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  1. Wait HOL UP you were just posting meme replies this entire time? not coo If it happens it happens lad, I've gotta look out for the safety of my guests too. They gotta know that they can say anything they want without fear of being snaked.
  2. Love the look of this good luck Chris
  3. honor having you lad Thanks bro appreciate it Hopefully before the podcast gets shut down. You'll be on with @SassyRP so i suppose he'll have to make a second appearance
  4. Soon perhaps Thanks lad i worked hard for it
  5. Welcome to the official RP-owned News Network. Today we are joined by the legendary roleplayer @SassyRP, group owner of the recently force-archived The Saints Mr. @Apollo and a roleplayer named @Blake. Timestamps: 00:00 - Standard intro 2:30 - BadRP for OOC comments? 5:00 - Rules discussion 6:50 - 503 getting 2.3'd 13:20 - The Saints being archived 20:30 - Shoutout to @Hebee coming back (even though this was recorded days ago lmao) 21:00 - Will PMC survive? 24:30 - Is 2.3 a "safe space" rule? 27:30 - Overruling admin team decision? 30:30 Is threatening 2.3 = blackmail? 32:00 - Apollo talks about how to fix roleplay 36:00 - Banter
  6. Just keep the thread locked forever please i beg 4 pages is enough
  7. DoctorNozzRP


    Just remember, no staff feedback
  8. DoctorNozzRP


    Now this is surprising indeed Welcome back
  9. Hope it's not. Finally you can initiate more than 1 times a day
  10. Bruh you can you help me out then? I got 5 points for making a meme about you boys. Didn't mean for it to be flaming but you know how it is
  11. This is the greatest thing i've ever seen Wish i had Livonia so i could apply to PMC
  12. Didn't wanna get involved in this aids discussion but this is just not true. Any The Saints members in Staff? nope Any Wagner PMC members in staff? yeah there is one. @Banshee Any 503 in staff? If i remember correctly there was one, another moderator. So your hostileRP friends group might be very represented in staff, but for the rest us that ain't it chief. Gonna try to avoid the rest of it but just wanted to throw this out there so everyone sees both sides. God bless
  13. This discussion is just so dead at this point lmao. Just play the fucking game or don't it's simple af
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