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  1. NozzyRP


    Looks pretty good to me, /approved
  2. NozzyRP

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Welcome @Charlie to the group
  3. NozzyRP

    NozzyRP's Not So Good Edits

    New Video boys, hope you enjoy @Daddy19RP @JimRP @BandsRP @ChaseRP @DexAgonRP @FalkRP @FaeRP @General Rickets @hAwkzyyRP @JewRP @JamesRP @JackZRP @KennethRP @KordrugaRP @LouieRP @LumenRP @NorwayRP @NozzyRP @ShrimpRP @OnionRP @perqeRP @PhoenyxxRP @RedRP @VegasRP @SassyRP @ScarRP @SeversonRP @StellaRP @ThrashRP @ZorullRP @Turk-chan @DallasRP RP for life
  4. NozzyRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Great Murican RP today with the newest recruit @groovy vulf Also very nice RP today with Wolfpack especially @FaeRP (nice name) and @BandsRP
  5. NozzyRP

    Winter Road

    I'm G19
  6. NozzyRP

    The VMC Field

    Love this very much, thank you
  7. NozzyRP

    Winter Road

    Yeah snow looks pretty damn good you shoul try it
  8. NozzyRP

    Change HUD from white because it's winter

    "Keep it white" NOW HOL UP But yes change it to grey pls, or at least give it a black outline if that's possible?
  9. NozzyRP

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Welcome @groovy vulf to the group, very nice to have a Free Territory veteran joining up
  10. NozzyRP

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    9/10 Good profile, this is hmmmm.
  11. NozzyRP


  12. NozzyRP

    Been a while! (Raven Kiako)

    Welcome back to the community! Hope you enjoy your time
  13. NozzyRP

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Thank you very much! It honors me that you think the group looks good. I shall try to get members for the group. And if i don't then i shall run as a dynamic and archive the thread until i get 5 members. Thanks once again
  14. NozzyRP

    Mentioning who signs the warning when handing points.

    This would stop much confusion since i don't know how many times i've seen this week "staff votes for points they aren't given out on a whim" Would also give a much needed transparency update
  15. NozzyRP

    Staff Feedback: Rover

    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: Discord DM's & Report Verdicts Feedback: Time and time again you prove yourself to be a good, unbiased and down to earth staff member. While people love to jump on the bias gun when it comes to staff I rarely if ever hear that about you and looking at your staff work and the conversations we've had in DM's it is as clear as day as to why that is. Looking at every situation for what it is and delivering high quality verdicts for it. This also goes for @Fae Suggestions for improvement: No improvement needed at all. You both are top quality members of the staff team, hope you both stick around for a while.
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