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  1. Mia


    An interesting RP day, I have to say.  Met Luca @Phoenix for the first time and had a lovely long walk from Vybor to Mogilevka.  Met a couple of Satanists in Rogovo that creeped me out a bit (sorry, gentlemen), met Lukas, a Chernarussian who convinced me it would be a good idea to find a new jacket (found one, so no need to shoot me the next time you see me), ran into red armband bois who accused me of lying and threatened to kill me (really, I wasn't lying). 

    All in all, a good day.  Though, I think I might just go back to hiding in the shadows . . . seems safer.  😉

  2. Mia

    To Friends of GenZ (Open Freq.)

    *Rose's ears perk up when she hears a familiar voice over the radio. And when she hears the man call the woman Luca, she reaches into her backpack, pulls out her radio and presses the PTT* "Luca, it's Rose your road travel buddy. I'm so sorry to hear your family has to relocate. If you need anything, anything at all, let me know. I'm almost always traveling in the North, so, please don't ever hesitate to contact me." *Rose closes her eyes, slowly shakes her head, and sighs deeply as she releases the PTT. She returns the radio to her backpack and turns northward*
  3. Major

    • Major
    • Mia

    Adopt me.

    1. Mia


      Lol, I’ll have to check with my other adopted children first.  😉

    2. Major


      @Mia I be good

    3. Mia


      I would never doubt your goodness. 

    4. MrPanda



  4. Mia

    Fight Night! (Location TBA, March 30 3:00 PM EST)

    Major is correct, you don’t need a base to hold a fight night. There’s a lumber mill near Stary Yar that worked well in the past. I finally saw your impressive compound last night. It’s sad to learn it’s gone today. It will be even sadder if it turns out it was intentionally destroyed.
  5. Mia

    Conercening last night.

    @JimRP I do believe the punishment in this instance was entirely too harsh. A warning with consequences if it happens again, perhaps. But, outright NVFL and PK? Just plain no. Moody and his group were goofing around and having fun. This is a video game and not real life. If we played this as real life we'd be PK'ing our characters right and left. In the end, this isn't a case where he took on multiple hostiles and died. This isn't a case where he jumped off a roof to gain access to a base during a firefight and died. He was goofing around with his friends. Plain and simple. We are allowed to have a little fun in this game, right?
  6. Mia


    If this keeps up, we are going to need umbrellas in the game.

    1. CamoRP


      I think we can be thankful hypothermia hasn't been reimplemented yet.

  7. Mia


    I logged in right in the middle of a gunfight, put my hands on my head, and hit the ground.  Waited until I was given the all clear and then got the heck out of Dodge only to be trapped by two zombies in the next town.  Yes, I died.  I think I would rather have been shot, lol.   It is kind of funny.   

  8. Mia

    A prayer for the community

    I’m so happy to hear the good news. I hope the news we hear about the test results is equally good. Until then, you are still in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. Mia

    Zombies should maybe have the chance to get you sick

    There is no cure and, since the host quickly turns, I don’t see a lot of role play potential. Unless someone wants to RP as a zombie, that is. And how long would the zombie role player last before being shot and killed? Not long because all the zombie wants to do is eat. And unless I’m wrong, most players don’t want to be eaten. Or infected (remember the cold). I always role play the “living” are immune. After all the encounters we’ve had with zombies is there any other explanation? That would be one long stretch of good luck if we’re not. (Yes, potentially the infection could mutate into a stronger or different strain our immune systems couldn’t beat.) How would an initiation work with a zombie? Or would defense rights automatically kick in? I mean, what are the chances a zombie just wants to chat? And if a character becomes infected, turns, and is killed, wouldn't that be the end of the character? There's really no way back from that.
  10. Mia

    Question in regards to kill rights.

    Okay, so A and B are in standing together in a dynamic when A initiates on C. C uses his defense rights and shoots A, but, does not attack B because B did not initiate (C decided to play it safe.) Does B then get defense rights to shoot C because C just shot A, a member of his dynamic? And if C kills A, does B have defense rights to kill C for the next two hours? Or do B’s defense rights stop the moment A dies?
  11. Mia

    A prayer for the community

    Sophie, I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of this. I hope the surgery goes well and the next news we hear is good news. You are in my prayers. The total lack of compassion and empathy shown by a few people in our community is not only unbelievable it is also unacceptable. Nothing excuses their comments.
  12. Mia

    Force permadeath on NVFL

    Perhaps if there is a NVFL life pattern, say three NVFL bans in a six month period, then yes, character permadeath should be on the table as a punishment. But, I don’t believe every NVFL verdict should carry a permadeath sentence. People have bad days and make dumb mistakes. And sometimes, people are just inexperienced. I’m going to abstain on this one because I both agree and disagree at the same time.
  13. Mia

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    I killed off my old and beloved character Anna Kovar and made a new one, Rose. Logged in as Rose and died to a swarm of zombies while looking for supplies. Respawned as a male and well, had to die again. Respawned as the correct model and died again to zombies. Thankfully, I didn’t die again that day, but, I did die the next day while AFK in what I thought was a safe location at NWAF (don’t know what killed me, but, it was my bad regardless). So, under the four strikes law, I would have had to PK Rose and start over with a new character? I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I can’t remember the last time I died through valid RP, so, it’s a no for me.
  14. Mia

    Possible Persistence Wipe

    I'm in Kab on S1 and the base is completely gone. Did the server crash and cause a persistence wipe? Or did something else happen? Update: The trade post in Vybor is still standing, so, I guess it wasn't a persistence wipe.
  15. Mia


    I wouldn't mind so much getting constantly swarmed by the infected if I could 1) find a gun, 2) find ammo that goes in the gun, 3) be able to loot the ammo if/when I do find it, and 4) have a fighting chance to survive.  (Picking up supplies and putting them in my inventory has been very hit/miss since last night.  Finding a gun and supplies that go with it has been difficult for a while now.)

    Time for another cup of coffee.  Oh, and since I re-spawned as a male, time to hunt a zombie hoard.  ?

    1. Malet


      Summer camps and castles have been a great source for guns, ammo and hunting backpacks for me - Maybe that helps ?

    2. Mia


      Thanks, I'll check it out. 

      As for looting little items like ammo, I just found out that if I stand on top of the item I can put it in my inventory.

    3. CamoRP


      On 1/14/2019 at 1:35 PM, Ducky said:


      Here is a quick guide on how to get the desired character you want.

      Step 1: Die Ingame.
      Step 2: Instead of hitting respawn you simply hit exit and disconnect from the server.
      Step 3: On the main menu, hit the arrow left icon to switch to a newly spawned character, then edit them to your liking.
      Step 4: Reconnect while having the new character selected.


      The end result of this should be that the new character saves permanently on the arrow left.

      So when you exit next time, you'll only have to hit that left arrow to change to the pre-set new character and then reconnect.

      Hope it helps, if it is too confusing let me know and I'll make a video.

      Use stone knife + f11, for a quicker way out. I am sure the staff team will understand why you killed yourself to become the correct character.

      Also, I know what you mean with the items not picking up.... I have to stand directly over, and spam the action key, or drag it into my hands dozens of times before I get it.

    4. Mia


      Duh, I'm so used to not spawning in with anything that I forgot about the knife! 

      I stopped by Kab to trade, but, I missed you.  I didn't miss the fight, though.  lol  

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