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  1. Andrei Azarov Born in Chernarus 1981 Andrei was the child of a poor resturant owner in a bad neighborhood, too poor to afford schooling, Andrei worked with his father from a very young age. His father was a drunk and spent most of the money on booze and gambling. Andrei always recived his paycheck so he could buy food for him and is mother. He didn't hate his father, but he always thought was the beatings were the worst. In 1990 at the age of 9, Andrei started stealing and at the age of 18 he'd become a full blooded criminal. It's also at this time he joined the Chernarussian Fascist party called "Chernarus' Slavic Union." The party financed there expenses by drug smuggling and selling drugs and so it became Adrei's job to help them. He worked as a bodyguard for the drug smugglers and during this time he learnt how to handle a gun and he got pretty good at it. He used his money to help his mother and father but sadly, Andrei's father passed away during new years eve the year 2000, his father went partying with some friends and ended up being shot by the police for resisting arrest. This only increased his hate for the government in Chernarus. As time passed he managed to create a relatively good life from him and his mother and even moved into a good neighborhood. Everything seemed to be going great for Andrei and his mother, he even meet a woman which he made his wife, they got married and everything was going great. He even got promoted to a top position in the cartel and was starting to make some serious cash, that is until 2009 rolled around. The civil unrest had driven the drug smugglning into the ground, everybody stopped buying drugs and instead bought food or saved there money. The Fascist party decided to stay low during the conflicts and just kept recruting memebers for the party, the plan was to start a revolution after either the communist or the government had won, thinking the winner would be exhausted and weak. This was however not the case since the leader of the Fascist party, Vlad Zykov was arrested in 2011 for suspecting of overthrowing the government. The USA interffering in the war did not help the Fascist party either. Andrei went into hiding and left the smuggling bussiness. In 2014 when the infection started and the towns started getting overrun Andrei saw a chance to break Vlad out of prison. The police were moving important prisoners out of the big cities and to the northeast airfield. Andrei gatherd the remains of the party and came up with a breakout plan. After a heavy fire fight Vlad was broken out, but not without any loses, a lot of the members were shot by police and the reinforcments. Andrei, Vlad and some other members fled to the mountains and started gathering supplies. Andrei fleed with the remains of the fascist party to the mountains on the border of Chernarus where they lived off the land. Andrei was very good at hunting and hunted, with some other guys, for the entire camp. Andrei never abandoned his fascist ideology however. Andrei worked hard for the camp to survive and helped with farming and building. He worked hard, just as his brothers did for him. In 2016 Vlad annouced that they were marching back to Chernarus. So when Vlad looked for volunteers for the reconquest of his motherland, how could Andrei say no? Andrei felt the wind in his face as him and his party marches back to Chernarus. Vlad gave an impassioning speech the day before. About how they'll be seen as hero's one day. Andrei was ready, ready to save his fellow countrymen from the infection.
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