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  1. NozzyRP

    Off amnesty benefits

    This 100%, taking things on a case by case basis is much better than saying no to everyone. You could always do a system where if you get a flaming warning for a status update or a reply to a status update then your status updates are revoked permanently, unless you appeal it of course.
  2. NozzyRP

    Suggestion : Remove kuru?

    Since reacting to the laugh is meta-gaming what is the point of having the laugh there at all? We're already acting like the laugh isn't there so if it can be removed i don't see why it shouldn't since all it does is bother RP. Keep the twitching though. You could also just not eat human flesh
  3. NozzyRP

    Staff Feedback: RandyRP

    Link to the situation: Feedback: Randy, you're really putting sweat, blood and tears into your staff duties. Not only are keeping the forums in check while also being in-game, you are also posting in reports at the same time. You are a real keeper for the staff team and i hope you stick around for a long time. Suggestions for improvement: None at all, keep up what you are doing.
  4. NozzyRP

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10, don't know what that is but it looks cool
  5. NozzyRP

    Dredgens [Open Recruitment]

    Really hope this goes somewhere, looks really interesting.
  6. Getting the right sentence takes time, the other solution would be arbitrarily giving out punishment. Compared to before when the report section even reached 2 pages, there are very few reports currently so what is the problem in reporting the rulebreaks when the rulebreaks themselves are clear as day?
  7. What is the point of this thread? like @Stannis said above, name the groups that provide this "bad hostile rp" or the people that do it and post it on their group page or DM it to their group leaders. That's better than making threads like this over and over where it's just generalizing an entire section of role play.
  8. NozzyRP

    DayZ Update Thread

    DayZ finally getting better
  9. +1, the only thing that will happen by keeping cross hairs banned is that people who actually go through the effort of getting crosshairs through other means will gain an unfair advantage.
  10. NozzyRP

    How many BeanZ have you given?

    137 beanz given
  11. This is some beautiful art my good man, well done.
  12. NozzyRP

    Favorite Video Game Trailers

    Ya'll posting modern trailers too much
  13. NozzyRP

    The Line - Bigged.

    Everybody wanna get that 90% off for the new Playstation
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