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  1. Mia


    Even though I voted to archive Green Mountain Charity Center, I'm sad to see it in the Group Archive section. GMCC will return one day . . . And that's a promise!

    1. ImChips


      Just couldn't live without Ivan and Luke, couldn't you?

    2. Kattsura


      I'm sad to see it archive as well. It will come back one day for sure!!

  2. Mia

    Rule changes, new updates, plans for 2020

    Am I the only one concerned about a leaderboard that tracks player kills? Love everything else, by the way.
  3. Mia



  4. Mia


    Off to See Gierlatow

    Either that or gather some building supplies!  Time will tell.

    1. Georgia Banks

      Georgia Banks

      miss your GIF

  5. Mia


    when the bois party . . .

    Yes, this is Green Mountain comms tonight . . .

    1. Kattsura


       you love us.. lol

    2. Mia


      The bois were singing and have a good ole time . . . so, of course I love you all!

  6. Mia


    Looking for the Charity . . .


  7. Mia

    Goodbye Luke, I will never forget you.

    Luke Bourbon, gone, but never forgotten.
  8. Mia

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    A great big thank you and much appreciation to @Georgia Banks and the Knights of Georgia for arranging Luke's Celebration of Life tonight at Green Mountain. The role play was genuine, heartfelt, and very moving. I wish I could list everyone who attended, but, the list would be too long. A little less light will shine on Green Mountain now that Luke Bourbon @BackInNam has left the house. Rest in peace my dear friend.
  9. Mia



  10. Mia


    Streaming DayZRP.com | Livvy's Livonian Treasure Hunt (aka, supply run)


    1. Mia


      On break . . . I'll be back online around 1:30 pm EST.  Location will be Green Mountain, Chernarus.

    2. Mia


      Starting soon . . .

  11. Mia


    Streaming DayzRP.com | Always Raining in Livonia:  twitch.tv/paloma11342



  12. Mia


    Streaming DazRP.com Livonia:  twitch.tv/paloma11342



    1. Mia


      Would have been better if I spelled DayZRP correctly and added a link.  Regardless, had a fun time last night just chillin’ with KoG, Syndicate, GMCC, and others.  

  13. Mia

    Livonia Characters

    I was thinking we could have alternate universes that almost never mix. You know, what happens in Livonia stays in Livonia and what happens in Chernarus stays in Chernarus. In Livonia, only the Chernarussian experiences before the move are remembered. And in Chernarus, the move to Livonia never happened. One character, two separate storylines. But, that in itself could become confusing as we role play the same character in separate storylines and in separate countries. So, I gave up and made a Livonian character. It’s still confusing because my new character runs with my old character’s group mates who all relocated to Livonia. It’s difficult not knowing what happened in Chernarus when everyone around you does. And yes, I’ve messed up already. Whatever we decide to do, it’s going to be challenging at times. All we can do is do our best and be forgiving when the two universes accidentally collide.
  14. Mia

    All That Remains

    Good news is I finally found a normal compass. I kept walking in circles.
  15. Mia

    It's All About the Tree

  16. Mia

    All That Remains

    From the album: Mia's Never Ending Footsteps

    Lost in Livonia
  17. Mia

    Mia's Never Ending Footsteps

    The golden hour in Lopatino right before the clouds rolled in.
  18. Mia

    Praetorian Guard

    I just wanted thank you all for the escort to KOG last night. I had a good time and appreciate the help and the RP you all provided. You guys were true gentlemen. I had intended to stay and help, but, as soon as we were told to leave or die, I realized I was completely out of my campfireRP element. I’m not sure if I’m going to continue with Oliwia or bring Bela to Livonia. Either way, I look forward to our next meeting.
  19. Mia

