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  1. derNils

    S1, Severograd, KOS/Invalid Kill rights, 2018/07/26 22:20

    POV Thomas Krüger: So I was entering the town of Severograd with @Blackfyre and we meet up with @Oisin. We decided to go into Severograd to see what was going on in the Town and we bumped into a few people like @Kara. After a short chat, I went AFK for maybe 2-3min to grab a drink and when I returned I saw @Oisin and @Blackfyre moving @Metawarrior out of the town. After I guess 10-15 min they all return and it looks like stuff us settled so we all had a nice talk until @Oisin got shot and shortly after that @Blackfyre, @Kara and @Cobe got killed too. I stayed on the ground trying my best to not get shoot and the second I stand up to move towards a voice that told me to come towards it I get shot at by @Psycho accidentally. After that, I dropped unconscious and got picked up by someone that moved me to cover and after a few more minutes we got told that the man was killed and the area is clean again.
  2. derNils



    Jesus just noticed that I am here for FIVE goddamn years😶 and I don't regret one damn day. From Mod day over to Standalone with people like @Stradic, @Alex, @Fenrir and @RedSky in the Nothern Alliance or @DeeBlack and @Corry with ZBOR.😄  Also after the lore wipe with the UN/Last Light and @Mademoiselle , @Dino, @Razareth, @Spartan, @Oisin, @Blackfyre, @MyJew, @Glemons and many more that I can list now since it would be too LOOOOONG of a list of people.

    Well, anyways let's see what the future will bring! 😏

    1. Oisin


      Good times lad 😄 Still remember carving that Zbor star into your back hehe

    2. derNils


      🤨 why did I know you would bring that up @Oisin

    3. Oisin


      😉 Better days mate 

    4. Blackfyre


      Love you to bb ❤️

    5. Razareth



    6. Corry


      Ahh a lot those memories sending people to camp hope for 10/10 RP and it was ;) congrats on five years man you are trully a great role player and I will hope to enjoy RPing with you in .63 

  3. the Story - all kinds of music - cold beer - good food - fishing - mouthy foreigners - dishonest people - hard drugs - Chedaki *this character page is still under construction and heavy W.I.P*
  4. derNils

    The Haven Media Thread

    Just sitting at the fire having a "blast" @Fenrir What the hell is that ... It's a fucking ghost mate .....
  5. Fenrir

    • Fenrir
    • derNils

  6. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    HOLY SHIT true OG Haven legend is back ! Not on the silver-tongued devil Aaron though but on the 15 packs of Regal King Size Aaron... Anyway Welcome back man @Fenrir
  7. derNils

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks for the nice RP today @MyJew @Razareth and @RogueSolace
  8. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Finally yes and thanks @Oliv of approving us
  9. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Short update to the group: -Lore changed and checked -One goal unchecked again because of IC actions/events
  10. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    I will try to fix that asap @PCJames and I hope that we can break the "curse" Also, I would like to welcome two new members @DrMax and @Scarlett
  11. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    And number 10. Welcome to the group @Doc Holiday !
  12. derNils

    The Haven Media Thread

    This thread is where we will post all of our pictures and clips.
  13. derNils

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Just a quick shout out for all great RP from @Razareth, @Solo, @Grimnir, @fletcho1, @Lady In Blue, @RogueSolace, @SgtSmithy, @Majoo and @Mason26. Hope I didn't miss anyone if sorry but again thanks for the RP.
  14. derNils

    The Haven [Open recruitment]

    Well, what a day boys! Anyways to get to the point I want to welcome @Harvey, @Lady In Blue and @jason hunter hope you will enjoy your stay