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  1. Mia


    Wow, rain and cold can be deadly.  Good thing standing under a big tree blocks the rain else Rose would be dead from hypothermia (she was on a stretch of road with no near shelter in any direction.)  Also, the infected can hit you while standing on top of a car now.  (Or maybe Rose just chose the wrong car to stand on.) 😉

    1. IsaiahCortez


      Oh no! Does old man need to look for rose too now? Though, rain can be quite a bitch.

    2. Mia


      No, no, Rose survived.  She was hungry and decided to shoot some infected so she could rummage through pockets for food.  She found a soda and a can of tuna after she bandaged her wounds and repaired her damaged clothing.  So, all is good now. 

    3. Watchman


      Zombies can hit you if you stand on the edge of the car, standing directly in the middle should keep you safe depending on car

    4. Mia


      I was standing on the roof in the middle.  Zombies can also hit you when you are sitting in a car with the door closed.  That happened a couple nights ago . . . went unconscious before my group mates handled the situation (yes, they forgot to let me out of the back seat).  

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