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  1. June 14th, 2020 Last day of my leave back in the parts of Miroslavl we still control. The soldiers on duty here are all green-faced conscripts from what I've seen. They all got this....this look. They've only got a taste of combat, and it's come from, in their eyes, killing dozens, if not hundreds of their own countrymen, the people they're meant to protect. Morale is low in the barracks, lots of talk about the Russians just leaving these men for dead, leaving Chernarus for dead....they still expect us to put our lives down for the Motherland, for Russia....not me. I fight for Chernarus, for our fatherland, for Lopotev. Papa looks alright, thank God....I've never been a man of faith...but, tonight...I might pray. For my father's sake, if for anything else. Still no sight or sound from Nikolai...God, I hope my brother is okay....Maybe he'll reenlist, that's if he can actually find us in time....Well...I'm getting the night convoy back to South Zagoria, back to the grindstone. Saw President Bernarus on the TV, addressing the civilians. First time I've seen him on TV since I got deployed. That man shouldn't be our president....Comrade Bardak should be up there. He fought as hard as Lopotev for Chernarus, and this Russian boot-licker takes his rightful place....I should stop writing now...before I start punching things.
  2. June 11th, 2020 Welp, finally moved into our camp. Berezino is a bigger city than Vybor, and one I'm more familiar with. Lots of memories of Severograd Secondary's Football team going to Berezino to get trounced. Gym got turned into a medical bay, lots of curtains, lots of litterbeds about. Engineers did a good job with the place, it's a lot bigger and a lot more secure than the old place. I also get a bunk with Sergeant Vykopal. Never really gotten to know him, he's a quiet guy for the most part, but he does his job well, not as drill-hungry as Sergeant Volkov, anyways.....The Russians finally have shown their true colors, and have been fucking us over constantly while we try to put an end to the CLF traitors. Funnily enough, we have a cease-fire with those terrorist dogs now... Lots of mixed feelings there, but, I'm under orders to not fuck with them. It's going to be hard though, these....men....they've taken so much from me. I've lost so many friends to the nationalists, and now I have to hold hands with them....
  3. June 6th, 2020 Been a tough couple of days. Lots of attacks by CLF, some foreign thugs, and this crazy doctor guy with his wackjob patients. Got to hear from Papa yesterday. He's doing good in Miroslavl, but something's not right. Nikolai's not with him. Fuck...I hope he isn't here. Veteran or not, he isn't the fighting type, he's going to get his ass handed to him by the CLF on a silver fucking platter. Brother...Get out of here while you can, it's not safe... Got orders to head to a new camp, Probably will write more when we get settled down. Long road ahead of us now....We're getting through this, these CLF traitors aren't getting the best of me.
  4. June 1st, 2020 So, dusted off this old book today. Thought I should record all my shit, not like anyone will read it. Logistics has been a bitch today. They leave us here to maintain order but refuse to send food supplies to feed the hungry and scared civilians? We managed to scrounge up enough to keep everyone sated, but food is and will still be a problem until the higher ups can get us a supply shipment. Heard some thugs attacked today. People are going crazy already, and here I was thinking this was going to be an easy deployment....I don't like this whole mess. Russia getting more and more babysitter-like with us, it's getting on my nerves. I didn't fight the Liberation War to get bossed around by some smug bitch from Moscow. But either way, what am I gonna do about it? The people of Chernarus need the RAC now more than ever, and by damn, I'm going to do my best to help them through this crisis. June 2nd, 2020 Got to see the Russian Refugee Camp. It's huge, much bigger than the one we got. They get regular shipments, radar, heavy fortifications. We get jack from the west and a shitty little roadblock.... Terrorists are getting more bold around us. We discovered a camp just a couple hundred meters away from our own refugee camp. Heard of a small skirmish with one of our patrols. Hope those guys made it out okay.
  5. CHILDHOOD Alexei Fedorov was born to Grigori Fedorov and Sasha Fedorova, on March 4, 1990. For the first two years of his life, things were normal, he had a loving family, especially a loving mother. Unfortunately, that wouldn't last. Alexei's mother would die giving birth to his brother, Nikolai. Grigori had always been a strict man, but now that he was tasked with caring for two children on his own, and without the tenderness of their mother to counter his militant brand of parenting, the boys were raised like soldiers. Everything was done with precision, and mistakes were corrected harshly. Grigori had been a Serzhant in the Soviet Ground Forces before the fall of the Soviet Union, and had served in the Soviet-Afghan War, and the Invasion of Everon and Malden in the 1980s. When the boys were old enough to begin school, they went to the local public school in Severograd. There they were taught the basic curriculum of math, science, social studies, etc. However, when they returned home, they were often taught the teaching of Karl Marx, Lenin, and Stalin, at least those tied to military practice. This embedded the brothers with a large sentiment for communist thinking, as well as pride for the old Soviet regime that Chernarus once stood under. This was also compounded by the brothers constant harassment and bullying by their Chernarussian classmates. They were seen as inhuman, something to be mocked and ridiculed. The brothers would retaliate with an equally harsh sentiment to these people, who treat him and his kind like vermin. Alexei and Nikolai were often taken on hunting trips by their grandfather. Their grandfather taught them with his old Mosin-Nagant model 91/30. It was an old rifle, being used since the Great Patriotic War of the 1940s. Alexei proved to be a natural talent with the rifle, being able to precisely down a deer or boar from hundreds of meters away. The only problem is, he has to be able to see it first. Luckily, Nikolai's hawk-like vision was able to see precise movements from extreme distances. The brother's worked in harmony, proving to be quite the formidable duo. CHEDAKI Alexei was 18 when the Liberation War began. He didn't hesitate to join up, alongside his brother, who faked his age to join alongside Alexei. They were assigned to the 75. Snaypersiky Polk, A unit of dedicated Sharpshooters. Together, the brothers would carve a path of long-range hell for both CDF and NAPA soldiers. Alexei, for his extreme precision and success at assassinating important CDF officials, would be awarded the moniker of "Red Wolf". After the war ended in a Chedaki Victory in 2012, The 75. Snaypersiky Polk was folded into the larger 34th Infantry Battalion. There, he and Nikolai continued to operate as marksmen and reconnaissance specialists. THE OUTBREAK Alexei and Nikolai were deactivated as sharpshooters when the Frenzied Flu began its wave of terror across South Zagoria. They instead were assigned to maintain martial law alongside local police, and help evacuate healthy civilians when the situation escalated. Now he remains with the 34th Infantry Battalion, helping to try and maintain order in a new, apocalyptic South Zagoria.
  6. Quarantine really got me not feeling cash money bois

