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  1. Svoboda Brigada

    Now this is just pure glory at it's finest Sláva Chernarus!
  2. Casey is gonna be the head broadcaster? now this i cannot miss

    I feel disgusted, yet i hope i get to meet you in game. Hu Ha, ANTI-FA!
  4. Sad to see you go my dude. Hope Anarchy takes good care of you!
  5. Anarchy marching song (2018) HQ. 

    Replace "Yankee" with "Rebel" and it checks out

  6. *Vlad sits in Kabinino while he suddenly hears a familiar voice on the radio, he quickly grabs the radio and listens. After listening he pushes down the PTT* "Holy shit Ling Long, can't believe you are still alive. And still got that trading post running?" *he lets out a laugh* "I'll be damned if i missed an opportunity to see that beautiful trading post again" *The last thing that can be heard is Vlad existing a door before he releases the PTT*
  7. Blitz

    come on, ain't no reason to spill the mood. you ain't gotta know i'm with the mafia
  8. Blitz

    Awesome. Can't wait to have a small reunion. Sad to see the CDF tainted your view of Chernarussians ;(
  9. Blitz

    Now this group looks like a nice one. Quick question, is this the same "Hans" that was in the CDF phantoms, cause my character would know who he is if he was in the CDF Phantoms.
  10. Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Lore Event No. 1 - Operace Orel

    This looks awesome, great work!
  11. Let's do my first status update in 1.5 years yeet 


    1. Cal


      That’s amazing hahaha

  12. Nozzy1110

  13. Now this is how you do a post-apocalyptic group, looks it af. Looking forward to meeting you in-game, even if i might be stoned to death.
  14. *Vlad relaxes after just looting a house, he sits down at a chair and tunes his radio to a random frequency. "Ahh yes the Rattray Corporation, i remember you from before this Apocalypse happened. You in need of help? i'd be willing to offer mine, see it as repayment for helping Chernarus in it's time of need back before the Apocalypse when you helped with the relief effort. I'd thank you in person, but it seems we are yet to meet face to face, let's hope that changes. " "So, what do you say" *Vlad puts down his radio and await and answer while he starts eating a can of beans with some kvass"
  15. Vlad Zykov

