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  1. Quickan

    What other groups have had their legacy survive past their own lifetime?

    CLF, BHM, SVR and B-17 because of their "presence" at the server. Always fun to pick a fight against them, or making temp deals and attack other mentioned groups together to spice up the politics a bit. They were all good roleplayers and some was a bit love-hate feeling sometimes since I was playing in a rivaly group, but I always had respect for those and they did a very good job. IRA just because they were terrifying in my opinion, I did not walk up to them so to say. FM/TOR, It was nice with true hero groups to add some nice mixture in the "old" days. They just defended themselves when it was a must and they were really good roleplayers (and helicopter pilot), and many also very engaged to the community. Imperial Dragons, always fun to mess with. Aggressive and also humorous group that made you laugh everytime you meet them. Sometimes when you battled them you suddenly just heard them screaming "BAAANZAAAI" and soon running with axes in their hand while being annihilated by machineguns. They didn't care about lost weapons etc, and even if they were good at fighting it didn't really felt like they cared winning or loosing, just about having fun. SDS (well, I am bias). I would like to think and hope that no-one felt safe between 2013-15. We started quite aggressive but soon started to fool people instead. Sometime giving lone players high grade weapons, and in the next moment robbing them of everything, just to make us untrustworthy and being looked as impulsive. Sometimes we walked into camps to scout and prepare to attack, or we were just there to train people fishing or drop of weapons to the players who didn't have any. We also kidnapped people all around the map and took them to "new mogadishu", a old player settlement that we declared as ours in game to make them our slaves, them fight for their life, train them in fishing/shooting a gun or make them recons/spies to help us know what other groups were up to. We also teamed up with other groups to hunt other groups, but a hour later initiate on the "allied" group instead. So we were a quite sketchy group that nobody knew were we actually were standing in the diplomatics or what we would do. And in my opinion it made it so much more dynamic and funnier.
  2. Quickan

    Peace Out

    sds4lyfe brah
  3. Quickan

    What makes you happy?

    Walking outside 05.30 in the morning, opening the garage and being greeted by this face
  4. I'm sorry but I'm just so confused right now?
  5. Quickan

    Mod Survival Probability

    You are wrong, -snip opinion- You need to chill and realize that your word is not gospel. Saying that I'm wrong when I'm rightfully expressing my opinion on the subject discussed in this thread is patronizing and condescending. You're entitled to an opinion and so am I, no one is wrong or right, it's an opinion. Don't act like you have greater knowledge of what is wrong and right and your word is fact. It's not. TL;DR - Opinions are not facts and everyone is entitled to have one. I thought we were discussing the future of desolation and whats the best way to make it popular, not who has the rights to say "I'm right, you're wrong" which I everyone has the rights to say since its a statement, therefore not a fact like you're implying. If you think I'm wrong, please provide a argument at least why you believe that instead of changing subject. I see you're upset and that was not the my intention, but you can't be upset on me just because I have a different opinion which like you say, that everyone is entitled to.
  6. Quickan

