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  1. madjaz123

    Im done.(open)

    *Aaron pushes his PTT down laughing and speaks with a obvious sarcastic tone* Damn I thought this was going to be one of those suicide radio broadcasts that seem so ever popular nowadays Shame. *Aaron releases his PTT*
  2. madjaz123

    Cipher's Dank Media Thread

    Finding out WWB have archived
  3. madjaz123

    2016 Clean Sheet of the Year nominations

    Nominee: @mclolable Reason: He was the person who brought me to dayzrp and is just wonderful both ingame and on forums, Hes been im plenty of reports against others (Cleaning up dem streets lamo) and has always prided himself in being a outstanding member of the community Evidence: Points history and person history
  4. madjaz123

    S1 - Killing of compliant hostage / Not enough time to comply. 20:40 16-12-2016

    Aaron Smiths POV I was rolling with The Cartel but didn't really be apart of the initiation or any kills, I was watching from a far. I then see there hostages running and attempted to follow them, Telling them that I wasn't apart of it and I was scared wanted some protection, I kept following them and the told me to fuck off (note not in anyway showing violence just told me to fuck off) I carried on following at a distance, I ended up getting closer and without warning I was gunned down from behind, I tried to defend myself by raising my gun but I was dead before I turned around. Note, No words were said to me before I was killed In fact I should probably make my own report for Ruleplay/RDM Another Note, I wasn't wearing a Armband either (Everyone else in my group was)
  5. Ive managed to figure it out, I was in experimental..Didnt even know I was. Thank you for you help anyway
  6. Hey so ive not been on the server in a nice long time and today ive tried to get back on (im still whitelisted and all that jazz) and it just doesn't let me in it constantly says "Connecting Failed" any suggestions?
  7. madjaz123


    Raptor noo, Who else am I going to cut into now Great RP. All the best to you o7
  8. -snip- You can get it from a gm when they are in the starter town. There will be signal fires at the starters town when theres a gm there. I have no idea where those towns are me and a friend have kinda made our own
  9. Currently the Dev's have broken animal spawns so we have to "sell" them ingame after we spawn them in. Now when you clain a building people cant steal whats inside, when you claim your ground people cant steal anything that is on the claim either. It's your responsibility to get a claim up, to protect your camp. Another question is how do we get the money and trade for the stuff, I read that we get money when we first join to buy things but we never got ours also where do we go to buy things?
  10. Ah alright that makes a lot more sense, Thank you both for replying
  11. What do you mean with the bones and horses? Also with the raiding I find a worrisome issue that someone can come and just completely take over whatever you make and or completely set you to scratch and being no way to find them while your offline, worried that some players will end up leaving
  12. That explained that for me perfectly, Cheers for that
  13. I've read through the rules and im curious about the following issues/scenarios how does base raiding, On this point im curious about all of it, as someone could quite easily rob everything you've made including you base as soon as you've logged off, Also do you have to be at war to raid someone Base overcrowding, Now this is a problem im concerned about as the map is limited with space and from what ive seen the game is rather populated what is the way to combat the server being completely filled with camps and bases Could I have a further explanation of this rule "Kills must be justified within roleplay and executions should only be done after three hostilities between the two claims or parties have occurred" More specifically "three hostilities between the two claims or parties have occurred" Thank you for your time
  14. Getting them up soon He be slacking nah fam ; gotta make sure theyre good enough
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