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  1. This i was not aware of. Ignore my comment about adding dayzplus then. If we can have our own modpack created by our devs then thats perfect. But on another note would it be at all possible to make a mod and or script to allow the melee slot to be used for another gun slot? Ive always wished to be able to have like an m4 and a mosin per say and have them both on my back so i dont have to open carry.
  2. There is a mod that adds a few more lore friendly weapons with working attachments and new basebuilding items including a weapon rack that shows the guns stored in it. Its called DayZPlus
  3. I don't find a reason to report people unless they are truely breaking big rules like duping gear and such because from past experiences on other servers it seems things get swept under the rug. NOT SAYING THIS STAFF TEAM DOES IT . Just saying i dont see the point in it. Its still a game and taking the time to file the report takes away from my play time.
  4. My recent interactions in the server recently have been majority hostile attacks. I get rushed by a group of people they initiate attack and I am dead and have to spend the next few hours re gearing. It has kinda felt like public hive dayz with extra steps. Hostiles are doing the bare minimum to not catch a report and then gunning you down to end the engagement. I understand the need for hostile people and groups to make things more fun and interesting and realistic but bumrushing people holding them up and gunning them down isn't fun for anyone involved except the ones who gun everyone down and now dont have to search for their loot. I agree with the person who said less hiding and initiating. Make things more exciting and interesting for all involved. It is RP so keep in mind there are others involved who deserve to get some kind of fun out of it.
  5. * Kevin would grab his radio off the ground and lean back against the wall of the building he had claimed for his temporary shelter. He would think for a minute trying to gather his thoughts before pushing the button and speaking into the radio * This is Kevin Teran calling out to Captain Heinrich or any of his men. If any of you are around give me a shout I have arrived at Novaya and am awaiting a radio call from the Captain. I hope everything is going alright out there. * He would release the button and set the radio down and scoop up his rifle and scope in watching the fields and tree lines from his vantage point *
  6. * Kevin would grab his radio and hold the PTT button talking in a hushed tone the sounds of infected in the background can be heard* Well sir as of right now I am....shit.... * He would let off the button and flatten himself against the tree as the small group of infected that had chased him passed close by. After he was sure they moved far enough away he began speaking again* ....As I was saying right now I am north of Sinistok in the woods. I got caught by a rather large group and they had me on the run for a while. I will be making my way to the Novaya Petrovka area soon probably within the day if all goes well. I am aware that this is an unsecure line so be wary if you come looking for me there may be others looking for me as well we can exchange private channels once I meet up with one of you guys. You will know me when you see me. Good luck out there Captain. * He would release the button stashing the radio and snatching up his radio making a dead sprint for Novaya hoping like hell the group of infected wouldn't hear him and follow*
  7. *Kevin would damn near jump for joy at hearing that there was US forces around and would grab his radio holding the button down to speak* "What branches of US military if you don't mind my asking? I am a Sergeant with the US Marines I am glad to hear some of our boys are still holding the good fight out there. Maybe we should meet up sooner rather than later? I would love to be around some fellow brothers in arms plus getting to know each other might be beneficial." *He would let off the button and tap the antenna against his chin a couple of times before hitting the button again* I will let you think it over and discuss it with whoever you need to contact me again on this frequency when you get an answer yeah? I know taking someones word over comms is a longshot but hey I figure its a risk on both of our sides. Just don't leave me hanging. Kevin out. *He would let off the button and tuck the radio into his front uniform pocket so he would hear any further broadcasts and laid back on his makeshift sleeping spot drifting off into a light sleep*
  8. *Kevin would dig his radio out of his bag having had a new battery in it and after a few days of thought decided to call out to the voice he heard on Parker's radio when they had met up* Hello? This is Kevin Teran I am Parker's friend I managed to grab him and get him out of the airfield he is doing better now. You said you're a Captain? I didn't know we had any active military left in the area. I would be interested in having a word with you face to face one day. For now stay safe out there I just wanted to let you know about Parker's well being. *Kevin would release the talk button and stare at the radio a bit before sighing wondering if it was a smart idea to call out to someone he didn't know but nodded convinced that it was worth a shot and stashed his radio bag into his bag and shoulders the pack and continues on his journey.*
  9. *Kevin would snatch up his radio holding down the PTT hoping his battery would hold out* Parker this is Kevin I read you loud and clear got a radio but I'm not sure how much longer the battery will hold out. I'm a bit of a distance from you but I am making tracks for you now. Hold together man I have a nice bottle of water with your name on it. I will be the- *Kevin cusses and entertains the thought of smashing the radio as the battery had died mid sentence but thinks twice. He quickly stows the radio in a vest pouch and starts booking it for the airfield*
  10. This is a great idea for an immersive Stream/Youtube channel where you stay in character no matter what and the videos are only with that kinda filter like you are recording the life events and when you finish the series end it with "well whoever to whoever is watching this I hope the world has gotten better." or something like that
