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The White Name King Got Mr. Moon Killed

"JimRP is a kebab."

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    Hey new here

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    The Market - Open recruitment

    I love to trade too. Good luck
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    Kai's memes

    This should be on the newcomers thread
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    • andysuter

    Thats a nice profile picture 

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    You May Not Have Tomorrow.

    I used to believe we could help everyone one way or another, but since time went on, that concept isn't valid anymore. Since I've been back in this godforsaken country, the people I call friends have changed. Other folk around these parts would say they are nothing but scum because they simply fear them. I'm lucky enough to have my words and people believe in what I say or they fear them. I've never been much of a soldier and I've always had some sort of PMC or people to enforce my words to those who don't believe. When I was a kid a man called Rustin used to preach to all the child slaves about how we are a family and we have a duty to the people to give them a new home and help those who can't. I used to believe in it and thinking about it today, the knowledge and wisdom that man used to tell us, I've started to teach others in the same light of things, Ironically I was scared of him and now I'm telling teaching the very thing I feared. I was travelling through some burnt down the village and I saw a church with a someone hanging from the arches. I remember seeing his face somewhere, but I can't remember his name. I heard a few months back around these parts there was a group that kidnapped people and held them a countable for their actions or so called actions they committed and if they were guilty they would be put to death and looking at the man hang, he must of being guilty of some crime. I didn't stick around for long and kept on walking. I ran out medication that the doctor gave me and I was looking for some more, but I couldn't find much and I could feel I was getting weaker and I ended half dead in a town called Polana and I heard some voices I rather I didn't. It was the Wolf Pack, I kept to myself and took my beret off and went to the water well and didn't say anything and I was walking out of town I one of the Wolfpack started to talk to me and I kept on walking. I must of got about twenty yards before I start chucking up everywhere, sick, blood everything. Wolf Pack being Wolf Pack saw I was chucking up and came running over. I got up and kept on walking and Phoneyxx walked in front of me and saw my face and knew it was me straight away. I had my pistol out as I could barely hold my rifle. I'm not sure what it was but she just stood there looking at me, it could of been the blood coming out of the mouth or she was surprised to see me like this but I knew I had to get out of there. While I was walking out I looked over my shoulder she was the only person left standing there. While I was walking down the road I saw a stream and walked down to it and washed my face and I got back up to start heading down towards the coast and I blacked out and the next thing I knew I was on a bed, It took me a moment until I realized where I was and I saw a woman standing to look out of the window and I went to grab my pistol from holster but it was gone and I looked around the room and saw I was hooked up to a saline and god knows what else. I lifted my legs from the bench I was on and pull the needles and everything else from my arms and got up, the girl that was at the window turned around and it was a girl called Willow, she was the same girl that was around the Moon's camp and I always thought she was known it all kid that thought she was gods gift to man anyways she rushed over to me and tried to get me to lay back on and I pushed her off her off and I said 'where's my shit' and she pointed and I put my jacket back on and grab my guns and bag. While I was putting the belt on, the door opened and Phoneyxx walked in with few guards and she said I need to sit down and but I brushed her off and when I walked out, I saw the last person I expected to see. The leader of Anarchy, Dimitri. I stared at him for a few moments and he walked over saying he heard I was down here and came down to see If I was dead or not. After a few moments he said I looked like shit and need to go back in, I explained what I did to these people and he said he would sort it, After a few hours, Dimitri came back with a PMC, The Legion and I spoke to the leader of that called Jericho. Dimitri must of explained what I had, what I could make and do, and they sent what they call the best doctors what was left in the world to patch me up.
  8. FalkRP


  9. FalkRP

    Locked to FPP when holding any weapon?

    Gonna be a no from me chief
  10. FalkRP

    Neglect of Hostage

    I don't really know why he's reporting but here's my POV. I get told we need to go meet the legion and we head up there, we meet them on the road. Head back to Cherno. The bloke asked once for water, and never went ooc or said he badly needed a drink. I said to everyone not to give him water as he was saying the same thing over and over and all we would get is lies so I made that call and I would of gave him some once he started telling us what we wanted. If I would known he was about to die from water then fair enough I would of gave him some but he never actually said he badly needed it from what I remember. Because I wanted to further the RP and find the information about him we wanted but never got the chance to it as he never said he needed it badly. I looked at his body and saw he had water bottle with some water, and some pears so he had some on him that could of saved his life and really valued his life. While I was around the hostage his general tone of his voice came across that he wasn't scared what so ever. He seemed very upset/salty that he was a hostage. Overall my experience with the op today has been very poor as he wasn't giving anyone some sort of decent roleplay.
  11. FalkRP

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Good luck men
  12. FalkRP


    These are very nice photos
  13. FalkRP

    open inventory, jumping, sprint not working

    Relog and verify game files. Ask any players if they are same issues and if they do report it to @Roland @JimRP
  14. FalkRP

    DayZRP 19.8.1

    New Islands, you know what that means @G19RP @JimRP
  15. FalkRP

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    Keep the pills how they are, no need to change them.
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