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  1. Bavusj

    S1 BadRP NVFL

    Me and my firends took a guy called marivn a hostage along with a girl called Vanessa. When it became dark we told booth of our hostages that if they tried to escape, they would die. Marvin tried to run away, and my friend shot him twice in his legs, but he kept running away, so we lost him. We decided to go back to the base where we found Marvin and see if he returned ther. After a while we decided to walk further up the road thowards the policestation in Severograd. We met 3 more people who was a bit hostile. Talked with them, when suddenly a guy who looked exactly like Marivn came running thowards us.At first he said he wasent the guy we talked about. But suddenlt he started punching my friend in the face, saying "Haha im Marvin". Since we already tried to kill him earlier because he ran away, ande he punched my friend, i decided to kill him.
  2. Ok, so we robbed a guy. We stole his stuff, and my friend did some experiments on him. (Testing blood, injecting something with needle etc). He had a purple teddybear on him, he told us that teddyear ment a lot to him. So to prove a pont that we wasnt just messing around and make hem do as we told him, we decided to rp with the teddy bear instead of husrting him. I want to point out that all the chatlogs was IC, the OOC sentence was a mistake. I just typed OOC out of reflexes.
  3. What do you want me to explain about the chat logs? It's form an earlier rp scenario we did, when we robbed a guy. EDIT: If you refer to when i wrote "15:56:29 | Chat("Marius Lovgren"): //ooc rubbs teddy bear in my pants", when i typed "ooc" was a mistake.
  4. This happend much ealrier that day, and isn't relevant to this case. This happend many hours before me met Jack Bones
  5. My response as Marius Lovgren I had nothing to do with this situation, i was just a bystander such as Tom Dandy and Jack bones. Why is this bad RP? We did make a lot of good rp situations in Severograd through out the day. And when we do make good rp people get buthurt because situations dont go their way. (Refering to other reports, we are mentioned in). If people dosent like rp scenarios, then tell us in ooc chat. All we did yeatarday was making good rp for other players. I do feel that if one part in an report is modereators / major donators, they win the report. Why cant we talk like adults in discord. So that us (the new ones) can be heard as well. Because as for now, i do feel that our words has nothing to say in these kind of situations. It's just sad that people who tries to make RP (like us) gets repported bescuase someone who have been on the server for way longer than us, have the advantedge in a repport.
  6. hey, the tent has no items, but it says it has 12 items in it. How do i fix that? Im trying to pack it down.
  7. The one with the password, worked! Thanks
  8. I have a problem, my hands look all wierd, and i dont know how to fix it. I have tried restart game, and restart computer. Nothing of it works.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): dayzrp.com/whitelist Why the verdict is not fair: I feel thet the question i got was a bit confusing about what was the "best" answer. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I only got this question wrong out of 15 questoins, so uts a bot anoying that i didn't get it correct. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to get another chance to answer the questions, beacuse i really want to play on a serious RP server. What could you have done better?: I could have contacted someone, and told them about my problem before i finished all the questoins
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