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  1. MrBlairdom

    0.62 Known issues and fixes

    Problem : I appear as being whitelisted, but whenever I get in the game, I'm banned saying "Admin Kick (Old Rules)".Solution : Solved it myself ?
  2. You're doing a great job We've met in that house in the woods and went our way towards the 'talent show'. You have an interesting character.
  3. MrBlairdom

    The PHOTOshop

    Stuff I like to make to go well with my RP written stories.
  4. @Canon360, @Comrade53 were quite a bundle of joy Thanks for taking me with you, guys, and the intense, somewhat brief and very pleasant RP. I hope that doctor of yours, @Canon360, will patch you up just fine! I'm sorry I left all of a sudden, but seeing all the people around the campfire meant that I couldn't have logged anytime soon and I just couldn't continue on at that time. And one last Big Up to the Marine whom I met at the Safe Zone - delicious Zucchinis, dude
  5. MrBlairdom

    Building your Character (A Picture Guide)

    I can't see anything. Am I not doing something right?
  6. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! This actually took place on Saturday if I recall correctly. There was a huge gunfight that I got to witness and by writing about it, I wanted to let those involved know they were being watched
  7. "Fuck...it's gettin' dark. I better get movin'..." said Michael dusting off his pants, "I'm sick of these fuckin' country roads". He had never been to Severograd, although she had mentioned it to him a few times. Busy, colorful and lively. Not much had changed: the city was now busy trying to hold its buildings together. Colorful if blood splatters would be considered acts of art and not evidence of struggle, violence or even death. The only thing that was just partially true was the 'lively' part; how many of its inhabitants were actually alive? How many of the ones trying to still live there were actually living? "I suppose this is it. Severograd", Michael finished his observation with a sigh, not of relief, but rather of tiredness. Another place he would have to scavenge, try to outlive, try to figure out. "I need to get to higher ground, need to give this place a quick scan...For every good thing I find in cities, there's always a bunch of assholes trying to take it back from me" . He crouched behind a tree, popping his head in quick flashes trying to notice any immediate threats. Nothing. Just the wind blowing, carrying the leaves in a spiral dance that had no finish, no conclusion. "Those apartment buildings look tall enough and isolated. I better not end up going inside an infected nest like last time. I fuckin' hate those shits." Michael grabbed his rifle and held it firmly before sprinting out of cover. He ran a few good meters before sliding in the dust behind a run-down house. The city did not notice him. Just another scared soul trying to break Severo's gloomy defenses. "Can't believe I'm not picking up anything...c'mon, cmon, little cockroaches...where the fuck are you all hiding?" , Michael asked himself as he was looking through the scope of his rifle. The city was still. "I swear they'll just pop out of nowhere just as I'm about to enter the building...I just fuckin' know it". As he finished uttering out loud his premonition, Michael "Ballsy" Jones started running as a mad man towards the ever-approaching apartment buildings. He stopped with a thud against the side of one of the buildings. He was panting hard. He took off his blue beanie and rubbed his forehead. "Goddamn it...my heart's pounding so hard right now...", said the man unbuttoning his dusty olive shirt. "Michael...Michael...when they dubbed you Ballsy, they didn't fuckin' know the world would end and you'd have to fight off rampaging infected fuckers with foam around their mouths". He peeked around the corner only to be greeted by a silent landscape - still and silent. He stuffed his beanie on his head and slowly made his way to the staircase that lead inside the abandoned, dark and haunting building. As he got inside, the smell of three months of decay almost cut his nostrils. He covered his nose with his left arm and made his way to the rooftop. "Oh, God...what the fuck died in here?" , Michael asked himself, muffled by the covering arm. As he reached the rooftop, he took a moment to take in the view. From up there, it almost looked better. But Severograd didn't have the patience. Severograd suddenly came back to life: gunshots broke the silence, as Michael dropped to his knees, grabbing his rifle firmly. No other sounds pierced through, just gunshots. Repetitive, encumbering and loud. "This is no self-defence...this is a fucking war..." , uttered Michael as he was dragging himself across the rooftop towards the Eastern ledge of the building. He assumed a crouching position, fixed his right eye on the scope and watched the streets. Gunshots were now filling up the place. He finally noticed something dead in the streets, "Aw...it's one of those infect...", and before he could finish his sentence someone, an actual living person, popped into his sights as if he was running away from something. "Poor fucker's tryin' to get away from..." and the man in the streets dropped dead, pierced by a several determined bullets. "Oh, fuck me!", exclaimed Michael as he continued to focus his aim on the man's ravaged body. The gunshots were chaotic, it seemed the whole place was lit up. All of a sudden, a second person pops into Michael's range. The man dropped to his knees next to the dead body "Leave it be, man...you're not gonna patch that shit up..." whispered Michael as if wanting just that man to hear him. "Go away, you stupid little shit...they're probably aiming at you right now..." and just as Michael finished the sentence, the man once believed dead barely got up, held by the second man. "No fucking way! No fucking waaay, man!" , exclaimed Michael as he pulled his head back a bit, blinking repeatedly as if to regain his vision. He popped his eye back into the scope. Only a few blood stains left behind betrayed the presence of a body in the streets. "What the fuck's going on...what the fuck's....going...on?", he kept on saying while scoping in and out down the nearby streets. After a few more minutes of loud and erratic gunshots, everything turned silent. He kept on surveying the streets. At some point, two people appeared from around a corner. One of them had a bright blue drybag that got Michael's attention. The two men seemed calm enough, not looking around at all, as if totally in peace with what had happened. "Are you a fucking scumbag, Mr. Blue Bag? Are you...?" whispered Michael to himself while squeezing the trigger just a bit. "Who the fuck wears a bright bag like that...you're either very brave or very stupid...And who the fuck's your friend?", Michael went on. "I bet you're a scumbag, Mr Blue Bag...only a cold-hearted fucker would be this chill after a gunfight." But before Michael could do anything else, both men rushed behind a building, out of his vision. "Fuck...Should I have pulled the trigger?"
  8. MrBlairdom

