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  1. Riggsee

    What We Can Do

    To me its a pretty simple formula. Simple to write but in this current state damn near impossible to execute. My man Rampage said it best before he peaced out of here. Give people a reason to get in game and they will get in game. Its really that simple. This game has been busted as fuck for its entire life, nothing has changed in that aspect but if people have a reason to get online, a reason to want to RP they will, its that simple. Hell this game has been even more busted than it currently is in the past and people have gotten in game ignoring all the bugs just because they knew they were going to have a good time. That concept is lost. So what I can say is Ive compiled a small list of neatly organized things I see needing to be changed. Dont be scared to be original: Whether this be your character, group, etc dont be scared to change the game. Some people may say your edgy or youre too soft but you know what? Fuck them. This is a video game and a community based on user creativity so be fucking creative. This copy paste bullshit that I see in group pages and this broad spectrum "my character is a bad guy" is not only boring but gives no one a drive to interact with you. Be creative. Do something new. Stop placing memes over RP: Ive done it. Ive memed on the servers. Shit weve all done it. It needs to stop. In no way shape or form should your memes and plethora of overused inside jokes take over your RP. This "fight for relevancy" is ridiculous. Become relevant for being a great rper not for having the dankest meme of the month. Accept and learn from criticism: Take it. Reflect on it. Better yourself. Criticism is there so that people can in hopes have you learn from an experience. Dont treat criticism as a personal attack. Im not taking your Crayons Im trying to make you a better artist. If you feel the need to cry about good criticism well Im sorry but grow the fuck up. To the people that are criticizing, be constructive. Dont come off as flaming or just being an overall cunt and people will take your opinions more seriously. Welcome new players: Theres not many of them anymore. Stop being fucking assholes and throwing around whitename like its some disease you have to avoid. Take them in, teach them to better themselves in this community, watch them flourish. Its that simple. Stop the endless reports: This honest to god cracks me up. If you report people because youre upset something didnt go your way guess what? This is a game with other real life people that dont know who the fuck you are or what you have planned and they are reacting to it as they see fit. Stop reporting people because of a small rule break that could otherwise be talked over through PM or TS. Also stop this senseless flaming and back and forth in reports. It doesnt make you look better. Post your POVs and get the fuck out unless staff needs something else from you. Phew. Thats all. To close this I have donated time, money, and many other resources to this community I cant get back now. I have met fantastic people along the way and it would be a shame to see this get worse or continue on its current track but unfortunately... Weve seen the rate this game changes. Stop blaming the game and start making differences in game for everyone to experience. If you read this all I appreciate it but Ill leave this as well. TL;DR: Be creative, save your memes and inside jokes for the forums, take criticism like an adult not a 9 year old, welcome the new people, stop being a dickhead in reports.
  2. Riggsee

    Real life picture Thread

    I'll finally post here
  3. Riggsee

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    2/10 Thats still an F just so you know.
  4. Riggsee

    The Lore Wipe

    Im working on this. As soon as we get a set date Ill be talking to many streamers and youtubers I know personally to help kick off the new lore.
  5. Riggsee

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      u r so cute b <3

  6. Riggsee

    To the Pagans [Open Frequency]

    *Will over hears the transmissions and runs his hand through his hair before taking a seat and grabbing his radio.* Alright bikers.. I've held my tongue and turned an eye. You know the Gamblers are all for a good deal but you terrorizing these farmers is done. They've been nothing but respectful and kind to us. Hell even feeding us when we walk in. You bringing harm to them ends now. Keep your deals on the table but the foul play is now done. Like Johnny says.. The house always wins baby. *Click*
  7. Riggsee

    Bigger Fish to Fry [Gambler Private Frequency]

    *Will angrily presses the PTT on his already halfway broken radio* Its funny... I really want this deal to go through pal.. But be fucking realistic and make AN ACTUAL FUCKING TERM FOR US TO AGREE ON! You thick skulled motherfuckers Im getting tired of it!!! Whatever though... Honestly its pretty clear now this is what you mother fuckers want. *He throws the radio breaking it open*
  8. Riggsee

    Stream team members not being shown on the homepage?

    Rolle and Shadows of course have the best answer here. Exact same answer I received a few weeks ago talking to him about it. Just gotta get it working better because of course Im one patently awaiting its return.
  9. Riggsee

    Bigger Fish to Fry [Gambler Private Frequency]

    *Will walks into the house where Bruce, Val, and Pauly sit. He looks over at Pauly who is about to talk, but quickly runs over grabbing his radio knowing hes just going to say something stupid and presses the PTT himself* I never thought this time was going to come... Its good to hear that we can all throw this petty bullshit aside but there is one little detail that is missing here. I want Moody. That mother fucker killed my child and shot Lyaria in the stomach. He has what is coming to him. *He pauses looking over at the rest of them* Simple demands really... Bruce already made it really clear what there is to gain out of it. *You hear a muffled yell in the background as Pauly is trying to yell into the radio but Val quickly wraps her hand around his mouth.*
  10. Riggsee

    Profile gif size

    Yeah think of the mobile data users...
  11. Riggsee

    Group ideas

    Ill +1 it. Im always all for people sharing ideas so lets put them all in 1 easy to find space.
  12. Riggsee

    Execution Rights

    Ive made a thread about this and my opinions on it in the past but Ill revoice them. How anyone thought this rule was going to further RP is beyond me at this point. Especially after experiencing it and having the rule around for a bit. The normal chain of events now follows. Initiated on-- Barely any RP-- Execution Its just an excuse at this point to get cheap kills and never once have I had a memorable RP experience on either side of the new execution rights.
  13. Riggsee

    So Proud Of My Son (Open Frequency)

    *Will looks at his radio and chuckles to himself* Im still up North with Ly taking care of her... He did this alone. *Click*
  14. Riggsee

    So Proud Of My Son (Open Frequency)

    *Will smirks listening to Miller and reaches for his radio. He presses the PTT* Thats a lot to say from a man who lined up a pregnant woman on a wall and then ordered a man to shoot her in the stomach... Well said Miller... Its nice to see youre doing well. *Click*
  15. Riggsee

    Rust group?

    Im in. Im pretty well known in the rust community as a streamer so be ready for that shit storm.