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  1. It's not just the n-word though is it? It's racism ENTIRELY that's what i'm talking about. You CANNOT be homophobic on other servers even if you aren't saying the f-word. Because being homophobic generally falls under TOS. As does being disrespectful to people concerning their religion, ethnicity etc. Personally i'm fine with banning the n-word or f-word that doesn't matter to me. But it's not just a discussion wether to ban the n-word and f-word. It's about banning sexism, racism and homophobia ENTIRELY
  2. Yes i do think people should go and try the RP communities that have Twitch TOS in their rules. Then they will see what happens. Homophobia, Racism, Sexism is banned which means that to make an evil character you have to either be a cannibal or just straight up insane. This will end up killing the roleplay on this server. Just because other communities do something does not mean that we should follow. If the RP on these other communities work so great then i see no problem in people taking a break and playing on there. It's good to try something different, but don't come back here and try to make our community like theirs, because that will fail miserably. DayZRP should stand on it's own legs and not rely on 2-3 streamers to get their player numbers to 80. I bet you 100$ that if these other communities didn't have the streamers they'd have nobody playing there.
  3. So i saw the verdict for this report was posted: In this verdict @Phoenix and @Samti quotes @Roland and uses that as a reason to give @G19RP invalid kill as a punishment. But the thing that Phoenix quotes proves that G19 SHOULD NOT be given a ban. In Rolle's reply we can see: The rules about hostage execution do indeed state that hostages may be killed only if "Approved group of the hostage refuses to negotiate or opens fire on hostage takers". However in this situation this rule was intentionally or unintentionally circumvented by sending in not the approved group of the hostage, but an allied group which shared defense rights, to attack and kill hostage takers. This essentially allows any allies to bypass negotiation demands and go straight to shooting and hostage takers would not be able to act upon this since they have no way of determining whether it is the hostages group or their allies shooting at them. This is not how the rule is supposed to work and rule circumventing like this will not be tolerated. The rule will be amended with "or their allies" so that it is clear that nobody can bypass this rule. The most important being highlighted in white. The same thing happened in this recent situation with G19. Their enemies sent a member that was not in their approved group to abuse the same rules as in the situation with @NorwayRP. So i wonder how a GM could look at this statement made by Rolle and see that "oh G19 is guilty" when it clearly states that HE IS NOT GUILTY since the enemy party is circumnavigating the rules. They sent a person that is not an official member of their group so G19 could not legally kill him, without informing him so they could post the report and get him banned. Can someone explain what happened here? EDIT: I would ALSO like to add, why was this not classified as a firefight kill? It was the result of a firefight @Phoenix The kill was in result to a firefight and should be a Firefight kill. Why wasn’t that looked at The whole situation kicked off because of a firefight? @Roland So what about the fact that the hostage wasn't in their group, which was the whole reason this report was a thing to begin with? G19 had NO WAY of knowing that the hostage was a "neutral negotiator" this was never said to them. The person without group affiliation was sent to REPRESENT a group that he wasn't not in, so how is this fair? It goes directly against what you said in the Norway report. They used the fact that he had no official affiliation to make the report make sense. It's clear circumnavigation of the rules.
  4. This argument could easily be turned around against itself. First of if by "thriving community" you mean high player numbers then yes focusing on streamers would be the best bet, but would this bring good roleplay or would it just make DayZRP into Altis life? you tell me. After all it depends on the streamer and the streamers community. And be as "welcoming as other servers"? you mean servers where the NAPA leader has a foreigner wife because being racist is banned completely? You do realize that it's the racist/homophobic roleplay that is the "problem" for streamers not just the words themselves? To be completely friendly to streamers you'd have to ban racism, homophobia, sexism and the like completely not just the words that they provide. This is what most people do not understand. It's not just "oh stop saying the n-word and the f-word" it's about banning racistRP all together.
  5. No problem, I understand you 100% completely. I personally think it's the exact same thing but it's all each to their own. Good day to you
  6. Well yeah just like we're saying Racism is only IC. For you it might be obvious like "Yeah i was born in 88 that's why i'm have 88 in my name. But just like racism in the game it's not for everyone. So before saying racism in the game shouldn't be there neither should the 88 in your name. Just like the IC racism is obvious to us that it's just IC, the 88 in your name is obvious for you but not for us. It's simple just like to @JewRP the Jew in his name is not racist, but to your friend @Chimmy Chonga it was, it's all just preference.
  7. Neo-Nazis use the number 88 as an abbreviation for the Nazi salute Heil German dictator. The letter H is eighth in the alphabet, whereby 88 becomes HH. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/88_(number) Find it very ironic that this topic was posted by someone with 88 in their name. Time to add this thread to the collection: Here is my copy paste response from past discussions: Well here we go again i guess. Banning words is a slippery slope to banning certain ways of RP. We start with the N word and the F word. Then we move on to banning "retard", then we're banning calling women "whores" in-game cause that's sexist. DayZRP doesn't NEED to cater to Streamers, it hasn't needed to for a while and it should never cater to streamers. If we start down this road we'll soon have utimate SJW rules and no fun is allowed. Solution? Stream on another DayZ roleplaying server or maybe on GTA V. DayZRP is the biggest community for a reason, there are no SJW rules. I really hope it stays that way because if we start adopting those kinds of "banning words rules" we're gonna see a big decline of the community. I've also never seen anyone abuse these words in-game, i can't even remember the last time i heard anyone say the N word. I think it's really blown out of proportion. TLDR: Streamers should not have all the political power, if they do we'll start seeing the downfall of the server
  8. @JimRP @G19RP @FalkRP (Turks preparing to siege Vienna 1683 colorized)
  9. You honor me milord, thanks Thanks!
  10. Only @Alkis and @NightMar3rGamer are allowed to call me that, sorry. JK thanks bro
  11. Damn why do i feel like something bad is going to happen? You honor me milord thanks @JimRP Also it should be Happy Birthday NozzyRP*
  12. Thanks Greeny, glad you enjoyed it
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