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  1. Mia




    Very few of us are either/or.  Most of us land somewhere in-between.

    1. Rover


      Campfire 100%. The only two times I've ever shot someone was an accident (They stepped in front of it) and self defense (he just gunned down two randoms next to me, and I felt I was next).
      New character changes that... Gonna try to get myself to the middle of the road 😄

    2. Inferno


      I guess depends on what’s going on? I usually tend to campfire because of how it can escalate into dumbfuckery and laughs but if hostilities happen I’ll happily join in to return to the stupidity 😅

    3. Mia


      I'm campfire as well, however, if pushed to my limit, I can become hostile.  Just takes an awful lot to get me there because I know being hostile will never end well for me.  

    4. Isaiah Rinkasonn

      Isaiah Rinkasonn

      I am in the middle and spin keep bouncing at campfire. Though I like conflict.

    5. Fae


      I'm in the middle because I'm an asshole

    6. Mia


      You get beanz for that one, Fae.

    7. Scarlett


      its no fair I was ok at pvp but then my pc went down hill now I have like no choice but to campfire as my pc glitches and freezes like all the time specially if there is a lot of people around me 😥 but I don't really like staying in one place I like hitting the road, but there is times I miss being a bitch lol specially on a bad day

    8. Kordruga


      I tend to veer more towards campfire. Actually, mostly campfire

    9. Fae


    10. Watchman


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