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  1. Axel was always interested in joining the military, his entire family has served. He was a member of the C.A.P. from twelve until seventeen where he immediately entered the delayed enlistment program. Instead of going into a non-combat MOS Axel went for the top. The young man passed the initial ASVAB with a high score and easily passed the fitness test. Axel attended the MARSOC prep course and was one of the few selected for phase two. Axel once again passed with flying colors and after he finished the rest of the training the corps threw him into the 3rd Marine Raider Battalion. On July 17th, 2017... Axel was thrown into the hell that was Chernarus and with his brothers beside him, he felt invincible.
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  3. Pre-Outbreak Kyung Seung-han or simply Song grew up in Busan and had a relatively normal life. He barely passed school which in turn made his chances of getting any worthwhile job in Korea extremely low. Song went into his required military service and did phenomenal during basic training. This young man found his calling and ended up becoming a sniper for the South Korean military. After Song's required years of service, he joined the Korean National Police and was sent into the SOU, Special Operations Unit. Song was well known within the force and did very well for himself. He thought he could still do better, but knew it would have nothing to do with Korea. It was when Song saw an article about private security forces protecting ships off the coast of Somalia that he got the idea to join a private company, as to make a comfortable amount of money instead of his base pay from the KNP. He joined a group called the G4S White Wardens in 2016 and once again became well known within the ranks for his prowess with a rifle. Initial Outbreak In 2017 the White Wardens were hired to assist with the outbreak of this new infection in Chernarus. Song's company was deployed with the US Marines in July and sent to Elektrozavodsk. The fighting was hard, the forces combating the infected were getting pushed back over and over again. The White Wardens moved north as they had received orders to leave Elektrozavodsk and help secure a small village for unknown reasons. The entirety of the company was on a thin road in the middle of a forest, everything seemed to be working out just fine until a massive horde poured out of the forest. The dark night sky turned bright to the north of Elektrozavodsk as the White Wardens unloaded their weapons on the horde that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. All the firepower did absolutely nothing to stop the endless horde, only dozen or so remained of the original full company. Song was one of the survivors along with eleven others and one Humvee. Post-Outbreak The remainder of the White Wardens in Chernarus is currently unknown. Over time the platoon of troops that survived had been separated by splitting up and losing track of each other or having their camps getting overrun. Song is still looking for his companions in 2018 and has lost nearly all hope. At this point, Song could be the last White Warden left.
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