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  1. Mia


    I wouldn't mind so much getting constantly swarmed by the infected if I could 1) find a gun, 2) find ammo that goes in the gun, 3) be able to loot the ammo if/when I do find it, and 4) have a fighting chance to survive.  (Picking up supplies and putting them in my inventory has been very hit/miss since last night.  Finding a gun and supplies that go with it has been difficult for a while now.)

    Time for another cup of coffee.  Oh, and since I re-spawned as a male, time to hunt a zombie hoard.  ?

    1. Malet


      Summer camps and castles have been a great source for guns, ammo and hunting backpacks for me - Maybe that helps ?

    2. Mia


      Thanks, I'll check it out. 

      As for looting little items like ammo, I just found out that if I stand on top of the item I can put it in my inventory.

    3. Cowmoo


      On 1/14/2019 at 1:35 PM, Ducky said:


      Here is a quick guide on how to get the desired character you want.

      Step 1: Die Ingame.
      Step 2: Instead of hitting respawn you simply hit exit and disconnect from the server.
      Step 3: On the main menu, hit the arrow left icon to switch to a newly spawned character, then edit them to your liking.
      Step 4: Reconnect while having the new character selected.


      The end result of this should be that the new character saves permanently on the arrow left.

      So when you exit next time, you'll only have to hit that left arrow to change to the pre-set new character and then reconnect.

      Hope it helps, if it is too confusing let me know and I'll make a video.

      Use stone knife + f11, for a quicker way out. I am sure the staff team will understand why you killed yourself to become the correct character.

      Also, I know what you mean with the items not picking up.... I have to stand directly over, and spam the action key, or drag it into my hands dozens of times before I get it.

    4. Mia


      Duh, I'm so used to not spawning in with anything that I forgot about the knife! 

      I stopped by Kab to trade, but, I missed you.  I didn't miss the fight, though.  lol  

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