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  1. Darra

    I played on an experimental server for a bit tonight.  The background sounds are spooky especially when the owls hoot at night.  Definitely a lot more trees and shrubbery and an overall greater feeling of decay. 

    I was having fun trekking inland until I killed a zombie with my axe and turned around just in time to see a muzzle flash.  I immediately fell to the ground unconscious and then died.  That's when I remembered why I don't like public servers.


    1. idole


      havent been on for a few weeks is experimental on now


    2. Darra


      Yes, it is.

    3. RogueSolace
  2. *Darra grabs her radio and firmly presses the PTT* "ToeZ, you are correct, I need to stop the teasing. There are more important things that need my attention than men with thin skins." "Ronnie, you and I will talk tonight. Does your father know anything about this? Have you spoken to him yet?" *She releases the PTT and with a modicum of control, places the radio on the table. She stands still for a moment before she turns and walks out the door*
  3. *Chuckling softly, Darra picks up her radio, presses the PTT and says* "Ah, Louie, thank you so much for the laugh. It never once occurred to me comedy would be one of your strong suits. So, good on you, man. Yeah, good on you. A little craic always makes the day brighter." "As for my comment about the demise of Akrasia . . . well, everyone has protested so much that I am now more than ever convinced Akrasia is no more. But, I do get it, teary-eyed former members just can't let go. *She hums a couple bars from "Let It Go" before speaking again* So, I humbly apologize for any grief caused by my innocent comment. As penance, I will scavenge hankies to dry the tears." *Her voice changes to a more solemn tone* "On a more serious note: Unless things have changed since I left the 101, and I doubt they have, the members just want to be left alone to do their own thing. And don't give me any boohoo cry-baby stories about how you were mistreated at Stary Yar. Respect them and they will respect you . . . it's as simple as that." *She shakes her head as she releases the PTT and sets the radio next to her backpack*
  4. *Darra picks up her radio and transmits one last message* "Wow, such vitriol! I've really struck a nerve, haven't I? Well, perhaps I have been misinformed. Perhaps Akrasia is alive and well. Or perhaps it has only morphed into the scum of the earth." "Good luck 101 . . . I know you will survive this latest onslaught." *Darra releases the radio's PTT and settles down for a good night's sleep*
  5. *Darra once again takes the radio out of her backpack and presses the PTT* "I hate to break the news to you sugar plumb, but, Akrasia crossed the river Styx a while back. Will it raise it's ugly head again? I sure hope not, but, only time will tell." *Darra puts the radio in her backpack and heads on down the road*
  6. *Darra Jones rummages through her backpack looking for her radio. After a few moments, she finds and grabs it, raises it to her lips and presses the PTT* "The names change, but, the game is still the same. Savages, Rough Riders, New Moon, Horsemen, Gamblers, Akrasia . . . they've all done their best to destroy the 101. Funny thing is, the 101 always survives. Can't say the same about the groups that've tried to bring 'em down. What makes you think it will be any different this time?" "By the way, wasn't King Louie an orangutan in Disney's version of the Jungle Book? Just sayin' . . ." *She releases the PTT, shakes her head and returns the radio to her backpack*
    • Darra
    • SweetJoe

    SweetJoe!!!  I hope this means what I think it means!

    1. SweetJoe


      shh...if I do something horrible they will blame you for it now!

    2. Darra


      Blame away, I say.  I can take it.

    • ToeZies
    • Darra

    how's it going bruv?

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    2. ToeZies


      no news, I got fucked over they cancelled my order without telling me, fuckers, so now i'm trying to order a new one, but have less money... so i'm kinda waiting till I know exactly if I've got enough to pay for one with the same specs :P

      How about you? Any news or anything?

    3. Darra


      Sorry to hear about your PC.  I've been without one a couple times before and I know it's not fun.

      Nothing new over here.  Just work and looking for friendly people in game.  😉


    4. ToeZies


      Who do you roll with now?

  7. My fear in pups was walking out a door and getting my head blown off. My fear in DayZRP was walking out a door and getting robbed for my M4. Solved the pubs fear by playing DayZRP. Solved the DayZRP fear by giving my M4, mags, and ammo away yesterday (and before you ask, no, I was not robbed). I hope you all know I am kidding around a bit. I did give my M4 away yesterday, but, that didn't entirely cure my fear. I still fear running into groups or players who are into hostile RP. And that is more than enough fear for me.
    • Darra
    • Mr.Panda


    1. Mr.Panda


      Thank's mum

    2. Darra


      An now you have your first beanz.  That's how it all begins. 

  8. Before DayZRP, I played MMOs exclusively . . . WoW, Rift, SWTOR, GW2, ESO, etc. It was one of my long-time MMO buddies that convinced me to give DayZ a try. And I'm like, sure, the Zombie apocalypse sounds like good times. So, I joined him and his friends on a public server. After multiple KOS deaths we decided to rent our own server. That went well for a bit, but, eventually got boring (there were only five of us). So we decided to give DayZ Origins a go. In the meantime, my buddy saw some of Mr. Moon's videos and joined DayZRP. He loved it and would tell me all about his character, Tex, and his adventures with Cowboy and the Brave. After about two months of listening to him gush about DayZRP, I decided to give it a try. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Sure, I read the rules and all the other info. I wrote my backstory, passed the test, and got whitelisted. But, I was as clueless as a babe in the woods (yes, I know, there are those who would say I am still clueless). Anyway, that's how I started playing DayZRP. But, that's not really the answer to the question, is it? OK, I play DayZRP because of the friends I've made and the characters I've met in game. Oh, there is also a little something called RP. I may not be good at it, but, I do enjoy it. Oh, my buddy Tex, he got tired of the constant hostilities against the 101. And then he got robbed three times in one day and decided it was time for a short break. That was back in November. Guess he's not coming back. We still play ESO together, but, I've stopped asking about a return to DayZRP.
  9. Good luck with the group, Nihoo! Love the concept, but, please forgive me if I try to stay out of your way.
  10. Stopped by for a quick visit to the 101 today . . . there was a lot going on, so, I'll try again another day.
  11. Thank you!
  12. The beautiful Novodmitrovsk . . . It's far away, but, well worth the journey.