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  1. Jackie Legs

    1. evanm23


      Good film

  2. Your character is a PMC guy with a mohawk whose moral is "If you're gonna die, might as well have fun doing it". You are entitled to your own opinion, but I think you don't have a good grasp on the word cringe.
  3. Chicken blood Chicken blood Chicken blood

    1. WildCurtosRP


      helo yes i agreee yes can you hear me good? yes very agree

  4. Not changing it either, wungus
  5. Well, you were a silent person with a clown mask and a chainsaw creeping around town and some guy with us said that you just scared him and ran away, we had to do something. If we didn't do anything and left you be that would be worse rp.
  6. The Legion The Town Before The King Joe Niggley never was a very influential person, being a follower for the majority of his life, being a simple member of MS-13 and working for his boss in an auto repair shop. After the infection took over the area, Joe Niggley found himself looked up to in MS-13 as in the UN camps he was kicked out multiple times for acting like a thug, stealing people's shoes, knocked people out and more. After being permanently kicked out of the UN camp in Kabanino, he had quite a few people admiring him. This first taste of power had him wanting more. He then went to Takistan to become a full member of MS-13. Discovery But when he got back a few months later he found that the MS-13 members that were there already were all gone or dead. The only people he knew that were still there were Brodie Brenson, Josefina Lopez, Unity Daffodile and Freedom Waterfall, both of which grew weed for MS-13. He noticed that since MS-13 was gone, he could do what he wanted, and what he wanted was power. He soon stumbled across the town of Severograd after hearing about a pub up there, he found that people actually lived there and quickly determined that only the pub was claimed by Rory, not the whole town. So, after staying there for awhile and witnessing things that happen, but shouldn't happen there, and nobody was doing anything about it. Joe saw an opportunity to fix up the town, while also gaining power and influence. He quickly gained men and allies by being the king he promised he would be, keeping the peace, growing food and helping people out. The Breakdown Once he heard people calling some girl queen, he got to thinking, and asked her why that was. She told Joe that she was the wife of a man named King Niall, which worried Joe. He thought that if this King Niall has any sort of power, he could easily contest Joe's claim to the town, and so could his queen. Joe played nice for a while to see how she worked and what she liked and didn't like. By this time Joe's support was dwindling in the town due to how the former queen was being treated, mainly by Josefina constantly bullying her. Joe had to do something to distract people, so he hired a man named Yusuf to stage a terrorist attack on the town to scare people, and to show that Joe and his army were the victims. During the attack, the would be queen was crying, while Joe and his men were firing at the "terrorists". Joe also found out that this would be a great scapegoat for anything bad that happened under Joe's watch in the town, he could just blame it on the terrorists. The fake queen by this time was getting to be a problem, people were still calling her queen and trying to protect her, they couldn't. Joe and his men took her and one of her supporters hostage. Joe found out that her supporter had multiple personality disorder, so Joe banished him from the town, he didn't want to kill the queen, but he also didn't want her to be a problem. He gave her a new identity and told her if she mentioned her real name again, she would be killed. People soon found out and the rumor spread around before one of his men, Ernest, was about to spill the beans so Joe shot him in the leg, and blamed it on the terrorists. Joe knew he needed something or somewhere to send people to if they had the wrong opinions or thoughts. Joe decided on the idea of "The Mine", he also decided that the produce from that camp would go to his efforts of claiming the entire north. Our Ranks The King Abu Muhammad - Joe Niggley Second In Command Law - Brodie Brenson Better Than The Grunts WildCurtos - Josefina Lopez Wooftachoofta - Viktor Knyazev iBUYCHOWDER - Abuukar Galaid The Grunts TommyGun_ - Ernest Taylor Skinom - Bill Strenger Disco Soup Can - Kolton Montello Madkilla67 - Mason Montello Saintz - Wolfgang Winter In Character Goals Hold onto the territories claimed by King Niggley Expand the influence of the group through through fear or power Ally with any and all groups that would become an ally Recruit or force people into the army OOC Goals Provide good RP all around Progress other people's RP Recruitment If you wish to join, message @Abu Muhammad or @Law o7 on the forums with a link to your character profile.
  7. "Hello how are you" "Good? Ok do you need anything?" "No? Ok bye" And constantly having your TV on in the background or a loud fan is the only way to play, bonus points if your parents walk in and start yelling at you.
  8. Shalom! Good morning my fellow yes hello can you hear me? Yeah, me too. And.

    1. WildCurtosRP


      hello yes i am good thank u how u yes?

    2. Abu Muhammad

      Abu Muhammad


    3. WildCurtosRP



  9. Wait since when are you the leader of severograd? xD wtf have I missed. I thought @Macbrine was the king.. now this? Wat? xD 

    1. Abu Muhammad

      Abu Muhammad

      I am contesting it now, new world order. King Niggley is the true leader of Severograd.

    2. Phoenix


      Bro... We're moving anyways lol

    3. Dan


      I'm the King of Chernarus.

      I'll send my pigeon to your realm to discuss further feudal roles.

    4. Abu Muhammad

      Abu Muhammad

      Rory, you can move all you want, but the kingdom lasts forever.


    5. Phoenix


      Such realism much wow :D 

    6. Dan


      How dare thou doubt the realism of the Suturbian empire. 

      Ready the guillotine


    7. Macbrine


      Welp, here I go killing again

    8. shhhhlp


      Joe Niggley is the One True King of Chernarus, the throne is his by blood rights and you will all bend the knee or be destroyed.

    9. Popet


      Quinn aint wearing no yellow arm bands fam.

  10. Joe Niggley POV - First things first, I want to get off that the name has been decided on "Niggaton" not "Niggerton" it was never "Niggerton", there was a vote with the people in Severograd at the time if the town would be called "Niggleyville" or "Niggaton" and majority votes were "Niggaton" so I went with that, the first two syllables "nig" and "ga" are a reference to how dangerous the town is, and also because of the leader's last name. The ending "ton" comes from two towns east of Jackson Mississippi. I have been playing Joe Niggley the exact same way since pre lore wipe when I ran hobo depot, and not one person had any problem with it. With me saying "Nigga" all the time in game I don't see how you that would be trollrp or whatever, I am playing a low educated black gang member, I don't know if you've met one before, but people of that sort say nigga once every 3 seconds. Also, about the yelling, the man in the blue raincoat told him to go away, so he started walking away very very slowly, so I yelled and he went faster, don't see how the yelling was a problem. My RP in game may be over the top and loud at points, but I see no problem with it and neither has anyone I have met in the past 75 days of this character being in use. Para and I have talked it out in teamspeak.
  11. Greetings community member! I'm doing well, thanks for asking. How are you?

  12. Gonna miss you buddy

    1. Abu Muhammad

      Abu Muhammad

      Gonna miss you too

  13. Gotta love Guangming news


    1. YNW Law

      YNW Law

      shut up

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