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  1. EndeavourRP


    If your interested in seeing more about that I can send some information your way. But in the mean time look at my character Benedict Falk and the other stories I have written. Also I will be in ts after work today and we can chat about the situation yesterday. What @Puncture said was a fair point so I assume the staff will relook at that rule for the steamers etc.
  2. EndeavourRP


    I was apart of the situation yesterday and most of my characters would be considered racist due their backstory with slave trading and other situations they have been in. So depending on the person you run into or meet only the way they can be a racist. We play in zombie apocalypse. People change over time due to what happened to them. So if it's trolly then of course it should be reported and be dealt with the admins and the other staff members who are dealing with it. The town we were in yesterday, Stary or what we used to call Tortuga, When it was a hotspot last year that was ran by mygroup, mine the Common Folk and the Hassan, Eagle and Louie group the Black fangs who owned the town. It was a bandit town so all sort of People and characters where there with a server wait of 53 man wait. And the people there that was racist and it amazing due the town and the situation we were in due the outbreak. But again myself I wouldn't change how I roleplay my character, if the admins and owners change the rules for then I would other than that I wouldn't. But I understand where your coming from, and it's always good to ask questions about things if unsure I always do and I admire people who go out and ask and get the voice heard.
  3. EndeavourRP

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Enjoyed playing with you guys last night,
  4. EndeavourRP

    Oooh, look who's back!

    Another one returns.
  5. EndeavourRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Very good roleplay from the boys especially Including @Zero
  6. EndeavourRP

    Back at it again!

  7. EndeavourRP

    Introducing the all brand spankin' new...

    More proper bandit groups like Anarchy
  8. EndeavourRP


    I would probably join if done correctly. Sounds like a good idea
  9. EndeavourRP

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    • Eagle


    1. Zero


      Justice for Jerry.

  10. EndeavourRP

    • EndeavourRP
    • Sleepyhead

    Well done Sleepy

    1. Sleepyhead


      Thanks, Western! We're a long way from the aftermath now. 😉

    2. EndeavourRP


      Oh we are, 🤔 hopefully no bad aftermath will come 😉

  11. EndeavourRP

    Radio Chatter

    Just checked again, everything seems to be working now. Cheers mate Can close this
  12. EndeavourRP

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Had fun playing over the last few days boy's
  13. EndeavourRP

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  14. EndeavourRP

    Back at it again?

  15. EndeavourRP

    Radio Chatter

    @Roland was on for few hours, still same thing. Not able to post in the charters