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  1. Joseph Blades, Russian born and raised by his single mother Tanya, By the age of 20 he got himself in enough legal and gang related trouble that it was impossible for him to survive in russia, desperate without any hope left he turned to his at the time girlfriend Natasha and convinced her to run away with him to Chernarus and start a new life over, fast forward 3 years Joseph working in construction and Natasha in a bakery, with a baby on the way Joseph could'nt be more set that was the most stability he ever had in his life, everything was perfect until chaos reign upon the unthinkable happened what used to be sci-fi is now reality a zombie outbreak happened, Joseph took his pregnant girlfriend and tried to make it to the Russian border, but with the amount of chaos it was impossible, they ran to the least populated place gathered as much resources as possible and sheletered in a cabin in the woods, they managed to survive the first 3 months of the outbreak, until one day a group of thugs came across their cabin while Joseph was out getting firewood and resources, they raped and shot Natasha leaving her for dead, Joseph sprinted home uppon hearing the gunshot, Once there he witnessed 3 men standing on top of Natasha's corpse he started screaming and took shots at them, but sadly the thugs managed to get away but he noticed that one of them was a blonde guy with a burn marks across his face, Now that he lost the dearest thing to him and only thing driving him Joseph burries his girlfriend and unborn baby and vouches to find who did that to them.
  2. Keedz

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    piano boyyyyyy missed ur ass
  3. Keedz

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    CP INVITE NOW @Nihoolious
  4. Been a while until nostalgia kicked in, miss you all
  5. Keedz

    [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  6. Keedz

    [GAME] Forum Games Addiction Level (Of the person above you)

  7. Keedz

    A Mile in Staff's Shoes

    has it been a month already ? wlcm back
  8. Keedz

    Radio chatter rules gone too far?

    i got 18 points out of that i dont fuck with that no more , you cant even answer one line questions in there and they mostly expect you to write some sick emot and make it look like you are sending a letter with a pigeon instead of using a radio
  9. Keedz

    From Voodoo to crashing out

    kinda seen it coming , o7 voodoo see ya around hit me up if you wanna play that cancer game csgo
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