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  1. A man can never hold his beer as good as Riley. Reknowed for in is home town as being on of the best drinkers and bar crawlers around, Riley began to travel the world in order to do the ultimate bar crawl. His first stop was Ukriane where he stayed for a month and tackled every bar he came across while traveling. After his time in the Ukraine he began to travel to South Zagoria and eventually wound up in Chernarus. About halfway through his time there things went to shit, and his entire life was changed.
  2. Even thought ehy ultilmatly will probably be glitched into some pole again, the people should still have the option of the cars. From what I know the next patch release slate isnt publicly known, but I may be wrong, but if the distance between patches is similar to the last few we may have to deal with these cars for months. I do not beleive that completely ignoring the problem and waiting for the patch is the best idea because of the distance between these patches. I would like an answer to this as well, stating if something like this is even allowed.
  3. Wanted to see if the people blew up them to help refresh spawns, or if they just leave them. I agree they are buggy as hell and make no god damn sense. The desync with them on the servers is ridiculous and they cause crashes. My goal was to maybe start a community initiative to blow up cars with destroyed engines .
  4. I am sure all have you have noticed the amount of cars around the map that have their engines destroyed just lying around wasting space. These cars block new cars from spawning and leave the server practically carless besides the people who keep em stashed. The game currently has no way of fixing engines so once they are destroyed, in order for a respawn of them the car must be completely blown up. What do you guys do when finding these broken cars, do any of you try to blow em up? Without vehicles I feel that rp can be sometimes hard to come across or atleast time between encounters can be dramatically increased. I wanna know what the community thinks about this problem, if it even is a problem in their eyes, and what can be done to help lessen it.
  5. Server and location: S1 at stary on hill next to blue door concrete building Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/15/17 Your in game name: Dennis Smith Names of allies involved: Stephen Taylor Name of suspect/s: Forum name- Pepe Jones - my killer. Do not know the name of Stephens killer but was confirmed to not be Pepe. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): one Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs will show, Detailed description of the events: Was sitting on the hill watching a group of players running around. The suspect came up to me and initially talked to me then ran away. A few minutes pass and the group is still running around and shooting. Randomly the dude shows up behind me and lights me up. My friend was still there and was running around and got shot by him as well. There was no initiation, no talking, just bullets coming towards us. We are assuming he was friends with the group, as the group also shot at my friend when he was running around.
  6. IGN: Dennis Smith Country: US English skills: First language DayZ Mod Experience:1500 hours, been on this server since 2012 DayZ Standalone Experience:260 hours Roleplaying Experience: Been roleplaying since 2012, starting on this server. I have been a hardcore roleplay for years and want to come back to dayz and provide unique and interesting rp. What kind of In Game role best describes you: My characters always are shaped by their environment, everything is possible, but my best rp usual comes from hostile situations. Always down for some good old campfire rp if the time calls for it though Have you been in any clan/group previously: Too many over the years. Most notable was The Fallen, best dayzrp era. Additional notes: I always crave rp, and to give the best rp possible. I try to create a desire in others to rp more and to flesh out their characters and advance their story. Best way to contact you: Pm, Teamspeak, or my steam Backstory:https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2808/
  7. bluepotatoes

    Stop reporting bullshit.

    report wars 2015
  8. bluepotatoes

    DayZRP 3rd anniversary

    Its nice to have been here since the beginning and see the community grow into what it is today.
  9. Guess so. I wonder if dayzrp will try Ark..... Rolle said no ark But Tamaster is hosting his own ark rp server http://www.arkrp.com/ Can always rely on Tamaster
  10. you'd think building a game off of 2 already made games would be easy guess the dayz devs disagree Guess so. I wonder if dayzrp will try Ark.....
  11. bluepotatoes

    Get hyped

    I have always wanted you to be a dev, and this might be your time to shine again.
  12. how you gonna explain the no animals either Wait there's no animals either now? da fu? Nevermind, they will now have infected and animals, just persistance off. It was originally was going to infected and animals. A qoute from last weeks status report is "the stable branch update will have the spawning of infected, and the persistence disabled on stable branch servers."
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