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The White Name King Got Mr. Moon Killed

"Loyalty to the end."

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  1. Falk

    Hello everyone!

  2. Falk

    The Mafia (Open Recruitment)

    Good Luck
  3. Falk

    Loud pop followed by burning smell from PC

    Any news on this @Diamond?
  4. Falk


    The M1 motorway and its potholes are getting bad ain't it.
  5. Falk

    Open Inventory when sitting down?

    Yeah sounds good, Been a few times I have been sitting down and had to stand up to look in my bag.
  6. Falk

    Suggestion: Backpacks

    So I was looking at backpacks and I was thinking what would be cool and I thought about this: The straps for them If they get damaged/ruined we can repair them with rope and maybe some duct tape and the straps for them may change into the same look as the makeshift one. Not sure how hard this would be but if easy enough why not. Also, I looked at a link Hex shared in the discord and it showed some pictures with backpacks, and they had extra slots for a tent, medic bag, water canteen etc. If this is easy enough to add these slots, might be worth taking a look at it. What do you think of these?.
  7. Falk

    Loud pop followed by burning smell from PC

    Depends. The computer would of turned off straight away for safety and whatnot because if it. But again that's a case by case. Have you tried plugin it in another plug? Even at that I wouldn't recommend doing that right now. While you can get everything out.
  8. Falk

    Old Rank

    You need to find your billing information for it unless Rolle can find that you did indeed pay for it all.
  9. Falk

    Loud pop followed by burning smell from PC

    Unplug and take everything that you can out. It's most likely your power supply. Make to ground yourself to piece of metal as you can possibly break the graphics card and other equipment in it though static electricity.
  10. Falk

    Hey Guys!

  11. Falk

    Night time

    Nice photo
  12. Falk

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    It seems like when these boys want to make a group they have to wait for weeks.
  13. Falk

    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    It's a shame they have to wait 4 weeks, to be approved. They don't even know why they aren't approved yet
  14. Falk

    Bug: Main Menu HUD Stuck

    All good son, Took me some time to figure it out too. /Fixed
  15. Falk


    Sell your beanz for credit @Roland 🤔

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