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  1. No I don't have a recording and no I can't remember the names of those civies anymore.
  2. Sexy ass profile, missing a gif though.

    Bonuspoints for the content count:


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      ¬¬ hehehehe you little..... ! :P @Spartan

  3. Grigory Drugov POV: So I decided to regroup with the new recruits outside of Cherno after they already made contact with the people at the pub. So we grouped and i send @Ducky and @Ghoozovich a head to scout so we don’t run into any “Civil War” Beef. When the area was clear the rest and me walked over to the Pub revealing us to the public and being friendly since we don’t have any reason to be hostile to the civis. Anyways so we wanted to rest and get a few drinks after we got approached by a guy asking it for help and I considered to help OOC! IC i turned to my guys and said that I will think about it for a moment since the action of the whole situation was still to me 50/50 so a bit unclear. We just knew that there was something with Kovars Market and some guys who tried to rape someone like no clue and then the guy came back and said the situation is over so we went into the Pub and had some nice drinks. We had a few nice chats with the people and NO hostilities were made in my eyes from us to trigger such that initiation. But to continue @DeeBlack and me went over to the old CDF camp a bit west of the pub we walked around it and back to regroup and head out to log when that VoIP/Text initiation was dropped out of nowhere. Then the firefight happened and @Blackfyre got time to switch out his clothes with only the same Hunting backpack and gun what was a normal AUG. He then got Killed by dusty on assumption as stated by @Undead taking the so called “risk” of an RDM or not.
  4. "Drugs"- Bandit


    1. derNils


      did .....did you say ...DRUGS :ph34r:

  5. ChDKZ - 103.7 [open freq]

    *Grigory looks out of a window finishing his cigarette before starting to broadcast* This is an official statement of Chernarussian movement of the Red Star. It is unforgivable, and unacceptable that the ‘so called’ government of Chernarus does not protect its citizens or any other foreign citizens in South Zagoria. Our party will no longer tolerate it! We have started our fight for freedom once more against the corrupt government of Chernarus. You are all called up to take arms against the corruption and imperialism in our glorious nation. This goes to everyone. We don't care if you are foreign, Russian or Chernarussian, we shall be united together in our fight for freedom! In regards to the execution in Berezino on the 17th, allows us to ensure you that the accused Kapitan Jonova was a tried and confessed deserter of the movement. Jonova was a known spy for government forces, and she knew the price of defection when she joined our cause! Yet she ignored our calls and left the movement behind. This is not acceptable, and will not be tolerated! Lets fight to unite our country against the bourgeoisie forces that have infiltrated it. We will be handing out food and other supplies to civilians in need in the coming days. Together comrades, we can achieve victory over the capitalist forces that done nothing then bad things in the weeks this infection is going on! Together we will help the people into a brighter future of Chernarus! *the broadcast would end*

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      The Second Great Patriotic War has begun!

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      I call this video propaganda :D

  7. I'm ready and HYPED boys ! Finally we are live and in action @marianosvc yeah i don't know but someone had that great song in mind ... *cough*
  8. Grigory Drugov

    Grigory was born 1971 in Cernaya Polana in the back then Soviet controlled state of Chernarus. He grew up in a good family with his father being a Political commissar and his mother was a doctor in the Berezion Hospital. Gregory's parents were fully committed communists and proud to be a part of the Union so it was no question that Grigory was after his year in school joining the Red Army. Well not that he really had a chance to say no thanks to the conscription. But he didn’t mind since the Soviet Union gave him all he needed like a job and a purpose. Grigory joined the Red Army then in 1989 and returned to Chernarus as "ста́рший сержа́нт" (Senior Sergeant) in 1991 when the Soviet Union broke apart. His father then joined a Left wing political party and his mother well she stayed a doctor in the Berezino Hospital. To be able to pay the rent for his apartment, car and the taxes he start working for the Solnichniy Quarry Corporation. He didn’t join the CDF out of a few simple points he had different fews and he wanted the USSR back just to name two. In 1997 Grigory joined the “Working Man’s Defence Alliance” a workers Union lead by a man call Andrei Lopotev. They fought for the workers against the low payment and bad working conditions and in 1999 the “WMDA” started protests that often ended up in violence and more. Grigory got arrested and went to prison for 6 months because of his actions in the protests. He got released again in March 2000. Drugov rejoined the “WMDA” after he was out of prison again. In the meantime the “WMDA” radicalized and became the today know Chedaki. He helped organizing riots and more and he was proud about it. He sticked with the Chedaki through the brief civil war in 2007 and the uprising and civil war that took place in 2008-2009. He was stationed first in Pusta 2009 when he received an order to move to the Zelenogorsk front to help against the fight against remaining CDF Forces. Lucky for him in that night Pusta got attacked by an unknown force that blow up the Comms station and the next morning USMC’s invaded Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk. They retook both major towns and caught the Chedaki of guard leaving no there option then fall back. In the heat of the battle rumors said Lopotev got captured alongside Bardak by US marines. But later Lopotev was seen again. Later the tide of war changed again when the USMC had to withdraw from Chernarus thanks to the “Red Square bomb” but a few days later the Russians allowed the US troops back because someone refiled that it was not NAPA. On the 19th of October 2009 the civil war over and the remaining ChDKZ like Grigory were forced to either flee to the Black Mountains or keeping your head down and hoping that the CDF and CPF forces won’t find you. He then fled to the Black Mountains with a few other ChDKZ. Up there he got the shocking information that is father died in the fight for Chernogorsk and his mother got brutally murdered by NAPA fighters. He didn’t have an easy time to work through it and he still isn’t but he has to live with it. Regrouped with the remains of the ChDKZ he got promoted to the Mayor of the South Zagorian sub-group. In 2017 the Chedaki did start operate openly since the outbreak distracted the CDF Forces filing the power vacuum that was there now. So the plane to bring the ChDKZ back to its old glory started !
  9. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Bang! because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  11. Pvt. Colson and Sky

    @Spartan @Nick Wilde
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