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  1. POV: I met these guys in Elektro, and they came up to us as we were fixing our car. After a while @Ducky appears, and starts to call us n-words every other word he uttered. At that time, there were mulitple server timeouts which stopped my microphone from working. We had RP'ed for a while, so they knew I had a mic, and that I previously was using it, and I therefore understand the confusion. In the end, @Ducky starts threatening, escalating the situation because I cannot respond(which had lasted for a little while), and eventually raises his weapon and tells me that he'll shoot me if I don't drop my weapon. All in all I counted three people, and was later informed there was a fourth person hidden behind a wall. (My character is agressive, which they must have gotten an impression of from the initiating roleplay, so I/he though he had a fair chance of winning - he's got hell of a shot). Edit: At 2:57 in the video, is when I realized my microphone wasn't working. Up until that point, I had been RP-ing with the guys. Between the interaction there was also a server timeout, which I believe was the reason why my microphone stopped working.
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