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  1. What a joke. 

  2. FalkRP


    I've built hundreds on sheds in real life and they do not take 600 nails for that size shed. @Roland At this point only a the soup kitchen will have one because the nails are to much.
  3. FalkRP


    Bit much aint it for each stage? @Roland any chance of this being changed
  4. FalkRP


    What do you need to build the new shed?
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      God no...another one?


  6. The Wise Men are the leaders of The Time and other said groups, throughout the lore, you will see some of the same and similar lore as The Time. The characters involved are on the same timeline and I did not want to leave out in the lore. The Wise Men group is mainly to help new leaders both IC and OOC on how to make better decisions and what to do when things arise. 2007 After the downfall of The Time, the people who were left created what is known as The Wise Men. The Wise Men were collective of people who advise and make decisions for a better tomorrow. Originally there was five members who created The Wise Men, and they soon started to recruit more people to the cause. They had made a deal with a group called 'The Instants'. The Wise Men and the The Instants agreed that the Wise Men would train child soldiers and help the Instants make better internal decisions if anything would arise. Over the next three years The Wise Men trained child and adult soldiers and started to put them in there owns squads like how The Time did the Hound Squad. As the numbers grew the leaders from The Wise Men started to put the soldiers into small PMCs and put them out for hire. In the three years they created nine PMCs with around forty in training. The leaders decided to go to Villages to recruit more soldiers and in return they could help with building schools, and other business in the villages. After few villages were built the leaders started to build factories and hire the village people to start manufacturing ammo and gun parts for the PMCs. 2017 2018 2019 2020 The Wise Men sent five men over to Cheranrus and in a matter of a few years, they had already rebuilt The Time. Since the outbreak The Wise Men moved to a country called Livonia and in recent months more and more people have turned up. The Wise Men have called The Time and other well-known groups to Livonia to set up a base of operations. The following events will happen in game. Goals Set up PMCs under The Wise Men rule. [On Going] Advise group leaders 1/20. [On Going] Set up base of operations. [On Going] Make contacts for building camps. [On Going] Have a stockpile of supplies [970] Locate a working airplane [980] Find William. [990] Members @FalkRP @JimRP @VegasRP @DexAgonRP @Finn @Jared @JamesRP Message me if you want to join on the forums or on discord FalkRP#3025
  7. Yeah, the mod that was suggested does this.
  8. Back in legacy, if you had a suppressor no zombie would case you. Bring this back
  9. Seems like an awful amount of coding just for that.
  10. your in a firefight in your base and you die and you spawn back in your base, you break NLR?
  11. 2300 gang

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      Topple the beanz hierarchy

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      soon tm

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