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  2. Max, Long time no talk If you remember me!
  3. You can make your own Streams, in 'Activity' and choose from where you want to see posts, etc.
  4. Hi DayZRP community... My name is ZrMz_x, 16 from Australia. I am fairly new to DayZ and DayZRP itself, I played a little bit of DayZ when it first came out but did not enjoy it at all, as of all the bugs it evolved & the low frames I use to get with my old computer, which turned me away from this game. After a few years, my mates where playing DayZRP who I normally play with and I thought I would jump on board to see how things have changed. I mostly player military games such as ArmA 3, ArmA 2. With a few others on the side. Currently I play on an ArmA 3 Life server which is more into the combat sort of side then the Role-Play, so there is very limited RP involved. Now I am on another adventure with DayZRP, hoping to meet new friends and enhance my role play to the next level. So far the experience has been great and am looking forward to continuing to meet people both in and out of game. I'm currently in the process of learning the ways about how this community runs and how everyone goes about things. So far everything looks to be running smoothly, the times I have gone into Helpdesk the staff have been welcoming and helpful! Just getting use to the website and how the forums work, in the stage of working on my character profile & on my profile. See you all around, ZrMz_x [Harry Morrison]
  5. Harry Morrison

    My name is Harry Morrison, born on the 9th March 1998, currently 18. I was Australian work tradie, living on a small farm with my parents, I am very familiar with small firearms and bolt action guns, having my dad work in the army and coming home teaching me information and how guns work since I was a little kid, has allowed me to have a significant large amount of knowledge. I have recently finished school and am now starting to work and fund myself enough money to move to Chernarus where I would continue with my work as a tradie and hopefully gain a ‘Bachelor of Engineering’. After having all the troubles moving to Chernarus I finally made it here, I have had a hard time finding work. I found a few mates that came back to my house and had a chat to them and explained to them who I was and that I have come from Australia and what I was doing over here. These gentlemen gave me some contacts that would maybe need some work done for them as they were building houses. After a hard day of work, I was about to knock off and drive home from work, I got in my car and bloodied man approached me in my car and he started harassing, beating the hood of my car. I drove of petrified back home and ever since I have been searching for day to day supplies to help my survival at such a young age.