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  1. Benjamin's role as a Royal Air Force Regiment Gunner, saw him and the rest of his squad deployed to act as a protection squad for a band of NATO RAF aircraft providing humanitarian aid. The mission was a failure and he extraction was non existent. Him being a man of good will, he will help others but he wants to stay alive. Hes a good guy... # // Will Update soon
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    Dr. Lee's Adventures

    These are just edited screenshot i've taken during my time as a W.H.O Doctor.
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    UN/WHO - Media Thread

    Target practice
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    UN/WHO - Media Thread

    Making plans...
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    UN/WHO - Media Thread

  6. ================== Background=============================== For his entire life Edward has had an interest in making a difference but his shy personality prevented him from doing so when he was young. However this trait allowed him to excel in school, overall helping him follow his dream to become an official in the field of Haematology as it was his dads profession. Growing up in Birmingham Edward didn't struggle to make friends but when it came to protecting himself, he was useless. With a small knowledge in self defense he looked weak in the eyes of others. He was an only child who lived with his parents Karen and Nevile Lee. His parents had a strong relationship and the supported him hugely with his choices in education. It was obvious to them that Edward was good at learning and he found happiness in knowledge. After school he would revise burying his head into a book trying to refine what he knows. Blood type: O+ ==================His Education============================== High School: King Edward's School Description: Edward was an straight A* student particularly excelling in the science. Although he was exceptionally quiet in lessons he was able to make him self heard when it came to speaking publicly and these communication skills only improve over time along with his confidence. College: Bourneville College Description: Edward studied A-level Chemistry and Biology, as well as Maths which he achieved an A* in all. With these results and his interest growing stronger by 20 he was already in a position looking to apply for a university which would allow him to to refine his knowledge and follow his dreams. University: University Of Birmingham Description: Excelling through his studies in chemistry, Edward was able to get on a degree course in chemistry giving him the required UCAS points to apply for medical school at the same school. Medical School: University Of Birmingham Description: for 5 years Edward undertook the medicine and surgery course allowing him to become a medical practitioner. During this course he chose to focus on haematology and it was something that widely interested him, and finally after his graduation he became a full time haematologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. ================ Background in the W.H.O ===================== He was recruited by the W.H.O (World Health Organisation) to aid with the swine flu pandemic in 2009 and has stayed a member ever since. Role: Haemotologist What he's trained in: delivering clinical care, often for life-threatening disease managing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation procedures providing advice on haematology laboratory results sampling bone marrow and interpreting the morphology performing diagnostic lumbar punctures. Advanced First Aid Jobs/ Deployments: 2009 -Swine flu pandemic 2013–16 -Ebola outbreak 2017 -Unknown Infection (ongoing) His Aims: To observe and document the changes in the infection Witness the process of "turning" Assess bite victims who haven't "turned", focusing on their blood Prove that there is an immunity ================Post Infection============================================= He arrived on the 31/07/2017 via boat and was directly exposed to the infection after being escorted to the UN refugee camp by NATO forces. Unaware of what causes these "things" to act aggressively he initially failed to see the threat, however after a couple hours in the camp he is soon show their power. In this situation he relies on the UN to provide protection as without and sufficient weapon training he feels at threat. My work has become pointless. I try to help but it always results in hostile acts. All I have now is my ability to kill and survive. I must work to rid these lands of a new plague, not the plague of the grey skins but the plague of those who murder, steal and abuse. This is my new mission… it's my only purpose
  7. =========================HIS DEATH====================================== Kodey sadly passed away on the 30/07/2017 after receiving a fatal bite from the infected, he died in the company of UN personnel after their best efforts failed to help him. ======================================================================== ========== His Background ================================================ Since Kodey was young, it was obvious he was different. He had the ability to inspire, lead and protect people. He lived a rather independent life, living at home with his mother after his father died when he was 16. From a young age he had the ambition of joining the British Army, but as his mother was a pacifist she forbid him to join, instead pushing him down a career as a weapons instructor at his local shooting range. The things he learnt handling these weapons helped him to become talented with certain weapon systems, and this skill would help him in the future. Still determined to join the military his mother allowed him to join the UN as personal security. He excelled through basic training and became the soldier he always wanted to be pushing through the ranks to become a sergeant. ============== Background in the UN ======================================= Comrades described him as: Trustworthy, An essential pair of hands, a guardian Role: UN Personal Security Jobs/ Deployments: Rwanda - 1993 October (Covert protection of UN Security Officials) -Republic of Yugoslavia- 1994 April (Assisted in the extraction of UN Peacekeepers after riots became heated) -Syria -2012 April (Protect visiting UN officials) + (was shot in leg during ambush) Reason for discharge- He was medically discharged because the damage to his leg put him in a position where he was unfit for services as it had major effects on his stamina and reacuring infections to the wound made it impossible for him to work in the field, however he protested strongly about this. Awards - The "Military Medal" - Kodey was awarded this for his "heroic" efforts in the successful protection the officials in the attack taking a bullet for a council member. Initially he refused the award as he believed he was only doing his job, however he eventually looked at it as his greatest achievement being a physical award as well as a mental award knowing he saved someones life. ==============Life After The UN ============================================ Temporarily returning to his jobs as weapons instructor Kodey still felt it was his duty to support and aid the UN so he became well known for his UN awareness campaigns and his fund raiser events, he felt the UN took advantage of these events using him for publicity. It was these events that drew the attention of the media. He appeared on BBC News along side his colleges talking about his journey and his actions in the UN. It was these events that brought Kodey to Chernarus. A school located in Chernogorsk got in contact with Kodey asking if he could present to the children explaining the aims and actions of the UN bringing all his battle worn kit as it was a key topic they were studying, as well as this the presentation would also be used to help improve their English allowing them to learn from a true native speaker. So soon after Kodey and a translator embarked on a long flight to Chernarus. ================== Post Outbreak ========================================= Kodey took it into his hands to aid the healthy civilians in the area, however being exposed to an event like this lead him to be very careful when approached by strangers ensuring they weren't infected and maintaining his Military skills he looked to establish contact with and organisations in the country to provide security or aid in the restoration of the government. Eager to help people, he wasn't afraid to kill if it meant the preservation of more life. Above all there was one major issue, his leg. still sustainable to infection he required a constant supply of antibiotics to prevent complications, and it would begin to hurt badly after intense work or exercise. The thing he saw took a major toll on his personality making him become more closed and argumentative, however it always seem to conclude with him coming to his senses. He tried to hold back his anger but it always seemed to get the better of him. ==================Aims================================================= - To meet with local organisations to provide protection or an extra pair of hands - To maintain a constant supply of antibiotics to prevent infection of his leg - To help healthy civilians, protecting them or pointing towards an evac point
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    S1 Stary Sobor - 21/05/2017

    Not long after the shooting had stopped we all left the church. My self and the blue armband group went separate ways with me heading north west up the road visibly unarmed. Before leaving the town i went to check an orange building on the northern side of the town where i was shot at multiple times even though a weapon wasn't present on my character at the time and eventually i was hit. i hid in the building as i had the assumption that the shots came from the red building near the road. After bandaging i opened the door and ran north towards kabanino through the field south of the road to prevent being shot.
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