    S1 Chernarus Wolfpack Camp Echo Griefing

    Bela Kovar's POV to the best of her recollection: Where to begin . . . Madrious, Richard, and I were waiting for charity prospect Deacon to meet us in Stary Sobor. While the three of us were standing outside the church, first Nikolai and then Dallas wandered into Stary and started to chat with us. A short time later, Charles, Deacon and Deacon's new friends including Pavlov Krasnoff showed up. A very short time later, the rest of the Syndicate appeared. A couple of Deacon's new friends, sensing something bad was about to happen, left Stary as fast as possible. Then the Syndicated dropped the initiation. I quickly hit the ground and put my hands on my head as the bullets began to fly. When the gunfire was over, I stood up and saw that both Deacon and Richard, with his shotgun still in his outstretched hand, were lying unmoving on the ground. It was such a very sad sight to see. When the smoke cleared and things settled down, the hostages were herded into the church. Nikolai Pavlov, the apparent target, was moved to the church's altar while the rest of us were told to face the wall and drop all weapons. After we dropped our weapons, we were directed to sit in the front pews and informed we were now slaves. It was at this point the Syndicate began to torture poor Nikolai, accusing him of lying, spreading rumors, and of being a snitch. The hostages were told not to look away. I don't know what all was done to Nikolai, but, I know it wasn't good. I'm not sure exactly when, but, Dallas, who previously admitted he gave us an alias, was a member of the Time, and was acting as an inside man for the Syndicate, struck me and another hostage in the face with a pointed stick. Since we posed no threat and were sitting quietly, I can only assume it was because we weren't paying attention. When the Syndicate was satisfied Nikolai had learned his lesson, they instructed us to get into two vehicles. When everyone was situated, the vehicles quickly sped out of Stary. During the very chaotic drive, I overheard we were headed to the Wolf Pack compound. When we arrived we were reminded we were slaves and were informed we were there to help raid the camp. Charles told me to sit by a picnic table because I didn't have to work, but, as soon as he left another Syndicate member told me to move and join the other workers. I managed to spend most of the time trying to find an escape route. However, because the Syndicate stationed armed men throughout the compound I eventually realized escape was not possible. While I didn't see a lot of what was going on, I did hear someone instruct the other hostages to move barrels to the cars and later to cook food for them. To be honest, I don't recall who it was because I was more concerned with escape. When the raid was over and the slaves were released, I was offered a ride, but, refused and made my way on foot to Pushtoshka where I again ran into the Syndicate. They offered me a weapon and I responded I'd rather go to NW and find one myself. Please note, Pavlov Krasnoff was a hostage; he was not with the Syndicate. I'd also like to add I'm not pleased one of the raiders blamed this on Green Mountain Charity Center. At the time of the raid, I was the only member of the charity present. And I was a hostage not a raider. We at GMCC value our relationship with the Wolf Pack as much as we value our good name. It feels like someone tried to tarnish both.
  20. Mia

    Am I the only one boycotting Livonia?

    I've logged over 3.6K hours (shameful, I know) in this game since I first bought it back in 2016. I paid $34.99 if I remember correctly, so, the cost per hour so far (for Bohemia only) is just under $0.01. And I've enjoyed almost every one of those hours. If I hadn't, the game would lay virtually unused like so many other games I've purchased. So, no, I don't mind giving Bohemia $14.99 for a new map. But, that's just me . . . we all determine value differently.
  21. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 23, 1985 to second generation Livonian-Americans, Apolonia (nee Stefanski) and Casimir Maciejewski. My grandparents on both sides immigrated to the United States in 1955 from Huta, a small village in central Livonia. My parents and I were never were able to learn much about my grandparents lives in Livonia other than they grew up together, left Livonia together, and moved to Milwaukee together. And while they never lived next door to each other, they always made sure their homes were within walking distance. Once they arrived in America, my grandparents embraced everything American: Language, culture, food, etc. All Livonian traditions as well as the Polish language were left in the old country. My parents grew up as American as apple pie and they liked it that way. My mother mentioned she did try to learn a little about the family in Livonia, but, my grandparents were always reluctant to talk. Eventually, my mother gave up trying, but, her curiosity never died out.
  22. Mia

    Hi Guys

    Welcome back!
  23. Mia


    Would you rather we kept quiet and waited to voice our opinions after the KOS zone is a fait accompli? If we did that, I’m sure you’d be quick to point out we were silent when the topic was originally raised and then go on to ask, “Why so much crying now?” People shared valid arguments both in favor and in opposition. It’s called a discussion and this is both the time and the forum to have one.
  24. Mia


    If there is no safe zone, there should be no KOS zone. Just like some fear people hiding in safe zones, I fear people camping a KOS zone. Sure, we could add KOS zone specific rules, but, do we really want more rules?
  25. Mia

    Operation Custodia (Open Recruitment)

    Though infrequent, I always enjoy coming across y’all in game. Good luck!
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