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  1. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    Nice one Raz good pictures love them @Spartan you can bet your arse that it's me !!! CAUSE THAT'S MY TREE !!!

    Oh boy it's the 26th of July 2017 that means I spend 4 years of my damn life here and I wouldn't want to miss a single day!  

    So I will give a "little" shout out to some people I am really happy to know or was able to RP with in I hope to RP with them again at one point

    So who pops straight into my mind ..... @Razareth  @Spartan @Rose @Ender @Alex @RedSky @Revie @Oisín @Blackfyre @Ghoozovich  @DeeBlack @Majoo @ToeZ @Stradic @Ramon @Mr Anon @Shane @Fenrir @Tewudin @Samti @Dr Willsky @Corry @Elmo @Jamie @Oliv and trust me MANY MORE but that list is already to long :D 

    And PS. seems like I have way to much time to spend in DayZRP and im happy about it :P 



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    2. SmartyyZ


      I am sad now. :D


    3. Spartan


      18.6 hours. Calm down there Nils

    4. derNils


      @Spartan you mean 19.6 hours and I'm still going xD


      @SmartyyZ sorry my boy how could I right! :ph34r: pls forgive me :/

  3. Thomas Kruger

    --about Thomas-- Born 1991 in a average german middle class family Thomas had an easy childhood, few friend and good grades in school. He graduated from school mid 2009 with an “Realschulabschluss”. After School he started to be a trainee for Merchant in wholesale and foreign trade for a big german company called “Leica” . He then after being a trainee keep working for the company. His private life was rather Ok. He had a few girlfriends over the years and well that didn’t work out so nicely so he stayed mostly single. Then around 2015 he got an offer by his company to go to Chernarus for a few trading deals with Chernarussian companies. He stayed then in Chernarus of the time supporting the local companies and negotiating between the company's. Usually he stayed there for half a year or more before returning to Germany. During this time his private life was well either working even in his free time, going out with old friends or colleges to have a drink, hunting since he made his hunting license in 2010 during his trainee time or flying back and forth between Germany or Chernarus. Early 2016 he got the message while being in Chernarus that his father died on an heartattack and mid december 2016 his mother died in an car accident. Thomas was at that stage either wasted or he was drowning himself in sorrow and had a bit depression problem from there on. But after a month of he shoved it all somewhere he can’t remember it in his mind and buried himself in work staying in chernarus fully from early 2017 taking pills against his depression problems and trying to hide everything behind that wall of happiness he showed towards other people. Problem because of throwing more and more work at him he kept walking a rather lonely road and even worrest in February 2017 his younger brother lost the fight against Leukemia. --his Work Live-- Thomas manley was either working in a Office of his company in Chernogorsk or driving around to the Companies that were basically the customers. So he was often in towns like Elektrozavodsk, Solnichniy, Chernogorsk, Berezino, Novodmitrovsk and Novaya Petrovka. When he wasn’t in Chernarus he was mainly in the Company HQ in Wetzlar talking about the next plans and deals with the customers in CR with the Higher Ups. Only to then fly back to CR to try to get those plans and deals working asap! --Tattoos--
  4. OOOOOOOHHHHHHH my what a meme @DerSchnitzler nice one o7
  5. Thomas Krüger

  6. Summer Challenges 2017

    Well let's see..... ahhh got one @Razareth, @Spartan, @Blackfyre, @Saradomin, @Oisín, @Dr Willsky and @Phatal just before we are about to "crossroads" something ...or someone hehe
  7. Had a blast with @Razareth, @Willsky and @Blackfyre always fun hanging out with you boys and the Bus guy oh boy. Another small nice random moment with @Joules. Been at the god damn place for days and didn't see a single soul and all the sudden someone with a gun pops out of nowhere and then having a nice chat was not what i was expecting when i went there
  8. derNils random pictures

    And here we go again with the next bus load of pitcures! This time well the sad end of the Haven and my first days with Našinec....
  9. derNils random pictures

    No pro No Problem @Vrik ^^ no reason to be sorry nice pics btw
  10. derNils random pictures

    more like me not making screenshot back then and some of them got lost over the time sadly because the days around the Colony were fun
  11. derNils random pictures

    yeah the original days were way better and hey he is not dead so you still could see him again!
  12. derNils random pictures

    Time for part 3 and well my long time just walking around and at the end building "The Haven" with @Thoss.
  13. derNils random pictures

    hehe maybe ..... who knows but you know what ... catch me if you can you! runs away
  14. derNils random pictures

    Wellcome to the Nostalgia bus and the part 2 ANO ! This time it's more the rise and fall of well ZBOR v2 and my time hanging out alone in the middle of nowhere
  15. derNils random pictures

    Lets start with some quite old pictures from my time in the "Národní Obnova Hnutí Černarusi" and the "Nová Černoruská Republika"