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The White Name King Got Mr. Moon Killed

"JimRP is a kebab."

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  2. FalkRP

    Child RP

    Put a minimum age of 16, People cant act as trolls and squeakers.
  3. FalkRP

    Child RP

    Pretty much how it is now. I met one one not weird child rper @Phoenix. All the others I have heard and see are like that in that video, Like i said just plain trolling.
  4. FalkRP

    Child RP

    Worst thing you can come across is a person rping a child in game, Every time I see a child in game, all I see is trolling because they go off and do weird and questionable things in game and play it off saying its a what a child would do. I've got to the point where if a child comes up to me I just tell to fuck off from me because I aint dealing with that OOC and IC my characters hates kids.
  5. FalkRP

    Documents from The Time.

    Thank you Nozzy, I'll be good as you one day.
  6. FalkRP

    • FalkRP
    • CalRP

    Are you alive 

  7. FalkRP

    Looking to Contact Other Group Leaders- Freq 101.7

    *Falk picks up the radio and presses the PTT* My name is Benedict Falk, last time there was meeting everyone shot each other, explain what you want with all these people. *Falk lets go of the PTT*
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  9. FalkRP

    Documents from The Time.

    If you are able to locate Benedict Falk's old home you will find these documents. Find out each operation from the groups lore and other places. Operation Crown. Operation Hound. Endeavour Bogdan
  10. FalkRP

    The Militia (Recruitment: Open)

    I expect alot coming from you @GunRunnee02. Good luck Fix the lore and remember what I said about the IRA.
  11. FalkRP

    • FalkRP
    • Eagle

    Eagle speaking facts here 

    1. ShanePVP


      good man ya are eagle good fucking man you are

  12. FalkRP

    JimRP best driver

  13. FalkRP

    Rule 3.6

    No the rule is fine how it is.
  14. FalkRP


    Im going RP as a twitch streamer so I can use my go-pro

    1. FalkRP


    2. Challenger



    3. Ciiber


      You haven't noticed the Go-Pro strapped to Clyde's forehead this whole time? He's an vlogger.

    4. FalkRP


      OH SHIT 

    5. CalRP



  15. FalkRP


    I agree with this
  16. FalkRP

    Carry and drag injured people.

    I would love this to be added if possible @Misho
  17. FalkRP

    GMAK Staff Application

    This man saved me from the evils of John Moody. #GMAK for support
  18. FalkRP

    Merciless- (Recruitment Open)

    Good Luck
  19. FalkRP


    If you block someone they cant report you. 



  20. FalkRP

    S1 BadRP/Baiting 13/07/2019

    While we were there, everyone that wasn't talking to us, were aiming guns, it seems they were using OOC information because they knew it was us. Also one of you men was shit talking us for reasons I dont know when we were leaving.
  21. FalkRP

    S1 BadRP/Baiting 13/07/2019

    I brought the boys down to start a pub in town as I know the town very well as I was the second of command of the Saviors. I mean the white track suit guy came to me and I explained to the boys who he was, At first I didn't realize who it was, then I did. The next part I will put in a spoiler as its bit grim because its about John moody IC. This seems to nitpicking at everything that was said, They were talking about grenades and what they would do. Boris was a Slave Trader in The Time and we sold slaves so he is stating a fact. Well, this is bit questionable statement. We sold white and black slaves. But its more of a moral thing, Someone who doesnt like them types of word, still can be friends with a slave trade I don't see any issue. Just seems you are trying to attack us from every side you can. If you are going to report us for 2.3 then you will have to report everyone else who attacked because they attacked you far more times we did. This started when I took @kimmylou hostage before I created The Time. Phoneyxx came into town with hostile intent. We took her hostage She goes and does joins the Mafia that were planing against us. We find her and tell her to leave it. She leaves. Word gets out she joins it again, The Time deals with it. Series of small other events The Time Archives. Far as I know they boys were in different characters so IC they wouldn't know and it would be metagaming. That's not really our problem, the Black Roses are meant to be big hostile group that defends and attacks people from what I remember. Please do not use my and @Phoenyxx IC issues for a report because it doesn't have anything to with you what so ever. if she wanted to report she can or she can speak to me.
  22. FalkRP

    Found this cool song

    Where are your parents
  23. FalkRP

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    Good luck
  24. FalkRP

    Gabreta Fenix

    Good Luck
  25. FalkRP


    I killed 17 people. There was only 5 of us. @Osku @Ryan Shepherd

    1. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      and I only shot 10 bullets hah, double kills mate

    2. FalkRP


      big facts

    3. Osku


      Whats this referring to? Our 3 man attack on saviors compound when that one dude claimed he killed 5 and it turned out he killed 2 + 1 friendly? 😄  @Mak @Jewell

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