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  1. NozzyRP

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: G19RP

    Ryan keeps on delivering good interviews for the good of the people! All of my support and respect to this man. Great that you have satisfied G19's thirst so i can spend more time making his video interview meme. Thanks for appreciating the memes i've made @Daddy19RP Any chance we could get an interview with OxeN? @Ryan Shepherd He is a very misunderstood upstanding community member
  2. Time to fence off every well in Chernarus. I won't get invalid kill right?
  3. NozzyRP

    Hi Guys

    I am seeing that NorwayRP is missing a ton of beanz, could the staff team give those back please?
  4. NozzyRP

    Hi Guys

    The lad is back for a third time, absolutely glorious
  5. There are a ton of people that run around and loot simply because they know THEY CAN'T BE KOS'D. If they could be killed at any moment they wouldn't be running around in the open looting. +1 from me AndreyQ is an experienced Roleplayer and he knows how to improve RP
  6. It's most likely due to Ryan Sheperd i'd say. Can i tell you lads about the flute i bought for 50 pence?
  7. NozzyRP

    Dutch Takeover?

    Wait so if the Dutch colonize this place do we then get colonized by someone else?
  8. NozzyRP

    Dutch Takeover?

    You're not dutch lmao What classifies someone as dutch so i know how to differentiate? @JobScholten
  9. Bruh we should just ban base raiding period. Me and my boys ain't spending HOURS AND HOURS building our roleplay base just for it to be ruined by gearRP'ing base raiders. I hate it. How am i supposed to roleplay in a settlement if it gets raided offline or online?
  10. NozzyRP

    THANKS YOU G19!!!!!!!!!!

    The list of official RP boys have been updated, it can be viewed at the bottom of my "About Me" section on my profile, my pleasure
  11. NozzyRP

    THANKS YOU G19!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the RP boy club @StellaRP, It is our honor to have you @Brodieyou don't get @Daddy19RP until your name is BrodieRP
  12. NozzyRP

    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    First Looks good lad can't wait for the first union meeting @OxeN
  13. NozzyRP

    It's that time of year again

    He means that it's an eastern European country, which will lead the RP to be exactly the same due to the map not changing itself geographically. AKA making the new map the same as Chernarus
  14. NozzyRP

    Staff Feedback: Crimson_Tiger

    Thank you Crimso..... Saunders, but @Crimson_Tiger just said: Is this not special treatment? Why is a moderator saying this? I will not leave any more posts after this to avoid cluttering the thread
  15. NozzyRP

    Staff Feedback: Crimson_Tiger

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: @Crimson_TigerIn the screenshots above we can see that you said "congrats for approval" on The Time thread twice, upon being found out by @FalkRP you or someone in staff decided to hide the post instead of giving points. Is this special treatment given to all staff members? that you are immune from points. This is also very ironic considering the feedback given above, you are very quick to give points but still you yourself are posting Unnecessary Posts. Suggestions for improvement: Don't farm activity points by looking to increase your content count. It's not a contest to get to GM in the shortest time. Now if you DID get pointed for it then i will retract that point in my staff feedback but the point still remains that you are looking to increase your activity and content account to get promoted quicker, it is not something staff members should be doing. Even messaging new members or character pages would be time better spent Do not be fast on the give warning button when you yourself are leaving Unnecessary Posts
  16. And the last words they'll probably hear from me are God bless Lore Master @Major
  17. NozzyRP

    It's that time of year again

    Might be a problem chief just saying But yeah a big time jump would be great for RP because it opens up a WHOLE lot of new areas to explore in RP. It would be absolutely awesome to try out and i'd definitely get on to play it
  18. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair? I'm not sure what the reason for being permd was Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Me and my boy @JewRP were doing Joe Mama jokes in general chat and the next thing we know we're both banned from the discord. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get unbanned from the discord so i can see all the good shit that goes on in the discord What could you have done better?: Not do Joe Mama jokes in the discord
  19. NozzyRP

    It's that time of year again

    A don't even know what to respond to this... What? So what you are saying is we FORCE all hostileRP'ers to be campfireRP'ers and all campfireRP'ers into hostileRP'ers. how would this benefit the community at all? Yes exactly, this was my critique of Deer Isle as well. It's still in Chernarus so there is no point in playing on it
  20. NozzyRP

    It's that time of year again

    Going into the future could be very interesting and a good change of pace. The fact is that if we do 2019 on Livonia As well, it will litearlly just be Chernarus 2.0 but with a different map. Same nationalist groups (a little different lore) Same Russian groups. Same American tourists etc.
  21. NozzyRP


    Friday mood
  22. NozzyRP

    The Time.

    Aw hell yeah, The Time is on boys
  23. It's an iconic moment for sure, lucky for him he got mad reflexes lol
  24. Thanks! Your praises honor me
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