheer weight of stolen arms they possessed. Bribing a local woodsman, they were assured that passage further eastward could be had by means of an abandoned logging trail through the hills, left unguarded since the days of the USSR given the freedom of movement allowed to its member states. Setting off on the road, the convoy made solid, albeit painfully slow progress due to the steep nature of the road, several days into the journey, they were plagued by the extremely violent storms that frequent the country, their progress ceasing all together now as the very ground beneath them sought to see them undone. Several more days passed, with frantic attempts to un-ditch the convoy being made by every man present, though to no avail, eventually the futility of their actions was realised, the decision was made to bury their loot, the process was even more arduous than before, but eventually they buried what trailers they could, and sought to fortify the ones they could not. Now trapped in Livonia, with the weight of their bounty cast around their ankles like a leaden ball, the group has no choice but to prematurely enact the next portion of their plan, hoping to create a hub for the cheap manufacture of crude firearms. At first hesitant of their new surroundings, the group took a policy of isolationism, their interactions with the survivors that were now their neighbours being limited to trade, both of supplies and information relating to the local area, being an eccentric bunch to begin with, their continued self segregation served to paint a peculiar image of them, first earning their moniker of "Brass", as those most involved with them became accustomed to their incessant pining for ammunition in any form. Whether in an attempt to be rid of them, or through a genuine interest in seeing them prosper, the local populace notified the group that far to the south of the country sat an abandoned munitions plant. The fabled SILA arms plant rivalled the Brno plant in Czechoslovakia in its heyday, and served as a bastion of Livonian pride until its gradual fall into disrepair and eventual abandonment. Fully aware that the plant would have been largely stripped clean of useful machinery, an emphasis was put onto finding and assessing the possibility of making the place liveable, even workable once again. Until being able to do so, the group has focused their efforts onto the accrual of arms and armour of any sort, with the goal of distributing the most desirable luxury in the country at a premium they can decide, to this end, they have also made considerable efforts to contact those they feel trustworthy enough to help further their cause. Masali Salamander Markus Lawson Reynauld Petain @Liam @LewOS @Suave Sniper X Richard Bennet Nikora Iosefa Tyler Wicks Manvej Ratesh @Jpurts @Phoenix151 @Bishop @Dirty Dave Ali Amir Julian Amir @Scrxts @Johnyeh Establish an area of operation from which weaponry and ammunition can be traded and sold [Completed] Refine a process in which old weaponry can be made operational once more. [Indefinitely] Begin researching methods of creating crude firearms & ammunition with minimal resources [Indefinitely] Harvest large quantities of expended ammunition casings and any other brass scrap. [Indefinitely] Take steps to increase the status of the organisation within Livonia. [Day - 1000] Actively seek out alliances with other groups in Livonia to ensure survival. [Day - 1010] Help supply allies in order to counter our enemies. [OnGoing] Run any competitors out of business through any means necessary. [Day - 1050] Recruit individuals with specialist skills to help. (Traders, Security, Engineers) [OnGoing] Take time to Explore individual talents of members and develop these so they may better contribute in future. [OnGoing] Find, restore and modify a truck or bus so that we can operate a mobile shopfront. [OnGoing] How To Contact. Either Messages me on Discord (Lewis#4428) Or Just Message Me on the Forums.
  7. Nice one on gaining the purple chief 👍

    1. Peril


      Thanks man!  Hope you're well 🙂

    2. LewOS


      I am doing well, but WoW has taken over.

  8. I think its a great idea, mainly for those who dedicate hours to the server, and this could also help out groups that are active alot on the server it can help them to at least get more of the harder to find clothing that would fit their group theme. also, how many hours would it take playing on the server to be able to purchase everything from the store page.
  9. Good shout, But I cannot pull a Scottish accent and also need the tartan pattern to make it more like a kilt.
  10. Happy birthday DayzRP, I suppose I'll try and make the best of the gift you gave me... Somehow. (any ideas how, please let me know)
  11. Congrats on the Green. 

    1. Peril


      Thanks Lewis ❤️

  12. LewOS


    Its not the rain that kills you, its the cold. I believe the server temperature get increased? I do not seem to get as cold as I used too when sprinting in Rain.
  13. Alexander Redwood POV: After logging south of Vybor, and meeting up with Friends within the town, and hanging around for a bit, we heard someone hitting something so we went to investigate and then found a guy smashing down a wall, a few people went inside the building to talk to him, and a few waiting outside trying to get the guy to explain what he was doing breaking down the wall. When the guy started talking he mostly said the sentence of 'I don't have to say because it's none of your business' and other BadRP things, and this went on for sometime, i believe warning shots and a flashbang was thrown, before the guy in the house started shooting and ended up killing a guy before 2 others ran into the building killing him.
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