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    Why is everyone on this site that I know becoming staff?!?

    GG on the orange Lad. 

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      I'm sorry, I drank the orange Kool-Aid.  Thanks Lewis 🙂

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    Cant wait to begin cleaning the lands of Chernarus
  3. Zachary, brought up in Harrogate, His early life was mostly comfortable, with his family being high up in a chemical factory called, Veolia. With this he gained a place within this company with the role of Head of Chemical Cleanup, the job was messy but it paid well. During what was supposed to be a work normal routine, he had gotten a call and said that he had to come down the to the head office Immediately and to tell no one else about this. when he had reached the head office, he was sat down with the COO and 2 High Ranking UN Officials, and was told that the conversation that was to he held, was to stay secret and was not allowed to leave the office that they are currently located in. As the talks between the 4 men went on, Zachary was told that him and a few others from Veolia and other Hazardous waste cleanup company are to be transported to a Baltic state named Chernarus, He had been told that the country had succumb to a tremendous Biological and Hazardous accident, and that the countries own cleanup crews was not capable to deal with it themselves. He Accepted the job, expecting it to be a divergence to his normal routine, Be he was wrong, oh so very wrong.
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    Server Crashing Bets

  5. LewOS

    S1 - little east of Zub castle / 18/5/2019 7:15 GMT - No time to comply

    Markus Lawson's POV: Everything that Welshie had said is pretty much what i experience, when they first started yelling at us to put our hands up. I was in the emote menu, I then heard gunshots and panicked, you see me then run into the same tent as Welshie. (I was firing back, but the video does show i am punching the air. Which i have been told is a glitch) which i was then killed seconds later.
  6. LewOS

    Fifty Two - The Gallery Thread

  7. LewOS

    Fifty Two | An IC Focused Survivor Group

    Thanks to all those showing the group some support, and a congratulations to the rest of the lads in the group.
  8. LewOS

    Fifty Two | An IC Focused Survivor Group

    Thread is looking great.
  9. Whilst his early life was like most other boys in the north of England, his early life was mediocre. making it through early education and then making it partway through high school. before inevitably dropping out and joining his folks within their carpentry business. he was trained as a apprentice carpenter by his farther and had found work within his small town, mainly focusing on the nearby farms and industrial buildings that was always in need of repair, his life was smooth sailing from there. The Length of this decent life that Markus had, was indeed cut short, when both his farther and his mother had to travel into the nearby city of Lincoln to purchase some much needed parts and timber, whilst there they had to stop at a bank to withdraw the money, but unfortunately on that day a group of armed and unknown individuals decided to plan a job on the bank that day, and from what Markus heard, is that the job that went down, didn't end smoothly, as both his parents was caught in the cross fire between the police and the armed suspects, ultimately cutting both of there life short and in doing so ruined the life of Markus. After hearing the news of his folks's passing, he took over as the manager and owner of the carpentry business for a few months, before shutting it down and heading down the London to try and get away from remembering what happened, whilst in London he manage to find work, but it was never consistent, it always flopped from person to person, job to job which could of span between a few days or a few weeks before he found work again. until back street bar, Markus was approached by a man who was dressed sharply and a black hat, said he had a proposition for him, or in his words "A Job application" was an offer to join a group of people, but with Markus down on luck and no where else to turn besides large gaps between his next payday, he accepted. Whist within this group, his first assignment was fly to a Eastern European country to watch over some cargo that his new found group had purchased. he was supposed to be there for just over a week, to oversee the transportation of the cargo, until...well, lets say his second hell had arrived. FEW WEEKS LATER Markus awoke one day in a drunken stupor, confused and still intoxicated he runs his hands across his face "fuck my life" he had been remembering the loss of his parents and he felt his eyes tear up and smacked everything off his table, he then saw his black hat settle on the ground and the at sight of seeing it, he felt the overwhelming accomplishment, proud of what he had done the night before. for an orphan things could be much worse where he was currently, getting up from his drowsy state, and then spits noisily onto the wooden floor, then pulling out a small canister with a small tag saying "rations" carefully pulling a handful off fluttering moths crushing them into a ball of gush, and then proceeding to insert them into his mouth, wiping his mouth and reaching for his black cap from the floor, head he heads out the door back into the hellhole, and remarking "time to find the boys the get the bag" before closing the door.
  10. LewOS

    Starting Clothing

    While Yes, This is an RP server. but it is a game. DayZ has always been about starting with nothing and working your way up, and while yes RP Changes that mechanic up slightly. I think to start with Military Clothing will encourage Gear RP and also it just kill the exploration factor of searching for it and spawning with it all straight away, kinda kills the challenge.
  11. LewOS

    Starting Clothing

    The clothing that should be implemented into something like that, should be the items that don't give much to the sense of an advantage and should mainly be civilian, such as Shoes, Hats, Glasses. But when it comes to Jackets and Trousers. it should still be kept to the civilian class, like check shirts or raincoats, along with the hoodies and normal shirts people spawn with or even include some hunter based clothing like the Brown and Green Hunter Jackets, which are incredibly weak nor waterproof, but are probably the best looking when it comes to a survivalist type loadout. I was gonna say Cargo Pants, but they seem to be a grey area for me, they are the best looking pants, but the carry space is a bit much.
  12. LewOS

    Starting Clothing

    I See something like this possibly work, but also it kinda conflicts with the whole premium stuff that's happening. but who knows, I am curious about how starting loot will be changed or a character creation system will be created and integrated into the game.
  13. LewOS

    In game Premium poll

    Out of all of the suggestions, I don't really agree with em all, such as paying to have starting clothing, as for searching for the right clothing can be found within maybe 45 mins - to an hour if you are looking in the places, sometimes it can be quicker or longer depending on the RNG, but this does encourage exploration around the map. But out of all of the em, I think being able to pay to have a custom skin on a piece of clothing is probably the best thing that could happen and will not have a Pay2Win Feel to it, this can probably be done with retexturing vehicles when they return, to have a groups Name, Logo and other little quirks to be added onto them or just have a car to be retextured with blood or have crazed messages written all over it, just adds a little uniqueness to the item or vehicle in question. This also could work with recolouring certain items, such as having a Black Taloon or Mountain backpack, But this could be just modded with the future return of Paint Cans, and even have more colours like; Pink, Orange, Red, Blue or Yellow. And more.
  14. LewOS

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    From the looks of the Mods/Downloads Path. Are we going to need to download a mod folder or is it going to downloaded straight from the launcher. And also what other items can be found, or is a find out in game situation?
  15. LewOS

    The Coyotes Call

    *Daniel sits fiddling with a soup can trying to slip the lid of the top with a knife. After getting the top of the lid off the can Daniel hears a muffled sound coming from his radio, He Sits for a few minutes listening to whats being said, After hearing a voice that sound familiar, He holds down the PTT and begins to speak* "I dont think I ever had the pleasure of meeting the Coyotes, And if I heard any stories about you guys, Then I Probably had mistaken you for actual coyotes. From what you have said, It seems that you have got your shit together since the removal of your last leader and you say that you got rid of someone who ... Lets say strayed away from your pack, or something like that. Well I would love to bump into you at some point, would love to finally meet you ... ... ... ... Also you sound very familiar to someone I once knew, but he's probably dead now" *Daniel releases the PTT on his radio and tosses it behind him, He grabs a spoon and begins eating his can of opened soup*
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