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  1. Real life picture Thread

    Some photos from last months training
  2. If it is so very important, our characters was cannibals before the outbreak started, we spent many years in the chernobyl Zone before eventually venturing to Chernarus. We ran out of food, and wern't stupid enough to try irradiated animals in the forests so we turned to other people who were in the zone as well when it came close to starvation we acted on it.
  3. @Dusty We are here to discuses this report, not talk about our lore...
  4. and that shows me you dont get it...
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    I'm just gonna leave this here.

    After the break 3rd line down.

  5. So there is some stuff in here I do not like, mainly because I've always been told, role play over rule play. First off if we are role-playing, and in this instance some ppl come along and want to eat a human being, they don't care if they've had some past beef with you, they are dead set on a goal to consume flesh, so when we start to RP and some simple requests come down and they are denied because, "you've never met before" it kills my rp because it shouldn't matter, you were dead set on Not letting us have a little fun with you. To any person loosing a damn finger is "unacceptable, no shit, its gonna fucking hurt! If you can find someone who is accepting of loosing a body part, you might wanna call the police because that guy's a psychopath and most likely kills small animals for fun. You also state your character has value for his life and you value it as well, no shit, we all do, and in any situation a character will value his/her life because living is a lot better than dying... So you cant say you didn't want us to do it because you care about your character, because i do as well, but if given good RP I'd be more than happy to scar my character for 1 a story, 2 some rp aspects when it comes up in conversations and 3 the ability to grow my characters story and show I've been around the block once or twice. Also we are not new to "asking for rights" in fact before the entire defiance started, i had high hopes for this encounter due to good roleplay, and most likely would have let you go with the scaring because of it. Also people are not going to avoid encounters because they are afraid, the point of this game is to encounter, and see what the other party has to offer whether it be hostile or friendly. I don't know if you are just mad that you lost all the loot you were hording or what but this entire report seems unneeded to me and i'm sad that every time some good comes from this game, people run to the fuckin forums because they lost there loot or didn't feel right the way they got treated. In the time I've been here, i could have have at least 20 people banned for at least a few days for what they've done, but I've just respawned and continued my merry fuckin way because i don't, and you shouldn't care as long as its not some crazy blatant shit that absolutely requires a ban, that a situation didn't go exactly the way YOU wanted it to.
  6. My self and Servous had been planning on making our ig characters cannibals again due to the fact we had both died a few days earlier to 1 hit zombies and had to restart. So we headed to the outskirts of Severograd to pray on potential victims for some fun hostile RP and some eating of the flesh . We went to the small unnamed town under Severograd hoping someone would travel there since it was close to the new RP hangout, and within 10 minutes Servous tells me he sees someone coming up the road and he starts talking to him, and i hurry over. We start some very normal rp, talking about chernarus, who he is, where hes from, if hes in a group, the norm. We start to ask if he has food and eventually begin to say we are really hungry, and Matthew states he has no food. We eventually initiate on him. tie him up and order him up the hill, at this time, we get the server msg that it will restart in 10 minutes, so we hurry up to a house on the ridge, dis arm him, then untie him so he doesn't die on restart, pause our rp for a moment, wait for the restart, then retie him and continue. Over the next 30 mins or so we provide good rp and explain the truth that we do intend on butchering him and eating him as we are cannibals and haven't had a real meal in months, and we are tired of the nasty canned food, and whatever else they have around. 3 or 4 times we attempt to remove either a finger or ear from him, and he denys each time, which to me was getting a little aggravating seeing as we had him tied up and at our will, yes i know that in a way is a power game, but in that instants i felt it was bad RP as all i wanted to remove was a simple finger, and we had to keep stopping and thinking of what to do. We explained to him several times, that we could just kill him and that would be that, and he didnt seem to care, in the since that, we were going to eat him, and saying no, wont really change that, and saying he'll never give any part of him up, rather than die? So we came to the conclusion to give him a final ultimatum, either give us a taste to see if we would eat him, a 50/50 shot, or just die and get eaten anyone. He continued to refuse so we saw this as no value for his life, and it would feel dumb on our end if, 2 cannibals, who are hungry, just let a guy go, because we for some reason, we cant just, cut off his finger, because some odd force of god holding my blade from just doing it. It felt dumb as fuck, we finally said, do it or die, straight up, he said no, so we blew his head off and it was done. Now yes I was aggravated with this whole situation, but it was good RP, minus the perms part, I did enjoy it, and props to Matthew for his breathing and talking and what not, I had to go at the time, but I heard from Servous that you enjoyed it as well, and im glad. If im going to do something as radical as that, I try to make it worth there while. Still that being said, it ended in a shitty situation, because if I let you go, it would have ruined the entire RP for us, because of a Rule that, you saying //no, stops me from doing a simple act, so we took it upon our selves to do what seemed best in the RP since to do, kill you. I do apologize if you disagree but we were trying to make the best of a shitty situation and I didnt want it to just end in shambles, we didn't care about your loot, we had our own, we just wanted a fun encounter and a good story. Edit: Also forgot to mention, you stated in game and in this report that one of the main reasons you didn't comply is because you had never met us before, this is hostile rp, it doesn't matter if we have met before, especially in this case, if a cannibal meets you and initiates, you'd be lucky to have a next time. I was very very confused at the start when i asked to simply cut off your pinky and you replied with '//no, I've never met you before...." it doesn't matter if I have, this was happening now, we don't need past hostile acts to do something like that, it was this situation, not another.
  7. S2: KoS in Cherno - 2017-08-27 22:00

