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  1. Leo Lyovkin

  2. FFS @Slash you are a cunt
  4. Daniel Zima

  5. It used to be, Who fights can lose. Who doesn't fight has already lost! but now it's more like, There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful then anything that bleeds. and/or, It hurts remembering things of my past, so i just keep drinking though i know, deep down, that it only makes me fall faster.
  6. [align=center] So it has was quite a bit since the last post so.... the screenshots are a few days old or so but who cares So it started with Shane snorting my SVD all the sudden And well well then we had a nice big meeting and it was party time after it in a small ass room... the only thing I can say is "just one grenade" [/align] [align=center]and thats all again sadly didn't have much time to be IG or make Screenshots[/align] [align=center]but hey maybe next time [/align]
  7. [align=center]*he picks up the radio*[/align] [align=center]Well I just said what i got told to say[/align] [align=center]and thats all.[/align] [align=center]*releases the PTT button* [/align]
  8. [align=center]*Nils presses the PTT and starts speaking. You can hear a lot a chatter in the[/align] [align=center]Background and some guy dictating him what to say. * [/align] [align=center] The is the Haven and we officially leave Northern Alliance! [/align] [align=center] We are now Allies with the Savages and …. [/align] [align=center] *He pauses for a bit while the guy that is dictating him starts laughing* [/align] [align=center] And also a guy called Petrov sends his regards. [/align] [align=center] *He releases the PTT*[/align]
  9. [align=center]Well let's see yesterday was a rather quiet day....[/align] [align=center] ....until a few people stopped by for a bit of small talk. [/align]
  10. [align=center] Well nice sun rise over The Haven but no one around untill.... [/align] [align=center]...Jay appeared on the roof like a ghost [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]When you thing "well nice weather let's sit on the roof!" and the weather changes all the sudden! So I moved my ass of the damn roof down to Aaron and a few Visitors and well.... looked like Aaron had already started a fire for them. But after all that sitting around today and the last week i thought let's look around what I can find on a little Patrol. And well..... I bumped into a few friends and got my self dry again while sitting around a nice fire and having a nice chat with them. But everything comes to an end so I moved back to The Haven, in the pouring rain just to see this ..... so WTF guys [/align] Here you go just a few for the start
  11. [align=center] [/align] [align=center]The Haven Media thread[/align] [align=center]This thread will be the place where we post our Screenshots and Videos. You got anything including us feel free to post it! [/align]
  12. OK big shout out to Alex, Aaron Mitchell, Ender and Krosev! Also a big thanks to the 101, Sanctuary and my guys from the Haven. And a special thanks to Rose and RedSky for saving my ass IG 10/10 would be your patient again
  13. I have to thank! Was fun meeting you again and your friends.