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  1. Falk

    • Falk
    • OxeN


  2. Falk

    Create Your Staff Team

    Support WesternRP Mod Elk GM Endeavour Admin Falk SO Rolle and Jim
  3. Falk

    Westerns Album

  4. Falk

    New to this server

  5. Falk

    BeanZ WAR

  6. Falk

    Randomly Dying?

    In the past I've had this had this issue so many times. It goes down to lag from the client. When your lagging you your clint to the server is still where the zombies are etc and they can kill you even if your not their on your screen.
  7. Falk

    Big question

  8. Falk

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    Looks good G
  9. Falk

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Good luck lads
  10. Falk

    Quick website suggestions

    Ok good.
  11. Falk

    Quick website suggestions

    @Roland So I had an idea for the item shop. So the idea is where you can choose an outfit from one click instead of going though all of clothing. Here is an how it could look. If groups had a outfit they can all choice the outfit with one click.
  12. Falk

    • Falk
    • Elmo

    Found this gem. 

    1. Elmo


      Couldn't compare to this absolute MINT

    2. Falk


      Top quality  

  13. Falk


    Is it time for the Pagans to come back
  14. Falk

    Falk's Art.

    I do alot a custom graphics for people in the community and I don't really upload them anywhere or the person doesn't use them for what ever reason. I do have an media thread but I find using Albums are suitable and easier to use.
  15. Falk

    What is the one song from any video game you can never get out of your head?

    Over the years, The music is only the really thing they havnt changed. Its what really made it IMO
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