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  1. DayZ Memory error

    Brad i've tried what you asked me to do and that didnt work either Can someone please join Teamspeak help me out im in room 17
  2. DayZ Memory error

    Still nothing has worked the error number keeps changing everytime i uninstall in
  3. DayZ Memory error

    i can't once i press play it crashes
  4. DayZ Memory error

    Ive already played this game before just recently is started to crash nothings changed on my end i played the game on high settings so it should run. i have 16gbs of ram and i dont run anything in the background
  5. DayZ Memory error

    i just reinstalled DayZ standalone and this is the error that pops up on me. Does anyone know how to fix this please help
  6. i have no idea what is going on i was not in this confrontation i was just running from Novy to stary then to kab
  7. Echo designs

    Request type: Signature Color scheme: Lightish blue like in my profile background Text: just Almighty Sosa Images: http://imgur.com/kAXqoHp
  8. Brace Yourselves

    this is great publicity for the community and server hopefully no trolls come with this. Fingers crossed
  9. First confirmed kill on dayz standalone was on a chicken he got in my face
  10. S3: KoS in Stary - 06/23/2016 6:00

    Badger and Chaz
  11. S3: KoS in Stary - 06/23/2016 6:00

    One of my team mates did a text initiation that was in the building we had another team mate in the back saying the initiation through mic i believe you the way you initiate on a vehicle is through text initiation
  12. Me and Harry were at NWAF we were at the tents looting we started going back to the airfield while we see a guy in the grass crouched. we try to communicate with him but all he seems to say is oggie boogie, he keeps repeating himself till i see his friend behind us, i turn around and the man in the grass tells us to not move because he has 4 trained snipers in the area pointing there guns at us. Harry was facing the initiator and i was facing the 2 men in the bush. They all had theyre weapons raised and we took it as a hostile action we had eyes on all the men and we took the shoots to protect ourselves.
  13. S3: KoS in Stary - 06/23/2016 6:00

    Were you the guy with the blue backpack ? i was in the hills with a SVD my team mates initiated on your V3S and you guys kept on driving from this point where we initiated so we shot and killed the driver we saw many of shots being fired from all angles. you ran from the east to the west of stary you ran from the store to the broken down building then back to the road my team mate told you to leave you said you'd leave, you ran up to the barn you stuck around and you were killed.