    Mod Survival Probability

    You are wrong, Rolle and the staff have to make people want to play on it if desolation is gonna continue. The human is selfish and we don't really trust each other, especially when you never even meet each other. What I mean with that is that I'm not gonna spend my time trying to build up a population on desolation in a community which I don't own nor is responsible for. Im just here to have fun while riding on the wave. As soon the community members abandon the server, I'll be gone as well. Me and the majority of the community only see in our own winning. I'm not saying there is people who really cares about this community cause there are but they are really outnumbered, but surly they are the ones who is most visible. The easy way to "sell" (in this case Rolle getting people join this community and making them stay so he makes more money from donations etc) is to give people what they believe they want, in this case SA. But what happens after that? From we can see from this community right now is that there is a limited demand for desolation, since no-one is playing on it. However, a good salesman, in this case the Pr manager whatever blablabla has to in cooperation with the rest of the staff create demand. This not just to please some of us, but to actually expand the community and therefor get more money in donation which Rolle seem to really need now. What I think of that is a different story. So in this case its a win-win to expand dayzrp, both for the users and the staff which makes it very frustrating that staff is unable to see this.
  7. The problem with side projects is that it IS side project. Say you're starting a band with some friends as a side project alongside your own band, 9/10 occasions it will last less that 3 months. No-one really has any ambition, a side project is not an expansion. Its just something to mess around and when the first problem appears its put to grave. See it as a one night stand. It doesn't really mean anything and nobody involved really cares. Ideas should be looked as expansions, is there no ambition then its no point. Look when we took in standalone, it was a "side project" but it actually was a expansion. The staff took time of for it and trying to make it better and gave it room in this community. Desolation mod, Switching maps, Minecraft, Life is Feudal, GTA blablabla never got any room to be a expansion, therefor the failure to make it last. No effort at all is put on desolation, the mindset from the staff is pretty much "if it gets popular we will treat it as a expansion" and that mindset doesn't make any sense at all. Say you own a company and you're about to put up a second office. If you treat is as a expansion and you're ready with competitive staff/coworkers and pushing to get customers, you will get rewarded. If you just put up a office but don't really man it and instead of making people hire your staff you just wait for people to hire your staff instead this will become a failure as long you don't have a extremely competitive brand. Look at Volvo Cars. When it was owned by Ford Volvo didn't do well. Or in the start it did, but it was because back then Volvo had capital. Thereafter Ford took more and more money from Volvo's profit to finance the brand Ford and other companys like Aston Martin etc. So what happened with Volvo when their money was taken? They made worse cars of cause! There was less money in development and Ford started to force Volvo to use carryover parts and platforms to save money instead of investing. Then the finance collapse happened and Ford sold Volvo Cars and Geely bought it. And when Geely bought Volvo they pumped in a huge amount of money in Volvo again to make them be able to develop 2 new platforms, one for bigger cars and on for smaller. And look at the profits now and the cars overall compered to the Ford era. Its a huge difference. My point is; if you investing in a project as long its a good idea, you will get rewarded. If you don't and just going by the flow the odds of succession rapidly decline. Wonder how company founders succeed? They take a risk in what they believe in, and if its a good idea it will sooner or later pay off. The question is only how much effort he/she spends to make it come true. So drop the side projects and start expanding instead.
  8. I have a big problem about making Dayzrp the next "Second life" game. Surly we need to set up rules to prevent people from shooting on every living being, which we already have. But making a unicorn island in the rules? I welcome the idea with setting up tradingcamps and making it a "safezone" in the game, I welcome camp ideas like the old haven, diesel, pobeda, prud and altar where people could meet up and have campfirerp (for those who enjoy that). They were the "safezones" back in the days and they do make sense in real life but in the same time, they could be attacked so people still had to be on their tows when strange things happened or if like SVR came by. When the bandits attacked those camp, many people resisted and fought against them, both hero clans and survivors and I believe all had fun. Its not the gear or the lifetime your charactar have, its what you experience in the game which counts. I dont believe sitting at a camp fire dry-talking, knowing that you're totally safe behind the rules brings you the feeling of what a apocalypse and a "lawless" country is about.
  9. Quickan

    Counter strike tournament?

    Me, Pandi, Lundborg, Hofer and Martin arranged it a couple of years ago, http://www.dayzrp.com/t-DayZRP-CS-GO-Tournament. The problem was the skill was widly spread there were 2 teams who just bulldozed the other teams. There were alot of issues with permabanned players also who played anyway, people who wasn't whitelisted etc. There was also "fighting", flamewars and people were cheat accusing the other teams and going mayham. So there was alot of management and without Lundborg (GM back then) and Hofer (admin) we would never been able to sort those things out. So there was many things going on at the backstage without people knowing.
  10. Did they rob you back in mod? 8) They've brought this group over to other servers back in the day and nothing but backlash ensued. Sds have never been on another server. Surly we played on other servers, but the group "Somalian Death Squad" is a Dayzrp group and it will stay as a Dayzrp group. If you find us SDS member in different dayz communities we'll play under a different group idea. If you've seen groups like us with somalian/african characters in other dayz communities it's imposters, people who used a similar group idea or not heard of our group before. So to make it short, you have never met this group if you were not in dayzmod era.
  11. Well, I find no interest to be here in this community anymore. The latest year has been really bad in terms of roleplaying, administration and common sense. The admin team has done some really sketchy moves, disbanding saiorse to name one situation. On the top the server is taking boring direction where background stories and campfire is the main focus instead of roleplaying being in a apocalypse. Its a survival game, not second life. I simply don't want to be apart of the community like this. Rip all good&old clans who kept fighting for a nice and fun enviroment, rip all community pillars.
  12. So people can point a sharp loaded gun at you and you're not allowed to act? Isn't this a kind of bad roleplaying acting? If I had a weapon and someone pointed a gun at my friend I would react directly. And I'm not precisely a #gangster, I'm working in the design department in a automotive brand and I can assure you I'm not a aggressive person at all. I'm not involved in this situation, I was not online and have not talked to my clanmates about this even but I think this ban is absurd. I wonder what RP actually means to you admin's nowadays. Is it Roleplaying which includes characters, amazing and different situations, character development, groups, acting and action or is it just unicorn land where no one can come to harm and campfire "rp" with a boring backstory story how he/she crash-landed in the sea and was washed up on the beach near cherno?