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  1. The fuck is going on here. 

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    2. Boston


      Break and Chill? :3

    3. Cid


      I'm taken, sorry Boston.

    4. Aiko



      Hello, Aiko here I am simply on a break. :3

  2. whos got life is feudal? 

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    2. Marcoooz


      Dumb people 218.png_large


    3. Western
    4. ToeZies



  3. Sitting down wait for me tattoo to be draw out FUCK 

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    2. Western
    3. Kieran_Hales


      niiiice dude, were have i seen that before????

    4. ToeZies


      yeah i Seen something similar too, but not just like that, good shit bro

  4. This is a fucking horrible attack on children. Children young as 8 and up are missing or worse. What has the world come to. It's going to get to the stage where you can't go anywhere. I'm not the best with words but fuck sake, this is one of the worse things anyone can do attack fucking children. Thoughts are prayers that people would be able to find their missing children and family.
  5. Found out last night what happened in Manchester, I came into ts to see anyone knew if anyone was there or knew people. 


    I don't know what to say, I hope everyone is ok.


    Thoughts and prayers for the people who was affected. 

    1. idole


      I heard about it this morning shocking it's been a bad week around my area a man who disappeared in February was found dead two days ago and was so badly decomposed because he was found in a river bed just outside my town.

      And then this happens, I have a friend who likes going to those concerts luckily she didn't go this time.

      My prayers are with the people hurt and the family's.

      Can't even go to a bloody concert and enjoy yourself you have to worry about bloody suicide bombers.

  6. 9cb0b640091e59d88f7b3e4c9a17ea3d.png

    Now we wait.

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    2. Chewy
    3. jamieV_


      Your potato pc can't even fucking handle minecraft and you bought dis? 


    4. Western
  7. You played on asylum mate? like jamie said have ago at the whitelist!
  8. To tortuga!!
  9. The reports xDxD 

  10. *Endeavour picks up his radio and presses the PTT* Surely has to be more alive? *goes silent*
  11. *Endeavour changes the freq back to the old GMTC freq and presses the PTT* Is there anyone alive from here? anyone..? *goes silent*
  12. *Endeavour picks his radio and presses the PTT* Tony?... Tony mate, you alive? you even still on this freq? is there anyone on this freq that is alive that knew Tony? *goes silent*