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  1. Mia


    Do we shoot hostages in the leg for asking a question or calling one of the hostage takers Russian?  Don't we generally generally give hostages a warning first?  Just looking for a bit of clarity.  

    1. Eagle


      You can do whatever you want when it comes to your hostages as long as it doesn't kill them.

    2. arttu


      j u s t i c e

    3. Camo


      First hostage I ever killed on the server back in 2017, was when I was smuggling guns passed the VDV from Tisy Military Base to Chernogorsk at Kovar's Shop. I was driving a bus, using it as a front, during checkpoints, claiming I was a civillian who simply helped people travel around after the country began to destabilize. Out of all the damn trips I made, they only searched my bus once, and confiscated my weapons, and arrested me for two hours, dragging my ass to NWAF, to in-which I gave them a B.S. story while they interrogated me for my credentials, etc.

      ANYWAYS, back to my story--- I finally pulled up to Kovar's Market to finish a run, and some asshole AOGMs my moving bus as I park, and yanks an M4 and runs off. I along with two security guards chase after him, and shoot him unconscious. We hand-cuffed him and brought him back to the market. As I began my dialogue while interrogating his theft, put on my brass knuckles, and in one single punch, he died.

      I felt so bad. Yet, so good. It was justice. Now, it was unintentional, but it didn't matter. The rules at that time granted me kill rights to execute hostages for past encounters. In this case, thievery. 

      Nowadays, I don't think your allowed to execute people unless you have a damn good reason. And you're able to do whatever the hell you want as long as you don't kill them, and the RP doesn't cause "OOC problems" (BadRP, forcing scars, non-consensual behavior, etc.).

    4. Mia


      Thanks all.  Good to know.

    5. Mia


      Kind of makes me just want to stand there and say nothing next time now that I know I could be shot or worse (excluding death) for the littlest thing.  Sort of kills the idea of hostage RP for me to be honest.

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