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  1. Mia


    Thank you to whomever stole my tent and belongings for a second time in Stary Yar.  I'm now free and can once again wander the land.  (Yes, I've given up building a base just that quickly.  It's pointless if I can't secure anything.)

    Anyway, Stary Yar is long forgotten memory from a time in a different past, a time that never really happened.  Perhaps I'll travel to the coast . . . I hear there's a lot happening down there.  😉

    1. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      God damn it... It's BS. I saw Rex's camp losing a tent yesterday...

    2. ToeZiesOG


      God damnit, Stary Yar will live forever, never lose hope! Dominik tried to be you guys' friend yesterday, I don't think you realized quite how friendly Dominik is 😛❤️ 

      But yeah, stashes are the only real option now-a-days unfortunately. 

    3. Isaiah Cortez

      Isaiah Cortez

      @ToeZOG OH YOU FUCKER! Oh don't worry. We were just talking about a small sob story.

    4. Mia


      There would have been a lot more sobs if Issac or Banks had known more about what happened to old man Pasi.

      @ToeZOG, any other time we would welcome you with open arms.  Well, once we get to know Dominik a bit, that is.

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