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  1. Sergej Belov

    Sergej started his life as a little rebel! Him and his older brother, Anton, always got into trouble and Anton always blamed Sergej for everything. In his highschool years he got into many fights. His dad got sick and tired of it and sent him to a military school. Thats where he learned how to handle and clean weapons but also his high discipline! After his basic military training he continued to serve and took some medical training and reconnaissance training. One day Sergej got a call from his mother telling him to come home, his brother got into a car accident and passed away. This news hit hard on Sergej and caused a mental breakdown! He started drinking and his relationship with his parents deteriorated. He lived a lonely and sad life after that... When the martial law was initiated on the 3rd of May, Sergej knew something was up and waited patiently with his old kalashnikov on hand, willing to fight for whatever was happening. To be continued...
  2. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    With Staggs in command this can only turn out great! Had a read through it, interesting concept! Good luck with this mate!
  3. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    This looks quite interesting! Good luck Rifleman!
  4. Mick Thompson

    My name is Mick Thompson, happily married to a my highschool love, Lucy. Together we have two kids, Brian who is 7 and Katie is 11. As a kid I got very interested in camera's and everything that comes with it, so when I was 19 I managed to get into university and studied Photography and Journalism for 4 years. I asked Lucy to marry me on her 20th birthday. Best day of my life happened 4 months later, on our wedding where she told everyone she was pregnant! Never have I cried so much.. But it was all worth it! 9 Months later, Katie was born, I can't remember much because I.. Well let's say I took a nap when she came out... Not everything went well though, I was in debt and I could barely afford anything. All the money I earned went towards Katie, she is my everything! Skipping 4 years and another wonder happened, a little boy was born. Brian we named him. After my grandpa. Things were getting better! I managed to pay of most of my debts and I got promoted to Field Journalist, meaning I wasn't home most of the time. Therefore I missed a lot of their childhood. I was miserable! Even though I had a good job, a great wife and amazing kids, I got into a deep depression. I started to drink and do drugs.. I'm now 26 years old, divorced, jobless and my kids don't want anything to do with my anymore, I can barely afford food and gas for my car. I decided to scrap every bit of money I could get and move to Chernarus and try to get a job as a Photographer.
  5. Nový Svět

    Some great pictures you have here sir!
  6. Bratva Media Thread

    Lovely pictures!
  7. DayZRP 4th anniversary

    Well done Rolle!
  8. Make DayZRP Great Again!

    Has been tried before, didn't work. #Letthemodrestinpeace #It'llneverbethesameagain
  9. First day back and already got taked captive, this gonna be good! Loved the interactions from you guys aswell, I actualy cried a little during the session 10/10 would get captured again
  10. [BHM] Black Hat Militia

  11. Title says its all. Peace!