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  1. It's been a good run boys but it's time to move on to greater things. I would so kindly request that this be archived @JimRP
  2. Anarchy seeing the legend return
  3. I can't believe it. I must be dreaming or something. They are back so damn beautiful Do you remember, in September, when the Winged Hussars arrived @G19RP @JimRP
  4. NozzyRP

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    RIP, i wanted to get deported, o7
  5. Damn now i can't get in game anymore, shame Good luck!
  6. NozzyRP

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Gimmie that fast travel cba to run around the map finding jack shit
  7. NozzyRP

    Vultures (Open Recruitment)

    And my app was denied? it's over between us bro i'm not gonna kiss you goodnight anymore after this JK congrats to @NorwayRP which is the best roleplayer believe me.
  8. What a nice profile pic you have brother @YNW Pep
  9. NozzyRP

    Remove Mod Watermark?

    I don't notice the watermark at all while playing so -1 for me
  10. NozzyRP

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    Finally a Legend gets interviewed, great shit
  11. NozzyRP

    First day back since 2015-16

  12. NozzyRP

    A criminal exposed [Open Broadcast]

    *Upon hearing the broadcast Miguel raises his eyebrows and grabs his radio, pressing the PTT* "You want this foo Red alive yeah? I'll have you know esé that me and my people are experts when it comes to kidnapping and dealing with rival drug pushers believe me." *He can be heard lighting a cigarette* "You sure you up for being a drug dealer holmes? you deal drugs but u don't want them addicted? Mane i thought yous Russians was real gang bangers. No worries however, us hombres will fix it up for ya at an understandable price esé. You can count on us holmes. I think you should offer us how to make this comfort shit esé, shit sounds like some good shit ya feel me? I ain't never seen that drug back in Mehico before. *He smokes his cigarette* "We'll be in touch holmes...." *He releases the PTT*
  13. @[email protected] You guys look sooo good together (Norway returning from Valhalla 2019)
  14. Yeah i feel you bro, Nationalist quality ain't what it used to be. AK only is what's up. Me and @BorisVC are lobbying for it to get done so we can show everyone lvl 100 Chernarussian Nationalist Roleplay
  15. NozzyRP

    Red Horde Migration

    Chedaki don't trade, they only confiscate
  16. Don't worry bro that'll be solved quick af. When we bring Kamenici back we'll raise the level of Chernarussian RP, believe me. Should just be a few more weeks Why would you wanna go on Deer Isle anyway? i think if anything the Nationalists deporting you is actually better for you since mainland is better
  17. NozzyRP

    David Mack [Open Broadcast]

    *He presses the PTT upon hearing the broadcast* "It's on esé, you heard my good friend my Schmek here, you ain't gonna be walking when we're done with you foo" Shit's old school Cartel shit holmes, we ain't playin' *He releases the PTT*
  18. NozzyRP

    Red Horde Migration

    From the album: DayZRP

    Chedaki migrate north to find prey...
  19. Great RP today @YNW Pep @BandsRP and me met Chedaki and setup a great deal @G19RP @Hex @NorwayRP @FalkRP @OiramRP @Wendigo @ZorullRP @Nik @Apollo @CamoRP Also great meeting @coolman23 too bad i had to rush away to shit
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