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  1. ToeZ

    • ToeZ
    • Darra

    how's it going bruv?

    1. Darra


      Going good,ToeZ.  How about you?  How are you doing?  Any news on your PC?

    2. ToeZ


      no news, I got fucked over they cancelled my order without telling me, fuckers, so now i'm trying to order a new one, but have less money... so i'm kinda waiting till I know exactly if I've got enough to pay for one with the same specs :P

      How about you? Any news or anything?

    3. Darra


      Sorry to hear about your PC.  I've been without one a couple times before and I know it's not fun.

      Nothing new over here.  Just work and looking for friendly people in game.  ?


    4. ToeZ


      Who do you roll with now?