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  1. Nice one on gaining the purple chief 👍

    1. Peril


      Thanks man!  Hope you're well 🙂

    2. LewOS


      I am doing well, but WoW has taken over.

  2. I think its a great idea, mainly for those who dedicate hours to the server, and this could also help out groups that are active alot on the server it can help them to at least get more of the harder to find clothing that would fit their group theme. also, how many hours would it take playing on the server to be able to purchase everything from the store page.
  3. Good shout, But I cannot pull a Scottish accent and also need the tartan pattern to make it more like a kilt.
  4. Happy birthday DayzRP, I suppose I'll try and make the best of the gift you gave me... Somehow. (any ideas how, please let me know)
  5. Congrats on the Green. 

    1. Peril


      Thanks Lewis ❤️

  6. LewOS


    Its not the rain that kills you, its the cold. I believe the server temperature get increased? I do not seem to get as cold as I used too when sprinting in Rain.
  7. Alexander Redwood POV: After logging south of Vybor, and meeting up with Friends within the town, and hanging around for a bit, we heard someone hitting something so we went to investigate and then found a guy smashing down a wall, a few people went inside the building to talk to him, and a few waiting outside trying to get the guy to explain what he was doing breaking down the wall. When the guy started talking he mostly said the sentence of 'I don't have to say because it's none of your business' and other BadRP things, and this went on for sometime, i believe warning shots and a flashbang was thrown, before the guy in the house started shooting and ended up killing a guy before 2 others ran into the building killing him.
  8. Why is everyone on this site that I know becoming staff?!?

    GG on the orange Lad. 

    1. Peril


      I'm sorry, I drank the orange Kool-Aid.  Thanks Lewis 🙂

  9. Cant wait to begin cleaning the lands of Chernarus
  10. Markus Lawson's POV: Everything that Welshie had said is pretty much what i experience, when they first started yelling at us to put our hands up. I was in the emote menu, I then heard gunshots and panicked, you see me then run into the same tent as Welshie. (I was firing back, but the video does show i am punching the air. Which i have been told is a glitch) which i was then killed seconds later.
  11. Thanks to all those showing the group some support, and a congratulations to the rest of the lads in the group.
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