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  1. Link to the situation: https://www.dayzrp.com/premium/ Any supporting evidence or notes: Feedback: Wanted to take the time and i hope that i am representing the entire community in this. We all whole-heartily appreciate that the title of "Black" is finally available. This demonstrates your progressive thinking which is what we need in this modern day racist, xenophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic society. By making this title named "Black" the highest ranking of all titles you are doing your part against racism and nazism and for that we all as a community thank you El Presidente. Racists will not be tolerated on DayZRP! Suggestions for improvement: There is none needed. Thank you very much El Presidente @Roland
  2. @minecraftpro69x what an absolute legend
  3. Does this mean we can finally bring the Hall of Shame back? @Roland
  4. Good read, definitely need to make a e-book version of this as well
  5. This looks pretty damn good tbh. Too bad i don't own Livonia lads Good luck
  6. Thanks lad we doing our part in keeping you informed of the news. Me and Falk will try to bring this to you weekly The pictures doesn't lie
  7. Congrats on approval. Know there will be some good RP coming from this
  8. It was our pleasure to have you on Mr. Shepherd Hey i'll have you know it's Irish music not DnD music
  9. That 1% is showing what cannot be said
  10. Welcome to the official DayZRP RP-owned news network. On today's show @CraneDriverRP & @FalkRP meet with @Ryan Shepherd to discuss the latest news Owned by @JimRP As requested by @AndreyQ below you can see at what time different subjects are covered should you want to skip Know someone who you think should come on the show? leave suggestions below "JimRP above everything, God above all"
  11. Chernarus is pretty much dead at this point you won't find anything interesting on there. It gets max 30-35 people a day so you're better off playing on Livonia
  12. Lmao some wild shit going on here. But flaming is alright if staff is doing it i guess. If a legend like Beni is making a return perhaps it's time i bought Livonia then? Can't pass on meeting one of the greatest roleplayers in game. So far i think the map didn't look interesting but i've heard both good and bad about Livonia
  13. Well that goes both ways. It really isn't rocket science just don't offline raid and focus on roleplay instead. Because i can tell you one thing. The people that have bases full of gear are not the ones focusing on gear over roleplay
  14. Aren't you part of the people that raid bases? Of course you're gonna say no the fact of the matter remains that you don't go raiding someones base when they are offline because you are "looking for roleplay" you do it because you are GearRPing
  15. Bro for real though Offline raiding is an asshole move and it DOES NOTHING for roleplay. @Deimos nails it on the head. It is powergaming and it does not create ANY FORM of roleplay. All it is are people that are gear hungry trying to break into people's bases and take their roleplay gear. Do people not realize that this eventually will just not make people create roleplay bases/hubs? I 100% support a trial period of no offline raiding. It would help roleplay on the server immensely
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