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  1. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Torestine grew up as a lonely child to a farmer. his father, Erik was a worshiper of the old days, and told his son talkes of Odin one-eye, Thor and when he beats his hammer Mjölnir, and of odin's great hall of Valhalla, where the brave dwell and feast and drink for eternity. Torestine found his calling when he signed up for the danish royal forces when he turned 18. when the virus began assaulting chernarus, he was deployed to the quarantine zone to fend off any of the infected from breaking out into europe. but it proved too overwhelming for the NATO contingent and were forced to full back. now he's trapped in Livonia with the dead at his heels, his team wiped out, and with Europe in shambles, he worry s for his home and his friends back in denmark, though in his heart he know the all-father will guide him back to his home, no matter how many zeds stand in his way
  2. Ohhhh this looks noice! im in the process of creatin a soldier of Danish/norwegian descent. cant wait to rp with yall in the game!
  3. Not much is known about jack grillow. he grew up in a small town in wales, england. his father was ex-military and owned a pub in his hometown, while his mother worked as a maid for one of their rich neighbors. Jack loved hearing his fathers tales of his time in the army, and it grew onto jack. by the time he was 16, grillo enlisted into the british royal infantry, and was looked at with interest by higher ups and soon found himself working as an S.A.S operative and British commando. though there is not much on his record due to some cases being classified, but there were hints in documentation that his last mission he was assigned too before going dark was to keep an eye on the situation within chernarus in 2017. so far he believes he is still on his mission, despite the fact his entire team is now dead,
  4. looks awesome. if yer lookin fer another rifle, look me up
  5. Born In traverse city, Michigan. James grew up with two identical brothers, and his mom and dad. his father was a retired Major in the U.S Marines. he grew up hearing about his fathers tales in war. from the u.s intervention of Grenada, to the Persian gulf war against Iraq. his father retired from military service in 2005 after being deployed to Afghanistan for four years, fighting the Taliban. James and his brothers signed up with the marines in 2007 after graduating from highschool. while his brothers went to help secure the takistani borders, james was deployed with the NATO U.S led coalition to assist the battered CDF forces against the Chedaki in 2009. He was redployed in 2012 to Takistan in order to support the UNFORT in rebelled controlled regions of takistan to put down the threat of missle and chemical gas attacks from the pro aziz takistani army. he and his brothers earned a nickname for themselves "the Terrible trio" after both their squads had taken two oil fields that were under the control of the Aziz without suffering any casualties. in late 2017, the infection broke out, while his brothers were called back to the states, James had stayed behind and was re deployed with the NATO coalition stationed in chernarus to help the CDF forces put down the infection. it turned out to be overwhelming as the infection spread quickly throughout south zagoria. James was among some of the few survivors of the siege of chernogorsk. unfortunately, he was cut off from communication with the rest of his regiment as his chopper went down. James was the only survivor from the chopper crash. he now wanders the ruins of south zagoria, trying to get into contact with any NATO or U.S forces still residing in chernarus
  6. I checked the dates. its on a friday and saturday.
  7. This is probably still a heated topic, but we need more guns spawning in, Ar rifles even more so. past three days i have been across four military loot areas, only finding ammunition and magazines, no gun for the ammo. I was lucky to find an AK-74 off a corpse from a gun fight, but what happens when a firefight breaks out and i get mowed down? we need more AR's spawning in the server.
  8. *Pushes the PTT on his radio* This is Corporal Lev isakovich of the 201st Airassault Regiment. Any CDF forces in South Zagoria, please respond. My squad is wiped out and i am running low on munitions. Over *releases the PTT* (This radio freq is encoded for only CDF personal to hear)
  9. *William Press the PTT and speaks into the radio. clear from his accent hes an italian american from NYC* Yeah, this is Will Malarkey from The Bronx. If yer in need of another rifle, im the guy ye can talk to. just hit me up on the radio when ya got the time. *Releases the PTT
  10. *Gunfire can be heard through the radio's mic, along with the snarling of infected* Kod Krasnyy! Repeat! Kod Krasnyy! This is Telesnyy Lev Isakovich of the 201st Air Assault Regiment, Reporting in to any CDF forces! I am under heavy assault against the infected, and am running low on ammunition! Requesting backup! Grid Is 037- 063! * the sound of bullets snapping can now be heard* Chert Poberi! Bandits! Req- *The Radio goes silent, but the continuation of rapid gunfire can be heard, along with the screams of men dying, and infected snarling
  11. Thanks for this. Really helps with my character lore.
  12. Lev was a born soldier. his father Sergei was apart of CDF special forces. most of his life, lev grew up from military base to military base. conversing with other kids from their parents serving in the army. he learned from a young age how to shoot, hunt, fish, clean his weapon, survive in the wilderness, and uphold the law. nothing meant more to him than following in his fathers footsteps, and serving in the military. He enlisted in 2007 at the age of 16 and after four months of training, was placed under the command of his father. when the civil war broke out in 2009, he saw his country consumed from what seemed like a starved tiger, consuming all in its path. his father died when the city of vybor was taken. after his father's death, he was promoted to the rank of corporal, and given command of his own squad. among the five men in his command, his childhood friends were with him. Alex, Yuri, and boris. they fought town to town, halting the advance of the Chedaki forces until NATO forces intervened and assisted the CDF in defeating the communistic movement. when the infection broke out, Lev was once more called to serve. sadly, when zelenegorsk was cut off as the outbreak worsened, and the CDF fled to the countryside, the convoy Lev was apart of came under attack by a horde of infected, splitting the convoy in half. in the chaos, lev was almost torn apart himself, had it not been for the bravery of his squad. he then fled as they told him to run. their faces never left his eyes, or his memory. he now wanders the ruins of his former country, trying in vain to get into contact with any remaining CDF forces
  13. *Speaker picks up his voice* In contact with em, sent out a warning about the Russians and to fall back to the south. yet to receive a response. Over *Voice fades from the mic*
  14. *Extends the antenna on his radio pack, bringing the speaker to his mouth* Baseplate, this is whiskey 1-3. do you copy, over? *Takes his finger off the release, waits five seconds before speaking into it once more to get a message out* Baseplate, This is whiskey 1-3, do you read me, over? *Nothing but static comes out. He turns it off* Fuck! nothing. ugh, lets hope the next outpost has a better frequency to use. *Packs up his radio, and contiue's forward along the countryside*
  15. *Speaks into his newly found radio* This is Cpl. James Patterson of Charlie Squad, 24th MEU. Requesting Assistance from any personal out there. My squad has been wiped out, i repeat, my squad is gone. Anyone out there, please respond! Over. *Releases his PTT on his radio*
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