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  1. David Winter, or mostly referred to simply as “Winter” was born on the 28th December 1991 near Nuremberg, Germany. Spending his entire childhood in this region, attending secondary education in Nuremberg, he had slowly but surely gotten more and more interested in political history and social sciences. Focusing predominantly on the development of the former Warsaw Pact countries, how those regimes came into existence and how they had collapsed. This side interest of his had him come into contact with more left-leaning groups of the region, mostly consisting of university students, which soon enough turned into his core group of friends. During the late summer of 2009, just after graduating and taking a break before continuing his education by attending enrolling for university his group had made him aware of the current situation in the back-water state of Chernarus. A communist revolution was going on there, his older comrades told him, and that they’re currently preparing to enter the region via the Russian border to assist their Chernarussian comrades in their struggle. Plane and train tickets already booked. Still naive and unaware of the potential horrors he might encounter, and what revolution truly meant, he was swayed over by his friends, joining them on their journey, leaving behind his life in Germany to join the “workers’ revolution”. What sounded so glorious in his head sure enough didn’t play out that way. The civil war in Chernarus was a bloody conflict, leaving mental scars behind. After the ultimate victory of the ChDKZ rebels and their retreat into the more Russian-friendly North, David and the few of his remaining comrades settled near Novodmitrovsk and became de-facto citizens of Chernarus. A return to Germany was unthinkable for them. They’d be trialed and put into prison for supporting a coup d'etat. Since then they had lived a quiet life. When this new disease erupted in 2020, Dave found himself to be the only one in his group of friends that survived the initial outbreak. Ever since then he had been roaming the Northern countryside of Chernarus, putting the skills he learned in the civil war to use, to survive another day.
  2. We must admit that we have no definite plans made for a final event yet. The planning for that final event would be the biggest factor for delaying the following wipe. As we ourselves weren't sure what do to - whether to prepare a final event and say "alright that's it. So long and thanks for all the fish" and then we wipe, or to go full steam for the wipe. We wanted community input on it before invest our time into preparing something, that wouldn't be wanted by the community in the first place.
  3. Okay, cool. Cheers for the update.
  4. Cases where immense "rule play" is visible are punished and more or less considered BadRP.
  5. I'd personally love to see it back. Premium ranks could use a buff in terms of what they offer. Add a none-special effect title to a mid-tier donation rank, and sparkles/fo'shizzle to high tier.
  6. Is it possible to see how many days you have left until you can change your forum name again?

    1. Roland


      Any staff can check for you :)

  7. Can't see anything against it. Simple to implement and useful.
  8. The feedback thread should've stayed open and points for dragging it into an unnecessary discussion should've been moderated accordingly. A new feedback thread might be the step in the right direction. Reading through the replies here, the suggestion about making a feedback subforum with several feedback threads (might as well make a thread dedicated to each member of staff, so it's all compact and progress can be seen) seems like a good idea. As the other suggestion states, a template would also be very constructive, so I suggest a combination of both concepts.
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