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  2. Youtube Publicity

    Well I am in contact with some streamers and some YouTubers and ask them to come along but the current state of the game they dont want to play. I have recently spoken to @Sam Fields about his trailer and I have msg serval facebook pages and groups to post the video and credit him which helps him get the views and brings more traffic to DayZRP. If you were to pay big YouTubers, such as Mr. Moon, @JimRP is the man who is in contact with these types of people so its up him I believe but correct me if I am wrong. But when beta comes. it will bring people back to the game and hopefully bring people back and bring new people to the server.
  3. So the 18th of September. I applied to join the community after being removed from my first server The Asylum for Dayz for having an argument with streamers and staff team. Which shut down shortly after I was removed. Where I first met toasty @Infamous . When I first joined I never thought I would love DayZRP as I loved Asylum. There was something about Asylum that I still today still love about it and I will never find it again, I tried playing with people which I met such as @dankusmemeus , and the rest of the old OG Misfits and some of the people I first met in Asylum but it's not the same. And after being a here a year already I have gotten to love the community. It's the main reason I applied for staff if I'm being honest, I want to help the community and the people here. I will admit and its well-known with the people that know me here I want around shouting, 'future staff' And at the time I thought I would have got it back then. But I can see now It might not have been the right choice at the time as I think it has affected me with the community as most of the people here think I'm a joke, and when I join channels I kicked or not taken seriously. But that doesn't stop me from trying to help the community, maybe it's me but I know myself its true. I will admit I had my ups and downs here, With what went on and what people said and other people think and left twice without many people knowing. But I come back as I want to help still. When I first join the server I was recommended by the man himself @Infamous to join but I didn't at the time but I came a few months later after being removed from Asylum. When I first came into Teamspeak to ask about my backstory for my character Western, Before he turned into Endeavour Western. Which @Samti knew me as O.Western. I spoke to @Terra about my backstory and she helped me out a lot with it and understanding the game and places. And I spoke to @Stagsview as well for short moment and he gave me tips as well. I was creating a group a motorcycle club called The FireFlies and here is where I first met @Marcunt and We spoke about each other and groups and this when I get my first msg from @Steck and we chatted for a while. When I first went in game I was playing with @Infamous and we were heading to the triangle and we were calling Lop a shit hole and I got captured with Ajzone by Coldwater and @Infamous Comes in and kills like 6 or something. and gets gunned down. This where I first met the scariest woman I ever met @Lyca and she makes me run behind her while the rest of cold water was behide me and Ajzone. I will admit I did think it was @Terra and thought she would go easy on me. But then her boys start torturing me and I think correct me If I am wrong @Beni but I think you touched me in the face and knocked me out. And Ajzone had metal balls and they hit and he went *ding*. How can I forget When I was gearing up before playing with @Infamous I met the german man himself @Samti and traded him my ak74u for his repeater. I had the gun for ages after. Not long after I was playing with the Pagans and where I met @Steck @SillyGoose for the first time and we played for a while. I wasn't in a group for a long time after that I was playing with @Buddy alot at the Lake. And he said to me about the GMTC which I joined and this is where I met @Chief @Coda852 @King @RogueSolace @Jake Crawford @Flapjack @The Marshal (I think) @Zero @Chewy @Tom and it was found group overall. What it was and what it left. This is where I found my partner in crime my boy, @Munter Teddie. Then after that me and @Munter where going about causing trouble with each other getting us killed with random shit Getting Dayzed. Then Vista was around with @Infamous @Stiflex @evanm23 and I built Camp Endeavour v1 at kamest. And not long I met @Solo and his bunch and bad boys and they chopped me hand off, Part one turning to pirate. Then Lost my eye and leg. shortly after. Then I took over the Heathens that i was part of and built it with @Munter and we welcome everyone @SebbePwnYou @Skyline @Frankie @KrazyKomodo @G19 @Richard Smith @i am Bambi @Max @lukaszxe @Marci and lot more people. @Idole my long lost daughter @Mr Anon I love you town to this day, king of the north still to this day. @Iso you betrayed me. @Galaxy We got that island. CJ prick (couldnt find ya name) @Mirrorism come back. @Mason26 the lake @Joules Helped me alot. @Major goals. @Oliv your alright @Aiko more anime then japan @Red join me group @Spartan our ts poke debates. @Dusty my hat saved me remember ? @Terra dont ban me a probbaly lot more i can tag but cant think of anyone, Sorry Thank for having me @JimRP @Rolle and the rest of staff and the community.
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      can we break chain just this once @Oliv, and allow the 30 day hold to be removed..... 30 days of hyping is alot , alot indeed.

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  5. The Last Light

    This looks fucking sick mate, well done for creating it. #HYPE
  6. bye staff.

    We have lost another great member of staff, We didn't speak a lot and I wouldn't agree with a lot of your actions but end of the day you were one of the main people of DayZRP. You watch has ended.
  7. [Game] Shit that White Names say

    No one will let us join their group, we can go join Western!
  8. Real life picture Thread

    There's my boy!
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    Your profile has my approval when I see Elizabeth Comstock Burial at Sea as your avatar :) 

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      I loved bioshock since the first one came out.  I wasn't sure if you would miss it! xD 

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      what you think if this? 

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      i used to have this as my laptop background xD 

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  9. Guthix's DayZRP Wallpaper

    These look sick thanks you showing me