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  1. Elk

    Hello Everyone!

    Hey man, Welcome!
  2. Elk


    So I noticed on threads if you over peoples know on the bottom it will tell you if that person is typing or not. Good idea tbh.

  3. Elk

    Quick website suggestions

    On the character page, Could you add something along the lines of 'Text RPer' in a box where they tick it or something? @Roland
  4. Elk

    Returning player

    Hello. Welcome back. I had a look at your profile and it said you're not whitelisted. ( You can see on the left-hand side under the 'community reputation' where it said. ' Account information' ) You can reapply for the whitelist here, I'm not sure if you're aware but here some guides you will need to read for the whitelist. New Comer Guide Lore Rules I assume you haven't played in here a while, so here's some history, There was a new lore brought in last year. So the old lore is gone. It was written by @Major @Chief @Empress Nino. I noticed that you have bought the 'Supporter Perk' In March of this year @Roland changed the Premium overhaul and the Supporter and Patron perks are no longer available to buy. But your perk you have bought is still active, The perk that you have gone down one in a simple sense. You can read full thread here. When you are whitelisting you will come across a passphrase, this guide should help you understand all about it. Reminder: do not ask anyone to help or give it to you as it changes every time. Once you have done your whitelist. Remember to copy paste your backstory you have written into a google doc or a word pad because you won't be able to get it back otherwise. Once that has happened you can create a character here. This guide might assist you creating a character in the creator. If you need help from staff for anything you can see the staff list here and feel free to come into Teamspeak to the help desk. Reminder to access all channels you will need to sync your Teamspeak UUID you can do this here. There is a simple guide on there once you click '+ Add UUID'. Have Fun here!
  5. Elk

    Nordic Battlegroup (OPEN RECRUITMENT)

    You know you made it when @Roland joins . Good luck guys
  6. Elk

    Extend Wipe Timer

    If there weren't many wipes, Id say bigger scale trading camps would set up. +1 From me
  7. Elk


    https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-7/ - All of the first part is done. 

    1. DrMax


      Oh dear....he’s back! 

    2. Elk


      The Myth returns

    3. DrMax


      You mean the legend 😉 

    4. Elk


      The myth, the legend, fucking Endeavour. 

  8. Elk

    • Elk
    • Marcoooz

    Related image


    I didn't get my daily picture of this bloke. 

    1. Marcoooz


      I wasn't awake. Patience, young shithead.

    2. Elk


      I needed him

  9. Elk

    Battlefield V

    @dimitri Remind you anyone? . BFV, looks sick always been impressed by the games. Can't wait.
  10. Elk

    Quick website suggestions

    Gif character pictures? @Roland
  11. Elk

    Dayz mobile

    DayZ is barely stable as it is anyway, If a mobile version came out it would a platform shooter.
  12. Elk

    Return after a long hiatus.

  13. Elk

    I Have Returned!

    Welcome back mate
  14. Elk

    Cya later

    Goodbye mate, Hope to see you soon.
  15. Elk

    Staff level system

    Had a similar idea to this, however, I feel this is a better system then I had made. I support this +1