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  1. NozzyRP

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    10/10 the fucking King
  2. NozzyRP

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    Have been great fun meeting you boys in game these past 2 weeks especially @SassyRP @Jason b and @Wendigo. Keep up the good work lads #BlueLivesMatter
  3. Rate the top 10 voices of DayZRP I'll start: 1. @StagsviewRB - Clear winner, has a clear variety of good voices but default voice would still win if that was the only one. 2. @RebelRP - Pretty Chad af Russian Mafia Boss voice, voice commands respect and discipline 3. @Ryan Shepherd - Greatest Irish accent when combined with his half potato microphone. 4. @JimRP - Would have been higher if he still had his echo microphone, it still makes 4th because it's a very calm one (by default anyway) 5. @NorwayRP - One of the most friendliest voices on the entire website. If he gave out audio books it's the only thing i'd listen to (same with Eagle) 6. @Kordruga - Just like Norway he has a very friendly and soothing voice. pretty much a tie between the two 7. @Major - Greatest southern accent on the website, combined with a very high class default tone. 8. @FalkRP - A very infamous voice, the kind you'd here when walking down a dark alley. Every man who claims to have been on DayZRP should know Falk's soft and a tiny bit raggedy voice. 9. @WombatLover69 - Iconic accent that not many have. Sounds Russian but he's Swedish. It's so deep in my brain every time i read something Boris posts i read it in his accent. 10. @Alkis - Just like the two others, a very calm and friendly voice. It's also the voice of the true Twink King.
  4. NozzyRP


    The Good, The Bad, The Irish
  5. good roleplay today from @Undead and @Jakku
  6. NozzyRP

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    7/10 no idea what the profile is of but the music and avatar is good
  7. It's alright bro, you don't have to be shy
  8. Welcome to DayZRP miss, hope to see you around for 200 hours more
  9. Great to see something being posted on this thread again, keep up the good roleplay @YungBrandonRP
  10. Very much enjoyed providing protection to @Jakku, make sure to leave a raiting on our group page
  11. NozzyRP


    I do say the report section being clean almost every week has to do with the current staff team we have, bravo lads
  12. NozzyRP

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    wtf we coo? just forgetting me like that bro
  13. Everyone who pressed No are OP's kinda sus bro ngl
  14. NozzyRP


    That's a nice profile pic you have lad, welcome back
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