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  1. The People's Collective of Chernarus

    Pictures of the great People's City of Chernogorsk from Revolution hill!
  2. Da. This is best meme.

  3. The People's Collective of Chernarus

    Even the weeaboos of the world believe in the power of communism.
  4. The People's Collective of Chernarus

    Can I put Communist propaganda involving anime on here?
  5. Prison Island Event


    Sign up format: Character name: Alexei Fedorov Characters crime: Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and Being Too Damn Communist
  6. Bored. have to wait for my timer to go down so I can play my new char with N-Tox.....

  7. Alexei Fedorov

    Alexei Fedorov was born in Severograd, Chernarus, on June 7th, 1990 to Sasha and Gregori Fedorov. Sasha, Alexei and his brother Boris' mother, died while giving birth to Alexei, leaving them under the care of their father, Gregori. Gregori was a big Russian Nationalist and Communist, serving in the Red Army during the Cold War. Their father taught them the ways of Communism, and with that, his hatred for all things American and capitalist. During school, Alexei and his brother were constantly told of the dangers of living a life of communism, but their father would not have it. Gregori would mentally push the idea that communism was bad out of their heads, telling them that the school was lying, trying to turn them into filthy capitalist scum. Even with his father's constant teachings of Communism, Alexei did well in school, graduating in 2008. The year before, Boris and Alexei would sign up for the Chernarussian Communist Party, or the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. In 2009, when the Chernarussian civil war broke out. Boris and Alexei would fight in the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star's militia, otherwise known as, "Chedaki". When the war ended with a Chedaki defeat, the two were spared the consequences of their war crimes, because of their Chernarussian Citizenship, and because they were only riflemen. For the next 8 years, they would live out their normal lives, still believing in their father's teachings of communism. When the infection broke out across Chernarus, The brother's and their father were hiding out in a house in Pusta, when an infected man broke his way into his house, killing their father. The brothers took it as a sign from God, that capitalism had failed, and that Communism needed to rise again. Now the brothers travel across Chernarus, Trying hard to convince others to take up their cause, willingly....or not.
  8. S1-BadRP 22:25-22:45 11/5/17

    The reason for the report is not just badrp but also there's fact that there was no reason for initiating on me. A few days ago, Alex (Coreena, the owner of the trading post) had spoken to David Mack about being allowed to have the trading post in the muslims' "town", she had even given him an AK for it. Given permission, Coreena can prove that this incident has happened as well as the fact that there has not been little to no interactions with her and the Muslims that there would be a reason for initiation. There has been little to no encounters done by me and the accused that would warrant an initiation as well. They say that by Svet being "their town" is enough reason for initiation, however, I disagree. That's why I have filed this report.
  9. S1-BadRP 22:25-22:45 11/5/17

    Server and location: S1 Svetlojarsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-5-11 22:25 -22:45 Your in game name: Henry Graves Names of allies involved: Ian Hutchins, Max Cardwell Name of suspect/s: David Mack, Muslims Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was running the Svetlojarsk trading post at the church when a man in an orange armband walks up. He was overly excited about the fact there was a trading post there. He asked if we had any military grade weapons at the trading post, and I told him we had a variant of the AK (Didn't know exact version) He goes off to find something to trade with and comes back a few minutes later with 5 more guys. one of them inspects the wares, and after about a minute tells me to put my hands up. I comply, and he takes me down to the docks and into this factory with Ian Hutchins and Max Cardwell. He puts us up, backs against a wall, and makes us drop our vests, guns on our back, and vests. I misinterpreted this and took off all of my clothes. We all comply, and he starts talking about Svetlojarsk being his group's town, and that we weren't allowed there. He tells us to head to Zelenogorsk, and that if we were ever seen north of the radio tower on Green Mountain by them, we were dead. They make us walk out of town with no food or water, and that's where the encounter ends. I was on Teamspeak, by myself, in one of the public channels. People that I did not know were joining, and after realizing I wasn't who they thought I was, I left. I told no one that I was being held up, or that I was taken hostage.
  10. Working on a little mixtape of classic rock and other songs on a playlist on youtube, IC it'll be on a cassette tape that can be used on a battery powered cassette player.

  11. Bean's Traveling Pictures

    How did this Zed get up on that bus?
  12. Why Severograd?

    Wow, I didn't expect this little question on rp hotspots to get this huge!
  13. Why Severograd?

    @Rory I guess I can see the point in that, but, I'd like to see it a little spread out, if it weren't, then it could turn into Severo life simulator 2017.
  14. Why Severograd?

    Ah, thanks for the info, guys, I was just confused and a little disappointed that the roleplaying wasn't more spread out across the map.