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  1. maddogcaleb

    S1: NVFL Elektrozavodsk 19:30 Server Time

    POV: I met these guys in Elektro, and they came up to us as we were fixing our car. After a while @Ducky appears, and starts to call us n-words every other word he uttered. At that time, there were mulitple server timeouts which stopped my microphone from working. We had RP'ed for a while, so they knew I had a mic, and that I previously was using it, and I therefore understand the confusion. In the end, @Ducky starts threatening, escalating the situation because I cannot respond(which had lasted for a little while), and eventually raises his weapon and tells me that he'll shoot me if I don't drop my weapon. All in all I counted three people, and was later informed there was a fourth person hidden behind a wall. (My character is agressive, which they must have gotten an impression of from the initiating roleplay, so I/he though he had a fair chance of winning - he's got hell of a shot). Edit: At 2:57 in the video, is when I realized my microphone wasn't working. Up until that point, I had been RP-ing with the guys. Between the interaction there was also a server timeout, which I believe was the reason why my microphone stopped working.
  2. Abraham McDowell is a self made "entreprenour". Had connections in the Mexican drug cartel, and invited a friend to join in on the biggest heist of his lifetime, smuggling drugs into Chernarus. Having hidden drugs up their anal cavities, they got busted buy law enforcement on the border. As the outbreak came, Abraham and his friend were in prison. Luckly they were able to escape, only after all guards were "turned", and after eating a cell mate. He's pretty shy about the details of said event, but his friend Collin swears it is true.
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