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  1. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Welcome to one of our new members @Shanoby! Hope you will enjoy your stay
  2. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Thanks, @DrMax and well here we go again, boys and girls! Also, Thread will get some changes soon after I am done IG
  3. Galland

    • Galland
    • derNils

    Thomas Krüger "Wörk" 2k19

  4. derNils

    The Haven Media Thread

    The first day at our new home, making some food. "A normal field trip it's going to be!" @jason hunter said... well you had to jinx it And then we had some Government troops as visitors. Let's just say I was keeping my "eyes" on you and your guys @Combine And who knows maybe we going to be back SoonTM with more media.
  5. derNils



    When you just check out some peoples char page and well ...

    like ok I get it geography is maybe boring in school but please.


    1. derNils


      calls in @Galland for PoV :trolle:

    2. Galland


      Reverse Anschluss, Bayern und Baden Württemberg are more Austrian anyway 😄

    3. Shnitz


      "Reverse Anschluss, Bayern und Baden Württemberg are more Austrian anyway"

      AfD wants to know your location.

  6. derNils



    I mean if anyone could be bothered how about giving me your vote 😉 wouldn't mind 

    1. ToeZOG


      You got my vote bubs 

    2. derNils


      Easy my man @ToeZies always reliable 😉

    3. derNils


      @Don @Corry @Harlow your duty calls :trolle:

    4. Harlow




  7. derNils


    SoonTM ? 🤔





    1. Solo



    2. ToeZOG


      Fucking yes please.

    3. DrMax


      Don't mind if I do 🤔

  8. derNils


  9. derNils


    Hey you! yeah, YOU .... if you are bored here you go.  See a noob fail hard xD



  10. derNils

    Random stuff of derNils Archive

    So let's see where we stopped last time... Oh yeah so after the NA dissolved I continued wondering around on my own most of the time when I was not with Nasineč but more of that later But when I was meeting with someone during and after Nasineč it was @Revie or @Sineda two very good RP I might add to But besides the IC struggle, my character had back when he joined forces with a right-leaning group of Natives lead by Sara Cernik. That's where I meet people like @Spartan, @Blackfyre, @Slash, @Grimnir and most importantly @jason hunter and @Razareth After all these, up and downs IC my Char took a step back and focused more on the time away from Nasineč with people like Emily who he stayed with most of the times. Well and that's it again for this time. Sadly it seemed I lost my ability to just spam that Screenshot button during and after Nasineč and still today ...UFFF I know. Anyways next entry it will be already new Lore stuff and since I, as mentioned, stopped screenshotting that much either the posts will cover longer timeframes or just get a bit shorter. I will have to see.
  11. derNils

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Quick shoutout to @cheeks, @Oisin, @RogueSolace and the one and only @Blackburn. Was fun seeing some of the old crew back together
  12. derNils

    Random stuff of derNils Archive

    I knew you would remember @Mak
  13. derNils

    Random stuff of derNils Archive

    Well, let us see. I think I am gonna start with some old shit and then post new stuff over time who knows. Sadly I don't have any old screenshots of the mod days Let's start with some ZBOR classics mostly possing for propaganda and Patroling with @Corry, @DeeBlack, @Giraffel, @Harlow, @Grazo, @Grozo, @puppet, @Bulgarian Bombshell, @Mak, @Phatal, @Galland and many more... ...Oh and delivering Justice to the enemies of the state with @Mak and the other or @Stagsview and the Liska but yeah past is past and as we like to say "Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened!" because not all we did was bad tbh Then there was the time of the Northern Alliance and my group The Haven And then the war. NA vs the Plantation, New Moon and the others from the south Well and that's it that is my blast of the past. I will probably start posting more old shit and new stuff too so yeah stay tuned next will be stuff from Nasinec and other stuff Oh and as a little bonus to finally solve who R.I.P'ed Camp Zucchini it was @Thoss and @derNils (Me) but don't worry we used the gear to arm the ZBOR troops
  14. derNils

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had some good old walk and talk RP with Jeremy ( @DieselTheSnowMan ) today. Hope to see you again one day ?
  15. Solo

    • Solo
    • derNils

    where dem baps at?

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