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  1. Staff Appreciation Thread

    All of us may not always agree with staff decisions, but, I think we all can agree that without them there would be no DayZRP. Don’t get me wrong, members are very important too. But, without a dedicated, hard working staff we’d probably be just another public KOS server. Thank you guys and gals of the staff, past and present! We may not always show it, but, you are appreciated. And beanz to Joffrey for starting the thread.
    • SweetJoe
    • Darra



    1. Darra


      Thanks, SweetJoe . . . I love it!  Hopefully, it will wash away my salt.

    2. SweetJoe




    3. Darra


      Love this one too!   

    4. SweetJoe


      Scenes of Tranquility. 



      . Be well Darra. 

    5. Darra


      You too, SweetJoe!

    6. Elmo



      but the water's so preetttyyyyyy

    7. SweetJoe


      that's how we know the water is safe elmo.

    8. Darra


      Yes, Elmo, thank you for the overwatch.  Now, I know I'm safe.

    9. Elmo


      When I'm shooting, nobody's safe, not even me ^_^ 

    10. Darra


      Oh, man, that sounds like me.  Ask Mr. Panda, I accidentally gunned him down one day.  The sad thing is it was when I was playing his mom and he was playing my son. 

      RIP sweet Apollo.

    11. Elmo


      I remember one time in Vyshnoye I was trying to save @Shane Is Dead from some infected, ended up yeeting him with my SVD. Sad days.

    12. SweetJoe



    13. VictusRP


      Whatchu Know about  Bofa?

    14. Darra


      "Oh, God."  *sighs and shakes head*

    15. Shane Is Dead

      Shane Is Dead

      I was some upset 

  2. @Taryn, if I didn’t look at my profile, then who would? Plus, I really love my profile song. 😉
  3. Darra

    And then @Rolle turns what just happened into a meme with one pic . . . 


    1. Rolle


      Which one?

    2. Kattica


      Classic Rolle behaviour.

    3. Darra



      Still not sure if you were trying to lighten everyone’s mood or if there was a deeper meaning.

    4. Rolle


      Nah, that's just a meme. You know, how we constantly ban completely innocent people around here? It looks like that, that gif is an accurate representation.

    5. Darra


      It’s not so much about whether they were guilty or not, it’s more about how the report was handled.  You know, one person acting as plaintiff, judge, jury, and executioner.  

    6. Rolle


      I am aware, admins are given that kind of authority through rule 4. It is working as intended, it's been like this for years.

    7. Darra


      Why were all four banned?  Was it because their RP was exceptionally bad and trolly?  Or was it because one of the four pissed Aiko off in the report?  To be honest, Rolle, it seems more like the latter.  And that is the problem in a nutshell.

    8. Rolle


      That is a good question, I don't know the answer to that personally, we will have to ask Aiko tomorrow :) She was there and she knows best who did what to deserve R4.

    9. Darra


      Thank you!

  4. Staff Feedback: Aiko

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: None Feedback: The community trusts reports will be handled with fairness and impartiality. That’s why staff members involved in a report should never be involved in the verdict. You broke that trust when you invoked rule four and acted as judge, jury, and executioner in your own report. I believe you let your anger and emotions cloud your better judgment. You were so quick to drop the guillotine, that you denied three of the four accused any due process. Suggestions for improvement: Step away for a few minutes and think before you react.
  5. Hello everyone!

    Welcome LemonLime; good luck with your whitelist!
  6. Darra

    I’m afraid to RP now.  Not even joking.

    What happened to due process?  Absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

  7. Ethnic Russian Commies go back to mother Russia! Chernarus for ethnic Chernarussians! Sorry, I couldn’t control Anna. Seriously, though, good luck with the group. The server needs a bit of conflict.
  8. Darra

    Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!


    1. JoffreyRP


      will u b mine?

    • Squillium
    • Darra

    Mom I’m sick, hmu with some chicken noodle soup

    1. Eagle


      Wtf is with people here calling girls moms, don't you already have one?

    2. Squillium


      issa meme

      There was a girl in my high school that was always really nice and helpful to people so people called her the "class mom", it was a joke, not some creepy shit.

  9. On rare occasions, groups join together to take on a more aggressive and larger group. If and when that happens, will representatives from each group have to initiate simultaneously? Or can one Single Point of Contact (Spock) be selected for the honors?
  10. Now that I’ve thought about it, it really changes nothing if you are standing together as a group when another group initiates. Either comply (me) or, if you are one of those filthy PVP’ers (said with love), fight the hell back the second guns are pointed your way and you hear the initiation kick off. The window of opportunity closes the moment you take time to figure out if only one person in your group or the entire group is the target. That was true before the rule change and is still true after the rule change. Besides, 99% of the time the agressors will initiate on the whole group to gain control over the situation. They aren’t going to give you the opportunity to walk away fully armed so you can initiate from behind cover. What does change is the ability to take out the agressors if you are not standing with the group when the initiation kicks off. Then you would have to initiate before you could engage. Please, gamemasters and staff, let me know if my thinking is wrong.
  11. Darra

    Sometimes it’s pointless to have an opinion and sometimes it’s even more pointless to share it.  And in the end, does any of it even matter?


    1. Hebee


      I remember posting my opinion here before, get s you nowhere but trouble.

    2. SweetJoe


      Same. Especially since finals get handed out now for a nondescript reason of "causing drama" and a refusal to ellaborate to the user. (Reportedly).


      I dont want to see people fail, i want to see them succeed.<redacted paragraph>

    3. Darra


      Thers is no drama associated with my statement.  

      Oh, by the way, Toy Story Land opens here in less than six months!  Plug, plug.

    4. SweetJoe


      oh man, that sounds cool!

  12. My bad, I see that now.
  13. Just out of curiosity, why is it necessary to do away with dynamic groups? What is the reasoning behind this change?