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  1. Added two new gifs. One i'm using currently of Jimmie Åkesson and a previous one of the great President Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil
  2. Chicken? I've seen this episode before
  3. Thank you very much. Care to come on at some point?
  4. How does this effect your character page on your profile? Since that's based on who is your active character?
  5. Thank you honorable Mr.StickRP you humble us with your words
  6. Always striving to be as neutral as we can. Thanks roleplayer Roman. RP News. News that you can trust
  7. Gamers rise up against the biggest enemy
  8. Honor is both me and @FalkRP's. Always a pleasure to meet the high ranking people of the community
  9. If you did it's right here for ya
  10. Fucking genius meme right there 10/10 would definitely buy the rank if that was the things you get
  11. This is actually so true lol. What is up with people making bases and then write lore about them from before the apocalypse? How about we actually build our own bases and make it look like it was made in a post-apocalyptic setting instead of using old buildings. If you want to use places with already canon lore i have a suggestion. It's called the entire map
  12. Not in Sweden, Pakistan, Japan, Denmark, Norway, Afghanistan, etc
  13. Gonna have to agree with @neom on this one. People acting like this wasn't known by people at all is dumb. To me this just seems like another fake outrage founded in "I don't like your base. please change it"
  14. Yes sir 100% It's actually not a bad idea really. Props to @HDragon for the suggestion
  15. Longer episode than normal this time boys. Happy to have you on
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