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  1. J.P

    DayZRP 20.6.1

    Awesome these are some toyt updates, will definitely have to get my character back up and running and start RPing again. Bit disappointed that gas masks no longer muffle the voice of a character now though, thought it was a nice Immersive feature in the game and added realism. I can understand why it is gone though to save problems with communication, regardless it will be missed. Great job on everything else though!
  2. Looks pretty neat man, would be nice to see this around in the future.
  3. Yeah definitely gonna have to disagree with cutting off one of the servers, for similar reasons to what everyone else said with preferences to what map to play and whatnot. I have two separate characters, one on Chernarus, and one on Livonia, it would be quite frustrating to not be able to have completely separate storylines going on in different areas coming across different characters and building RP over time, so definitely gonna have to be a no from me.
  4. Sweeet! Recognition!!! was a good night that one!
  5. Damnit, the one time i had to leave the room i miss out on a photoshoot xD
  6. *Creed looks through his maps and after a short search locates Bor* "Well shit you move around quick, it looks like I will not be able to make it to you, if my maps are correct you've made it all the way into Chernarus, I'm still in Livonia so me coming to get you is out of the question..." *Takes a swig from his beer and gets his pack ready* "Looks like you're on your own for now Oliver...I can give you some advice though, If you have anything heavy, some kind of weapon you have to grab hold of with two hands, raise it up and push forward, they will be intimidated for a brief moment of time and back away giving you some time to be able to move from building to building...just keep your eyes on them, once you turn your back they will go for you." *He pauses for a moment* "Also, if you can spot one that seems to look a bit different to the rest that would most likely be the Alpha, and if you have enough ammunition to take the shot...then take it, if you put down the Alpha the rest will run...Good luck." *Creed places the radio back on his belt and moves out*
  7. *Creed hears a familiar voice coming through the radio and takes it off his belt* "I've heard your voice before, Oliver right? you seem to get yourself into quite a few sticky situations ey?" *He pauses for a moment contemplating whether he should help* "I tell you what man, I may be able to help, but only if you're within my vicinity, otherwise I will not be able to help you, if you can give me some kind of landmark, like a town you're in or close too then we'll see if I can give you a hand." *Creed puts the radio back onto his belt and opens one of his beers while staring into the fire*
  8. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan I was literally just about to write the exact same topic xD ah well MERRY CHRISTMAS BITCHESADADWR"$"£"£"$___£)"11!!!! ?!?!?!?!
  9. *Creed arrives home to see his walls have been traversed and his cases emptied, after taking a moment to calm down he turns on his radio to hear Radio Refuge coming through.* *He then gets his head together and begins fortifying his defences while listening to the Radio, and once it ends he places down his planks and presses the button along the side* "Hey Radioman, good to hear from you again, glad you're still kicking...* *Thunder begins to break in the background* "Heh, perfect weather for this day, you couldn't of come on at a better time, seems to be some raiders around the area, or could just be desperate survivors, who knows, but whoever they are managed to get into my place and take quite a few things...Regardless, it's nothing that can't be resolved..." *He takes a moment to light a cigarette while staring out the window* "Anyway, I appreciated the comedy on the radio, certainly got a laugh out of me, look forward to your next broadcast, stay alive." *He waits for the storm to pass and begins to carry on with his construction work, putting his radio back onto his belt*
  10. Mod name: UsefulSuppressors Steam workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1682209572&searchtext=Suppressor Reason to be added: As of now, suppressors are pretty useless in terms of actually suppressing your weapon, sure they look cool and everything, but other than that they don't really help you stay discrete when trying to take care of zombies, making their actual use pretty negligible, they may help slightly but for the most part it doesn't feel much different to not using a suppressor. This mod quietens suppressors depending on the calibre of ammunition fired through the suppressor, it also allows for improvised suppressors to be repaired using half a roll of duct tape as well.
  11. I certainly enjoy the map, and do like the overall look of the country, but I really, reeeeeeeeeally dislike that its, as stated before, recycled assets. I was incredibly disappointed when the first couple of towns I came across used nothing but the exact same buildings as those in Chernarus, if they're gonna make us pay for something, then at least don't go around placing buildings that remind you of Chernarus into Livonia, it does take me out of it feeling like a new map at times, and just seems lazy to me. But other than that, I do like the crazy ass weather we get on Livonia, adds something unique to the different days, and I've yet to come across a bear, but i'm sure i'll shit myself when I do
  12. *Sitting down for a rest from his work and hearing a transmission come through he places down his drink and grabs the radio* "Appreciated, also an additional item is duct tape...finding more and more uses for it these days, will be keeping my ears out for your update...And it's Creed." *Creed places his radio back into it's holster and takes one more drink from his beer before getting back to work*
  13. *Hearing a voice come through the radio he lays down the logs in his hands onto his fence foundations and takes the radio out of it's holster* "Ah good to hear, basically the kind of things i'm looking for at the moment is construction related, so nails, axes, hacksaws, those sorts of things, if you're able to trade any of these kind of items then let me know and we'll see if we can sort something out." *Places the radio back on his chest and continues to gather more wood for his fencing*
  14. *Creed hears chatter over a frequency he stumbled across and presses down the PTT, hearing nothing else but rain in the background* "Iris is it?, you're the one I've heard about from the Radioman correct? i'm curious whether you're open to the trading of food, between fresh meat, canned goods and drinks I've got more than enough of which i'm willing to pass along." *He pauses briefly* "If that is something of interest to you then i'd like to know what kind of items you're able to trade in return...I'll be checking in and out of this frequency for your reply." *He lays down his radio beside him and searches through his pack for alcohol. Ending the transmission*
  15. J.P


    *Creed hears the transmission and holds down the PTT and speaks in a oddly calm manor* "I can hear you, I may be able to be of assistance...where are you located?" *He releases the PTT awaiting a response*
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