    First and foremost if you haven't already read the top of servous post, I am training right now, and am paying 12$ to wright this post cuz I had to buy a data card, so I'm only going to throw my 2 cents in because servous already covered everything I would have wrote. When we ran up to the town above cherno I was on the other side of two of the buildings when Garrett came over coms saying Tyler was driving the car back to the spot he stole it from, at this point he was still running after the car and didn't have time to stop and type so he yelled very loud, to a point where I heard him 2 buildings over to "STOP NOW". After this was said, the vehical immediately changed course and up shifted and started for the road, so I know he heard it, (also, Tyler mensions to us when we had him the next day that, and I quote "I heard you but I got scared so I took off". So when I finally made it around the buildings the car was easily 200-300 meters out so to show we ment business I aimed up, and I mean way up, and shot a good 6 rounds burst into the air. And unless these fuckin bullets drop like a rock ( and I know they don't cuz I tested the ak74u specifically a week earlier in the tower in cherno, it will hit dead center at 700 meters) there is no way in hell I hit the fucking car, that is a blatant lie, just like him stateing he didn't hear us. That is all, I'll be back on the 29th of this month.
  8. Raven06

    Later all, headed to NTC for a month. See you all at the end of September.

  9. S2: KoS in Cherno 23:40 26/08/2017

    Myself, @Servous, @Dovin were walking back from the gas station in cherno on the west of town, when we spotted a man running towards us, we kept walking. Then he raised his gun at us for several seconds, and we were looking to do some banditry so this gave us some probable cause to at least start some RP. Then the man turned 90 degrees around and went into a dead sprint so we followed. He lead us through the entire city from the west side of town, to the pub, all the way down the coast (at this point another man started running with him and then eventually breaking off at Kovars market) and eventually out of town to a barn were he started to double back. I had split off knowing this might happen and i got within voip range and started telling him to stop so we could talk. He was looking back at me and I'm sure he could hear me. He ran into a fatal funnel in the wall at Kovars so I cut left and i saw the second man sitting at the corner. I was about 25 meters away when Taylor Dovin got close and they both screamed "leave or die!" twice within about 1 second and immediately opened fire on Dovin killing him, giving him no time to react. We also had never yelled at him that we were going to harm him in any way. These two just mowed Dovin down. Myself and Servous cut back left when we heard the shots, I layed about 150 meters from the wall, Servous ran across the street and got behind a hay bail. While i was laying there, a man ran right by me with an Axe, I thought nothing of it, so I moved back to Servous at a different hay bail. About 30 seconds went by when i heard gun fire to my right and what I was thinking was that man who ran past me had killed Servous, because theres no way they could have flanked us without us seeing. He shot me as well and i got to cover, eventually it ended in my death as well. This is not part of the current report, I'm being told it happend several minutes after we were all killed.
  10. Brotherhood of Thieves Media Thread

    nah i ment the "hold up" with me and @Servous
  11. Brotherhood of Thieves Media Thread

    oh fuck that look real as shit!
  12. Lost Characters :(

    Absolutely great backstory, hope none of its true cuz its pretty deep lol Absolutely great backstory, hope none of its true cuz its pretty deep lol I'll be waiting for it to be finished, like it so far bud.
  13. Lost Characters :(

    Hello! I'd like to open up a topic on peoples characters and the hard work some put into them, just for it to get lost in the website. I for one love to read peoples characters and see the cool things people come up with and what not, and I think that some really good ones disappear into the wind. So if you would like to share your characters link on this forum for all to see and comment on I'd love that! Here is mine btw: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1659/ Hope to see lots of posts and juicy backgrounds.
  14. Sun Set