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  1. David Winter, mostly referred to as simply ‘Winter’ is a now former paramedic, who has assisted in the UN’s efforts of treating the infected during the initial days of the outbreak, having arrived in Chernarus on 17th July. His task was to treat and care for the arriving patients, offering immediate assistance to anyone, who had made it to the care center. It was a bloody and gruesome time to be at such a place for anyone. Previous experiences during other UN peacekeeping efforts, such as UNSMIS in Syria, had given Winter a rough idea of what cruelties humanity is capable of. Though it was no comparison to the situation in Miroslavl’. Seeing people tear each other apart with their bare hands, left him in initial shock, his person merely turning into a functioning shell to provide aid to the needy. When the overall situation escalated and posts were abandoned by soldiers and doctors alike, Winter found himself in a small group consisting of rag-tag military personnel, which he assisted with medical care in exchange for protection. It was his way to successfully survive the first few months of the ‘apocalypse’ as a particular traveller they had met on their way through the wasteland had dubbed the scenario. It truly was for most afterall. During this time of wandering through abandoned or overrun towns and countryside David learned how the new world would work. At least to some degree. Be useful or you’ll end up dead. Be it through the means of the infected or, possibly even worse, other survivors. His group had wandered towards the East of Chernarus. The former soldiers explained that this area of the country would be less overflow as the former civil war and protests earlier this year had left South Zagoria less populated than the rest of Chernarus. Though Winter had his doubts about the whole ordeal. Eventually the group had split up. Not voluntarily, but by force, as the small group had been taken by surprise by a small squadron of infected during a night’s stay in an abandoned farm. Winter, now separated and alone had travelled further up along the coast of Chernarus, eventually reaching Kamishovo. While he may be on his own, his goals are still the same. To survive and to assist those in need. Scavenging hospitals, clinics and first aid kits to gather medical supplies. Be it for whenever he might wander across a patient, or to support other like-minded medics. If there even are any left in this god forsaken country.
  2. Medvedev

    The Lore Wipe

    We must admit that we have no definite plans made for a final event yet. The planning for that final event would be the biggest factor for delaying the following wipe. As we ourselves weren't sure what do to - whether to prepare a final event and say "alright that's it. So long and thanks for all the fish" and then we wipe, or to go full steam for the wipe. We wanted community input on it before invest our time into preparing something, that wouldn't be wanted by the community in the first place.
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    Welcome. ^ _ ^
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    Community Circles

    Okay, cool. Cheers for the update.
  5. Medvedev

    help with finding passphrase awnser

    Cases where immense "rule play" is visible are punished and more or less considered BadRP.
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    Cya Nerds

    Take care out there! o/ (:
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    SkinVest's Introduction

    Welcome to the community. (:
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    The custom title above avatars.

    I'd personally love to see it back. Premium ranks could use a buff in terms of what they offer. Add a none-special effect title to a mid-tier donation rank, and sparkles/fo'shizzle to high tier.
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    hi nobody knows me but i'm back

    Welcome back! (:
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    New EU player, looking for company!

    Welcome to the community! (:
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    Take care out there! o/
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    I've been slithering around lately

    Welcome back. (:
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    add a date or rule heading to rule change announcements

    Can't see anything against it. Simple to implement and useful.
  14. Medvedev

    Staff Feedback

    The feedback thread should've stayed open and points for dragging it into an unnecessary discussion should've been moderated accordingly. A new feedback thread might be the step in the right direction. Reading through the replies here, the suggestion about making a feedback subforum with several feedback threads (might as well make a thread dedicated to each member of staff, so it's all compact and progress can be seen) seems like a good idea. As the other suggestion states, a template would also be very constructive, so I suggest a combination of both concepts.
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    Back For real

    Welcome back. ^^ Free Medics Reunion anybody?