    Hi! I'm new here

    Hello and welcome! Glad to see more people who practice type RP 'cause I've had my doubts about it, as I can't use my mic all the time either Hope you'll get your money's worth once in this gruesome world of DayZ.
  9. MrBlairdom

    What I have noticed about Kill Rights and Hoarding

    The topic's been discussed in the past, yes, but I enjoyed the way you laid it all out (talking to the OP). It also gave me some things to think about. A few words about past experiences that kinda prove pointing a gun at someone doesn't mean you are actually going to kill him nor does it mean he has to instantly whip out his gun and shoot you: 1. Was in some town with a guy I just met and ran into a shady guy, looking scary as fuck. After a few moments of him being shady and scary as fuck, I decided to not risk my life being ambushed by being distracted so I raised my gun, pointed it at him and told him to that he's creepy as shit, that I don't trust his ass, that he should stand still and let us pass because it was way too late and way too dark for us to be having a conversation with a masked man. That entire thing led up to us being followed by him and his group and the RP was so intense, but casualty free. They even pointed us in the right direction. 2. Was alone on the road when two guys approached me of out nowhere. One was near me, one was on the other side of the road. The guy next to me began circling me and checking out my gear, asking a lot of questions about my destination and he sure seemed interested in my gun. Because I felt threatened I raised my gun and told them to back off (OOC-ly I was fucking hyped, my heart was pounding) and they acted it all out so flawlessly - the entire scene took a couple of minutes and I ended up running shit scared of being followed. 3. Heard someone being taken hostage so I wanted to investigate. I didn't realize someone was guarding the backdoor so I got held at gunpoint and taken hostage myself. The whole thing was exquisite. They left me and the other guy tied up in a house with a gun and left. I didn't know how to untie myself (I had too google it :))), but the other guy didn't kill me. He took my shit and left but made it extremely nice, it felt genuine. I just feel that violence doesn't need to always follow-up a raised gun. One does not have to kill just because he/she can. And regarding hoarding - I realized that the less stuff I carry, the more real it feels out in the world. I'm checking my bullets, I'm not just shooting left and right. When I see a bunch of infected, I'm carefully dodging them because my 5 bullets are too precious to just waste them when I can silently get past them. I began preferring more raggedy clothing as it makes my guy look as if traveled a lot, as if he's been in the world for a long time. The less you have, the more you get in return as...a feeling.
  10. I didn't actually know whether I should post something or not, considering my stay wasn't all that long nor impactful (if I may say so), but then again why not? I guess good news is the best news, so the good news is the server will have one more spot filled whenever I get the chance. I'm glad to see you guys are still going strong, with the whole lore wipe which is quite a good call as it gives everybody a chance to rethink their characters according to the number of days since the infection. I like the website, I like all of the new additions (the safe zone, the mentor stuff etc.) and I like the fact that my account didn't get removed or some sh*t So, hello everyone again and hope to get some good RP going!
  11. Michael Jones is just your average 32-year old guy. Always had regular jobs, no real career, whatever paid the bills. He was born in Chicago to an American father and a Russian mother. That little twist came to affect his life more than he had ever imagined. Having spent most of his time doing as he saw fit, one day he decided to leave everything behind and visit his mother's home country and from there let his curiosity guide him from place to place. With the money he had saved up until the unforeseen accident that brutally and irrevocably took his mother away from him, he embarked into the voyage that would change his life, and everyone else's for that matter, for ever. He left his dad a note, as he did not see fit to further discuss the matter with the likes of him (obviously there's a father issue hiding here), got on the plane and reached Russia. After spending a full year travelling through the country, doing all sorts of jobs just to keep him going, he ended up in Chernasus where, as unexpected as life is, he found that what he dubbed 'the love of his life'. A 28-year old beautiful local girl, whose name I shall not mention at this point, had him thinking of settling down. Surely you are smiling right about now, thinking how this is some wonderful love story, but it's not. He didn't even get to put a ring on it, as all hell broke loose, chaos engulfed them both and all their plans waved at them from a distant past. Why so surprised? We all know what happened in Chernasus not too long ago. Well...let me tell you this - he would still put a ring on it, but she is nowhere to find. Thus, began his frightful, chaotic and mesmerizing search for his beloved, beautiful 28-year old local girl whose name I shall not mention at this point.
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