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  1. NozzyRP

    Death = PK

    Looking at how many executions there are in-game i think having PK's would actually hurt roleplay more then it would help. also like i said in my earlier post on this about a month ago it will just make everyone create throwaway characters. why was this thread revived again?
  2. I would refer to what @HDragonOG posted, report these groups instead of just saying "multiple groups on the server are breaking 2.3" This discussion won't go anywhere at all. Starting with reporting groups that you think is breaking 2.3 is much better than doing a community discussion from the start. If the report amounts to nothing then a community discussion is warranted
  3. I thought the policy was that if you have been on final you couldn't join staff, has this policy been changed? I currently see 2 members of staff that have been on final yet they are still in staff.
  4. Good theme @YNW BorisOGRBRP
  5. Starting to look a lot more like 2018 all over again, i like. @JimRP Anarchy when?
  6. @YNW BorisOGRBRP more like oh yes, thanks brother @ScarRP Why would i NOT do this?
  7. I don't want to be King, i just want @QueenRedRP to be Queen
  8. To celebrate the newly crowned Queen i made a video so we can remember it forever @G19RP @QueenRedRP @YNW BorisOGRBRP
  9. I know that i followed a few staff feedback threads but when i looked today i wasn't following them anymore. Does the website block us from following staff feedback threads or is someone manually making me unfollow these threads? If you can't follow staff feedback can we make it so you can?
  10. NozzyRP

    Ravenous New Discord Chat

    Looks very cool, thanks for making me admin
  11. A real powerful video mate, will there be a part 2? Also welcome back Mr.Ling Long
  12. NozzyRP

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    -snip- nevermind
  13. NozzyRP

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    I didn't see Lumen mention anyone in the statement that he made so the fact here is that he is not insulting any specific person but rather giving his opinion on the subject of taking screenshots of people saying dumb stuff and giving it to staff to get that person removed from the community instead of talking it out with said person. That i what Lumen called "weak" Lumen is giving his opinion on the subject and is not belittling anyone. He's not mentioning anyone by name so i don't see how he could insult anyone specific. The bottom line is that this is a long running problem in the community and it's happened to lots of people. All we're doing here is a having a discussion about said "core values" and if arguing is considered dis-respectful nowadays.
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