  11. IGN: Kevin Teran Country: USA English skills: only language DayZ Mod Experience: 302 hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 240 hours Roleplaying Experience: i have about 100 hours of DayZ RP experience and a little over 250 hours in gmod military RP and Dark RP. I also have about 40 hours of Arma 3 Military RP and 60+ hours of Arma 3 City Life RP What kind of In Game role best describes you: Mercenary/Hunter/Scav Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Open to all groups but looking to be Security/Hunter/Scavenger Best way to contact you: PM on DayZRP.com  Backstory: Kevin Teran was born and raised in Boston, MA. At the age of 18 he met who would be his future wife Sarah Jacobs. They were together and happy for two years when he popped the question and they got married in the year 2010. A year later Kevin against the wishes of his new spouse went to join the US Marine Corp to fight in the Afghanistan War. While he was in Afghanistan he kept regular contact with Sarah all the way up until his last year of service he hadn't heard from her at all so he assumed she got tired of waiting and moved on instead what he found when he got home was much worse. When he finally returned to his house he saw his mother sitting on the porch with a sad look on her face. His mother informed him that in April of 2015 his wife got into a car wreck with a semi truck and didn't make it. Kevin spent the rest of that year on autopilot and drifted through life. His depression was enough to cause him to be unable to hold a job \which caused him to lose his house, his car, and everything else he owned. Because Kevin was raised independent and was really hard headed he refused to ask his mother or other family for help and remained homeless saving money here and there until he got enough to escape from his hell. By the time 2016 came around he found a guy who was willing to fly Kevin to a place called Chernarus so he could be far from his old life. So Kevin gave him all of his savings and grabbed his old ratty bag which held his dads old Colt 1911 pistol and climbed aboard the plane. Once in Chernarus Kevin not having much work experience went to work for the Chernarussian Defense Force (CDF) as a Technician. After a few months he was able to get settled into Chernarus and was feeling decent again until he checked the mail when he got back to the barracks. It was a letter from his sister saying that his mother had died from a stroke and that she left her house to him. He spent the next few months fighting with himself on whether he should go home or stay here and avoid his old life and his past demons. He eventually decided to stay and never wrote his sister back hoping she would think him dead and forget him. He continued going around to all the military bases in Chernarus to preform maintenance on the equipment and vehicles until one day he woke up to alarms. His commanding officer was going through the barracks making sure everyone himself included went to the armory to get geared up for a fight. Usually Kevin would think this was a drill but he saw the look in his commanders eyes and knew it was real. As he stepped from the barracks he heard the bombs dropping on the old storage base near Severograd. Kevin got assigned to a patrol that was to watch a road checkpoint near Severograd where the attacks were happening. During one of his shifts he saw a civilian get attacked by a rabid man and opened fire on the rabid man who turned and ran at Kevin. No matter how many rounds he dumped into the man it kept coming until he hit a head-shot. As what was being called by the soldiers as the infection spread and worsened most fled or died in Severograd and Kevin's squad was moved to Berezino. There the infection was much worse. Kevin decided that since everyone was leaving he was going to stay and accept his fate. In the middle of the night he dropped his rifle his gear and his uniform and ran into the woods and made camp far off close to Gorka. From there he was able to scavenge enough food from the town to survive the coming week. During the second week of camping he heard the far off sound of a boat's horn and began making his way to the coastline.
  12. IGN: Zack Pearson Age: 25 Country: USA English skills: My whole life. DayZ Mod Experience: 230 Hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 113 Hours Roleplaying Experience: 97 Hours on City Life. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scavenger/Hunter/Scout Have you been in any clan/group previously: No Additional notes: Wifi is iffy at home I may randomly DC but will be back in like 5-10 mins. Best way to contact you: Kik @ enma980 Steam @ The Survivor Backstory: His name is Zack Pearson. He was born in America and spent his whole life in Boston until his wife died in a car wreck on November 22nd 2013. He spent the rest of that year and most of 2014 floating through life not knowing what to do anymore. Around March 10th 2014 he decided he couldn't stay in the states anymore he had to escape the thoughts and memories of his wife and her death. He figured that moving to a new city or state wouldn't even help him escape he had to leave the states altogether. On March 13th he was on a flight heading for Krasnotav Airstrip. Once he arrived he took all his belongings caught a ride and stopped in the town of Berezino. By the time April rolled around Zack had settled in quite well. The town of Berezino greatly differed from his hometown in Boston. He wasn't able to find him a job like the one he had back in Boston so he settled on getting a job working at the lumber mill in Berezino. In the months between April and October he became quite the loner tending to keep to himself but he eventually met a man named Dimitriy Anatolievich who worked at the lumber mill with Zack. On the weekends Dimitriy convinced Zack to start hunting with him and eventually worked Zack up to going to hang out with friends of Dimitriy. After October 13th when the CDF were nearly crushed and the refugees began pushing into Berezino and the UN shot those three survivors Zack and Dimitriy left and as they were leaving they got separated but Zack kept running to the woods. He kept running until he no longer heard voices or gunshots or vehicles. Once he stopped he sat down and built a small fire to keep himself warm for the night. As he was building the fire he realized that he was on his own again but this time he was left with all the choices. He had to survive he had to find Dimitriy. He decided this was a second chance to start over his whole life.
  13. When I log into DayZ it says at the bottom that the current version of the game is 60.13 etc. but when I scroll through the server list I can't find the DayZRP server. When I type the ip in to remote access for all three servers it shows them as running on version 60.0 and the numbers are in red. When I try to connect anyway it just loads endlessly with the mouse still on screen and the title screen background audio still playing. I'm currently reinstalling like someone at the helpdesk told me to but I don't know if that will work.
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