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  1. Harry Morrison

    [W.I.P] My name is Harry Morrison, born on the 9th March 1998, currently 18. I was Australian work tradie, living on a small farm with my parents, I am very familiar with small firearms and bolt action guns, having my dad work in the army and coming home teaching me information and how guns work since I was a little kid, has allowed me to have a significant large amount of knowledge. I have recently finished school and am now starting to work and fund myself enough money to move to Chernarus where I would continue with my work as a tradie and hopefully gain a ‘Bachelor of Engineering’. After having all the troubles moving to Chernarus I finally made it here, I have had a hard time finding work. I found a few mates that came back to my house and had a chat to them and explained to them who I was and that I have come from Australia and what I was doing over here. These gentlemen gave me some contacts that would maybe need some work done for them as they were building houses. After a hard day of work, I was about to knock off and drive home from work, I got in my car and bloodied man approached me in my car and he started harassing, beating the hood of my car. I drove of petrified back home and ever since I have been searching for day to day supplies to help my survival at such a young age.
  2. Cheers for the RP in Stary @Quick. Really enjoyed it for that small amount of time. Thanks for the help too!
  3. As you can see in the video I began walking away. i did speak to the man who initiated on me, it may not have been heard or voip may have lagged but i was talking. Also aren't you not supposed to communicate telepathically?
  4. James Green POV: After some time watching the men in berets move around kabanino we decided to follow the large group out of town. seeing the situation unfold i told the others I'm heading to VMC to check it out and will be back in kab asap" i ran down towards vmc trying to pass the group. I was not certain they'd be heading to vmc as well. i was told to turn around but was persistent and kept going past. the man speaking raised his gun exclaiming i had to turn back or I'd be shot. i began to turn around to head back to the group when the man was shot. i pulled my rifle out to help the others and protect myself and was then killed. I could not record and my allies are stated above in @Cantaloupe POV.
  5. James Green

    [Work in Progress] I was born on the 9th March, 2000. I’m currently 17 years old working as working as a part time in Melbourne, Australia. I’m also very interested into firearms as my parents live on a farm and was always brought up around them living on a farm, as I lived on a farm I was brought up as being a hard worker and always had tasks/jobs set for myself to get done. As there is not much work here in Australia and I’m also looking into moving overseas I thought it would be a great time to move to Chernarus. It’s currently the start of April, it would fantastic if I could be all packed up ready to go in time to be over there in May. Throughout my childhood my parents brought me up doing jobs around the house that needed to be completed so that our family could function. I enjoyed doing this as it got me out experiencing new things that I could face when I grow up. During the early period of 2017 I was working part time in a convenience store in Zelenogorsk trying to learn basic Chernarussian. I was getting ready for a shift when I heard something on the news about some crazy people trying to 'kill' or 'attack' others. I called in sick for work but there was no reply. I decided to stay put so I wouldn't get 'sick' I mean if it were contagious I'm not going to risk it. I spent the rest of the day calling home in Melbourne, trying to get hold of my family. After about 2 days I was out of food. I knew I had to get outside but was worried I would find someone crazy or would end up being attacked. I stayed cautious and found some half empty cans that kept me going for the next few days. Still hopeful my family is safe.
  6. ZrMz_x

    When u just want to play but your character is bugged! >:(

  7. DayZRP 5th Anniversary!

    Happy 5th Anniversary! Nice time for 50% off!
  8. BeanZ WAR

  9. Still MIA

    Max, Long time no talk If you remember me!
  10. New website issues

    You can make your own Streams, in 'Activity' and choose from where you want to see posts, etc.
  11. My friend Cantaloupe was leading the hostilities and was trying to make the man I shot 'bend the knee.' We were talking for a while and his friends surrounded us. I pointed at him and was about to speak when I missclicked and fired a round into his leg. I quickly spun around as to show it was an accident and panicked as I was unsure of what to do. I was quickly told to type an OOC message and was almost done with it when I was killed. I was waiting for the person I shot to regain consciousness before posting my OOC message as I didn't know that those around us were his friends. See video below:
  12. Hello All!

    Hi DayZRP community... My name is ZrMz_x, 16 from Australia. I am fairly new to DayZ and DayZRP itself, I played a little bit of DayZ when it first came out but did not enjoy it at all, as of all the bugs it evolved & the low frames I use to get with my old computer, which turned me away from this game. After a few years, my mates where playing DayZRP who I normally play with and I thought I would jump on board to see how things have changed. I mostly player military games such as ArmA 3, ArmA 2. With a few others on the side. Currently I play on an ArmA 3 Life server which is more into the combat sort of side then the Role-Play, so there is very limited RP involved. Now I am on another adventure with DayZRP, hoping to meet new friends and enhance my role play to the next level. So far the experience has been great and am looking forward to continuing to meet people both in and out of game. I'm currently in the process of learning the ways about how this community runs and how everyone goes about things. So far everything looks to be running smoothly, the times I have gone into Helpdesk the staff have been welcoming and helpful! Just getting use to the website and how the forums work, in the stage of working on my character profile & on my profile. See you all around, ZrMz_x [Harry Morrison]