    Vlad Zykov Born in Chernarus on the 1st September 1983 to a poor family in Zelenogorsk, Vlad had a pretty tough childhood growing up. His childhood was plauged by poverty and his drunk father. Vlad was however taught blind loyalty by his father and blamed the Communism for the position his family was in, he thought deep down, that his father was a good man. In school Vlad would bully some of the other kids and would get regularly get into trouble with the teachers. Even tough being horrible to people who disagreed with him, his mother made sure he was raised with the Orthodox faith, she made sure to read the bible to Vlad and they prayed before every meal. Vlad's father didn't mind his wife raising their son in this way and so he didn't complain. When the communist government fell, Vlad's mother told him that'd things would get a lot better now, this didn't happen and made Vlad hate both democracy and communism just as much. Vlad's Youth In 1999, at the age of 16. Vlad would form his own political group called the "Chernarussian Slavic Union". Vlad had an extremely high feeling of arrogance and importance because of this. He tried to convert voters to his cause but only got so many young angry people. His propaganda wasn't up to date and mostly involved simple pamphlets and underground rallies, there was also the occasional run-in with the communists. This would however not stop Vlad, as he would continue to convert voters to his cause. In order to increase the enthusiasm of his workers he started paying all his volunteers. In order to pay them he started running a drug smuggling side business, he also made sure to advertise his political group to his costumers. He dealt drugs for his own personal gain, even tough he knew you don't build an empire on drugged citizens, he reasoned that he could use their money better then they could. Vlad's Family It was also at this time, that Vlad met the love of his life, Svetlana, a lovely girl from the capital of Novigrad. They got married in 2001 and had their first son the same year, Vlad wanted him named Nicholas, a tribute to the Great Tsar of the Russian Empire, Nicholas II. They had their second son in 2004, this time Vlad got to decide again, he insisted on Vladimir, naming his son after the Great leader and current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Vlad's life until the civil war Things were going pretty well for the now growing Fascist-wing group. Vlad was even making money on the side and he even moved out of his parents house and into a pretty well looking house. The group, being small compared to other political groups. Didn't attract any attention of the police and so it managed to continue it's anti-government attitude and drug smuggling. Due to the high corruption of Chernarus he got away with the drug business easily. That is, until the civil war broke out. Vlad signed up as a volunteer for the army in the 2nd Volunteer corp. Even with his hatred for the Government and it's inability to handle the problems of the nation, He saw the threat of communism and the pain that it'd brought to Chernarus, he just couldn't let them win this civil war. The drug smuggling would take a hit in profit, but that is something Vlad had to live with. Vlad, being a nationalist, still didn't have any strong hatred for Russia and it's people. He saw Russia as a friend that could help Chernarus' economy and the nation as a whole. Vlad however hated Russian Expansionism, he would gladly kill any russian that sets foot on Chernarussian soil before he'd let Russia annex Chernarus. Chernarus and Russia should have a brotherly relationship. Vlad's "Master" Plan, "Operation Cossack" He masterd a plan to take over Chernarus after the communist revolution was finished, won or defeated, the winning side was sure to be exhausted. But something came in Vlad's way, the USA. The USA had entered Chernarus in order to help the government, Vlad was sure that the US wouldn't accept his plans to overthrow the government if found out so something really had to be done. The US and the UN put a stop to Vlad's plan in the end, he couldn't gather enough money and support for this revolution just yet, even tough it was a perfect time. Sadly Operation Cossack was never put into use. His plan was simple really, the war was won by either side, the leader was then surely to have a victory speech for the struggle. Vlad would rally his supporters and members to do a massive shootout at this speech. He would position several snipers and members in the crowd of the rally and have the President assassinated while his other men open fire at the crowd. With panic ensuing he would quickly kill as many top members of the government to ensure more chaos. He would then afterwards drive straight to the capital as fast as possible, send his men to hijack all the TV stations and have his speech be broadcast-ed live for all Chernarussians to see. He would in this speech legitimize himself as President of the people while acting like a supporter of the government,pretending it was the opposition who had massacred the people at the Presidents rally. The plan was scrapped and Vlad continued fighting for the Government. The war ended and Vlad was sent home with a commendation for his bravery during the fighting. He thanked god for keeping him and his family safe during the war. Vlad's life after the civil war Ending in 2009, Vlad resumed full control of his drug smuggling, he also kept going with the political efforts, and with the war being done, he got more general support. He talked about a strong governemnt, family values, and a free market economy that worked for the people. A strong government should seek support of the church, with the chruch and state united, nothing could break it, it would also ensure that communism would never be re-established. A religious population is also a happy population. Family values was also the pilar of humanity, without it, the world would fall into chaos and humanity would be destroyed. Vlad's party also supported the hunting and executing of chedaki supporters, even helping the government in the hunting efforts, the military would often find chedaki supporters, beaten and nearly dying. Vlad's life resumed just as it had before the civil war, he lived with his wife and 2 sons, making sure they had it good in school and were taught the values that makes a man, discipline, faith and honor. Vlad's mother and father both died in 2015, Vlad cried for both his parents that day with his children. He father might have been an alcoholic, but Vlad still loved him all the same, he was blind to the harshness of his childhood. He kept a portrait of both his parents hanging on his wall in his office. Somedays he would look up and just stare at them for hours on end, think about "what if's" and such. The Outbreak When 2017 was around the corner, the last "real" christmas party he'd ever have with his friends and family. The party went as all other years, they'd drink, sing, drink, the kids would open their presents at 20:00, more drinking, some fighting would ensue, a few broken glasses and more drinking. The guests would thank for the evening and leave at 02:00. 2017 was not as any other year, Chernarus had caught a plauge that was spreading quickly, it started during summer and spread all over the country, Vlad was quick to gather his family and loyal supporters. They all escaped together with their families into the hills in eastern Chernarus, they established a sort of temporary camp in the hills in Takistan to keep everyone safe. Vlad made sure all the women and children were safe, and then went out to rescue more people. Vlad went out with a few men to rescue other Chernarussians from the horror of the apacolypse. This is the plan Vlad went with for the few first weeks. After gathering survivors and supporters, they went on to build a small camp. They hunted and started farming for the winter, they also scavanged for supplies in both Chernarus and Takistan. How will Vlad's story continue? will he meet his demise or continue surviving for his family and country? To be Continued....