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  1. Hmm, well idk if im oblivious, but so far i dont see the current damage multiplier for the infected or the wolves.
  2. i can see that, though some peoples aims are not so good, and so end up emptyin a mag into the infected or wolves. a damage multiplier to headshots would add better rewarded experience and survivability if people take time and count their shots.
  3. agreed,para. though last night was proving my point, found a 1z-h8 taht takes 762.39, and it took least 2 shots to the top of the head to take the zeds down, and top it all off, i had a pack of wolves trying to take a pound of flesh out of me, and it took least 3 shots to the head before they died.
  4. Bingo. no one likes takin on a whole pack of wolves and blow through 3 and a half mags worth of ak ammo just to try and take out the pack leader. specially for the zeds, when its like theyre wearing helmets.
  5. Can we please reduce the infected's hp back to vanilla, it shouldnt take 5 shots with an automatic rifle or 2 shots to the head with a 762.39 to the head to kill them, any human, infected or no, would die instantly when suffering a large blow to the head, wether from gunshot or even melee. and same for the wolves, takes bout 4 shots to the skull to kill em, and that was with a 762 hunting rifle.
  6. Born in the village of vybor, Nicholas, or niko for short, grew up a simple but hard life with his father. his mother died when he was very young from lukemia, and his father worked his tail off to provide for him and his son. when he turned 20, civil war was on the brink between the chernarussian people and the movement known as the chedaki. while he never joined the army, niko gathered a group of his friends and formed a gurellia cell to assist the cdf and nato forces in combatting the communist chedaki movement. once the war ended, he returned to his simple life and became a gunsmith in his home village, selling and repairing weapons and ammunition, all the while practicing with them. overtime word began to spread about a deadly virus spreading, and the year 2020 proved that to be. he had to abandon his gunsmith, taking only what he could carry and make his way to a safe location. then word had reached about the RAF and russian forces in the area. as a citizen, he didnt like having invading foreign armies or a newer and stronger chedaki taking root in his homeland. and with nowhere to go due to the quarantine, he did what he does best: fight for his nation
  7. Ohhhh this looks noice! im in the process of creatin a soldier of Danish/norwegian descent. cant wait to rp with yall in the game!
  8. looks awesome. if yer lookin fer another rifle, look me up
  9. I checked the dates. its on a friday and saturday.
  10. This is probably still a heated topic, but we need more guns spawning in, Ar rifles even more so. past three days i have been across four military loot areas, only finding ammunition and magazines, no gun for the ammo. I was lucky to find an AK-74 off a corpse from a gun fight, but what happens when a firefight breaks out and i get mowed down? we need more AR's spawning in the server.
  11. *Pushes the PTT on his radio* This is Corporal Lev isakovich of the 201st Airassault Regiment. Any CDF forces in South Zagoria, please respond. My squad is wiped out and i am running low on munitions. Over *releases the PTT* (This radio freq is encoded for only CDF personal to hear)
  12. *William Press the PTT and speaks into the radio. clear from his accent hes an italian american from NYC* Yeah, this is Will Malarkey from The Bronx. If yer in need of another rifle, im the guy ye can talk to. just hit me up on the radio when ya got the time. *Releases the PTT
  13. *Gunfire can be heard through the radio's mic, along with the snarling of infected* Kod Krasnyy! Repeat! Kod Krasnyy! This is Telesnyy Lev Isakovich of the 201st Air Assault Regiment, Reporting in to any CDF forces! I am under heavy assault against the infected, and am running low on ammunition! Requesting backup! Grid Is 037- 063! * the sound of bullets snapping can now be heard* Chert Poberi! Bandits! Req- *The Radio goes silent, but the continuation of rapid gunfire can be heard, along with the screams of men dying, and infected snarling
  14. *Speaker picks up his voice* In contact with em, sent out a warning about the Russians and to fall back to the south. yet to receive a response. Over *Voice fades from the mic*
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