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  2. Discord causes to many issues, you can have 5 people in the channel and discord starts to lag. Only way to do this is on TeamSpeak. Discord has a very good messaging program but it’s VOIP is terrible.
  3. This man is onto something. This is a great idea +1
  4. Your RP is top tier. You have my vote. 

  5. I’m pretty sure Roland had to turn everything off like that due to clothes having better advantages to others. Something to do with the rights to the store. @Roland
  6. 4 years.

    1. Finn




    1. SimpActual


      This sounds like the soundtrack to UwU Chronicles: Vol 6. 


      Either way, let's hang out in your boot whilst sipping on a bottle of whiskey. 


      Then, we can kiss and make a montage. 


      At the end, we both a light a cigarette and smile at each other while watching the sun set. 


      Camera pans out and Idris Elba is standing over us playing a harmonica that was manufactured in 1947.


      We wake up and smoke a joint. 


      We are both now 83 years old. 


      The end.

  8. No. DayZRP will end up like all the other shit hole servers that have twitch tos. DayZ is an old game, only people who stream dayz play on PVP servers.
  9. when you becoming a LM

    1. Rover


      Who knows what the future brings

  10. Suggested this years ago, Boss man Roland wasn't keen on the idea.
  11. Watched Mr.Moon and @RP told me to come over
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