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    Oh boy it's the 26th of July 2017 that means I spend 4 years of my damn life here and I wouldn't want to miss a single day!  

    So I will give a "little" shout out to some people I am really happy to know or was able to RP with in I hope to RP with them again at one point

    So who pops straight into my mind ..... @Razareth  @Spartan @Rose @Ender @Alex @RedSky @Revie @Oisín @Blackfyre @Ghoozovich  @DeeBlack @Majoo @ToeZ @Stradic @Ramon @Mr Anon @Shane @Fenrir @Tewudin @Samti @Dr Willsky @Corry @Elmo @Jamie @Oliv and trust me MANY MORE but that list is already to long :D 

    And PS. seems like I have way to much time to spend in DayZRP and im happy about it :P 



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    2. SmartyyZ


      I am sad now. :D


    3. Spartan


      18.6 hours. Calm down there Nils

    4. derNils


      @Spartan you mean 19.6 hours and I'm still going xD


      @SmartyyZ sorry my boy how could I right! :ph34r: pls forgive me :/