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"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."

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    Hope your doing well.

    1. Darra


      Yup, still doing well.  How are you?  Hope you are well too!

    2. SweetJoe



  1. Safe Zone Trial

    Kovar's Market ran well as a trade zone for a short while. After we were forced to relocate a few times and our proprietor quit playing, finding and keeping new people to help run the market became a challenge. (And I get it, it's hard to stay in one place when there's a whole map to explore. Even I found staying in one place difficult.) I would like to give the market another try when beta comes out or perhaps even sooner. I just need to find the right dedicated people to help run it. Is anyone interested?
  2. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Mazel Tov! Wait, wrong language. Congrats gentlemen!
  3. Al-Takhari Mujahideen

    Is Sharia law coming soon to South Zagoria? Please say it isn't so! Seriously though, best of luck with the group. Hopefully it will bring much needed conflict to RP. As-salamu 'alaykum.
    • SweetJoe
    • Darra

    Aint seen ya in a while. Hope your alright.

    1. Darra


      I’m good, thanks for asking.  I’m just taking a short break from RP.  How are you?

    2. SweetJoe


      I'm alright, and I totally don't blame you.

  4. Kovar's Market

    The time has come to shutter our market doors for good. Please archive the group.
  5. BeanZ WAR

  6. BeanZ WAR

  7. BeanZ WAR

    Route 66
  8. BeanZ WAR

  9. [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    Thank you! 1
  10. [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    13 When we hit 400, there's gonna be another lore wipe. Don't panic, I'm kidding.
    • SweetJoe
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    I've got a rocket aimed at your market, comply or die. I want 12 pairs of black slacks and I want them in 5 minutes time or the rocket launches.

    1. Chewy


      9 minutes passed, did the rocket go off?

    2. SweetJoe


      ALL your MARKET now BELONG to ME!

      The rocket would go off, the blast, so big.

    3. Darra


      Damn, and I missed the pretty fireworks!  

    4. SweetJoe


      hahahaha your the best.

  11. Offworld Rising

    Well, shite, you just took the wind out of my sails. Or should I say, the M4 out of my hands.
  12. Offworld Rising

    Thank you, Mexi. I didn't say I'd be successful, but sometimes you just have to try something new. Isn't that what this is all about?