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  1. Thank you for the feedback it is greatly appreciated, and will be taken into consideration!
  2. Mr.Goat


    Looks super interesting, can't wait to see how it turns out!
  3. * Sokolov unlatches the radio from his hip and holds down the PTT* "Mr.Falk, I am Vasily Sokolov one of the leaders of the Independent Freedom Fighters. I spoke with Vadim about the meeting." * Sokolov pauses for a second and takes a breath* " We would like to meet around 8:00 PM GMT, but I fear it will be hard to disclose a location due to the fact that someone may be listening to this frequency." " Stay safe my friend, hopefully you heard this message and we can set up a place of meeting." * Release the PTT latches the radio back on his hip and lights a cigarette*
  4. Thank you for the feedback, I have updated the lore, expounding upon it a bit and trying to make it more of a story told through a conversation, I also updated the goals a bit.
  5. Thanks, We were planning the group for a while, hopefully our in-game interactions can evolve our lore and goals to expand upon our group.
  6. The Independent Freedom Fighters came together after the initial outbreak of the infection. Largely created for the protection of foreigners trapped in the failed state of Chernarus. The streets of Chernarus are not safe for non-natives and the I.F.F looks to restore safety for foreigners in Chernarus.
  7. Like I stated I was not on the discord at the time, I went to NWAF to loot.
  8. Mr.Goat


    @Taryn Lore and goals updated
  9. If you would like you could call upon my group members @Papa Krieg or @apostolos to confirm I was not with them nor was I in the firefight.
  10. In 100% honesty I was not involved with this firefight. I've talked with my group members are you are mistaking me with another member of my group that has escaped. As you can see in the logs I wasn't shot or did not shoot anyone else and if I was there I definitively would have not hidden.
  11. I did have a sporter, I the silencer on it was not broken, which means it wasn't shot the mag was full, The combat logging was unintentional, I assumed I was dead so I re spawned. I wear the armband for I am to lazy to take it off I was told we died. But as I stated I was not involved in the original firefight and if I was I would not have made a report about it.
  12. Mr.Goat


    The goals and the lore have been updated.
  13. I wasn't playing with my group at the time, I was going to North West to get loot, I was not involved in your previous confrontation with my group I was also near Novy Sobor at the time of your initiation on my group. You can even see that I logged on when the firefight started, why not get on team-speak now to talk about. You have me confused with another one of my group members.
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