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      Same here all i have is dayz and a bottle of bud to keep me occupied.

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      Stocked up on alcohol before quarantine, so im all set.

  7. Most memorable points must have been the Svetlojarsk Trading outpost with that crazy doctor running it...RIP Henry Graves (forget her char name but god damn that was some good rp!) And the beginnings of Alexei's 3 year long relationship with misery with the PCC. From the death of his brother all the way up to his execution by S-GRU, it was an endless stream of fun...in a weird, Schadenfreude kind of way.
  8. *The radio comes alive with the sound of the Red Army Choir* "Glorious comrades, I come bearing heavy news this day....Earlier today, some of our comrades were apprehended by an unknown group of Nationalists. These men mercilessly interrogated and tortured our comrades in the most inhumane ways known to man! The NSSR will not stand for this unprovoked act of aggression against the workers! These...Men....Would rather see the workers of the world be trampled on and forsaken, than to see them liberated and treated with the respect and be given the rights that they deserve! They have now declared war on the NSSR, and we will stop at nothing to see these groups, and anyone who collaborates with these groups wiped from the face of the earth!" "SLAVA RODINA, COMRADES! GLORY TO THE NSSR!" *The radio would return to static after the song is finished.*
  9. Definitely rolling the communist here if the lore goes for it. Need to keep the revolution going since we won't have the chance to on this lore! SLAVA NSSR
  10. *The radio would come alive to the sound of Russian music, the audio quality has increased from yesterday* "Good evening, glorious people of South Zagoria! This is the Deputy General Secretary of the Communist Party of the New Soviet Socialist Union! Must I say, it is a beautiful evening here in South Zagoria!" "Since our last broadcast, the glorious comrades of the NSSR has gotten one of the many radio towers up and running in this country! We hope you enjoy the higher quality of our broadcasts!" "Tomorrow will be the day, glorious comrades! Tomorrow we will be out patrolling the roads of South Zagoria! We hope you will stop and say hello! We will also be carrying ample reserves of freshly cooked wolf steaks, which we will happily give to whoever wishes to have some!" "That is all from me today! Slava Rodina! Glory to the NSSR!" *The airwaves would return to static once the song is finished.*
  11. Welcome to the NSSR Media Thread! Here we'll be posting glorious photos and videos from our glorious revolution! Here we have our glorious Leader, Evgeny Nestiev, welcoming a new comrade into our ranks! The glorious General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary of the New Soviet Union saluting the Motherland! (Left to Right: Gen. Sec. Nikolai Kalishnikov, Dep. Gen. Sec. Evgeny Nestiev)
  12. *The radio comes alive with the sound of Russian marching music* "Good evening, glorious people of South Zagoria! This is the Commissar with another glorious announcement from the NSSR!" "We've been hard at work preparing the camp for the fellow revolutionaries, Very soon, you will be seeing us on the roads of South Zagoria!" "Now, a lot of you have posed some...very interesting views about us and what we plan to do here. So, I would like to tell you all our plans in the near future!" "Our goal is not to oppress the people of South Zagoria, not at all! We want to provide freedom and safety to the people of South Zagoria. Specifically, we will not, under any circumstances, disarm the people of South Zagoria. As the revolutionary Karl Marx writes: 'Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempts to disarm the people must be stopped, by force if necessary.'" "It is your right as a member of the working class and as a citizen of South Zagoria to be able to arm yourselves freely, and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure you keep these rights!" "We also will not be forcefully collecting and redistributing resources among the people. We know that these are very difficult times, and that many of the people of South Zagoria are already living off of subsistence resources. Instead, we will be collecting resources based off of farming, scavenging, hunting, and willing donations from the people! These goods will then be redistributed to anyone who needs them in a people's community center!" "We also plan to give the people a voice in the glorious NSSR! A Worker's Congress of the people will accept votes from the public on a variety of things, whether it be policies, issues, or directives! The proletariat deserve a voice in these trying times, and we will happily give it to all citizens of the NSSR!" "That will be all from me, the Commissar! Good night South Zagoria, and glory to the NSSR!" *The radio would return to static when the song is finished*
  13. Damn I'm not crying but I want to. You have only given this revolutionary resolve! Slava Rodina, and Slava the CSSR.
  14. *Angery Commie noises* Hope to see you in game! Slava CSSR!
  15. *The airwaves would come alive with the sound of Russian voices singing songs of the people as The Commissar's voice is heard after the song is done* "Ah, what a glorious day it is here in South Zagoria! I have returned from my hiatus to spread the good news! The Revolution is at hand, comrades! In the very near future, me and my fellow comrades will come out to meet you all, the glorious workers of the world! For now I cannot speak about our whereabouts, but do not lose hope, comrades! We are still looking for you, and we will always be happy to welcome a fellow revolutionary into the glorious red glow of the CSSR!" "We will bring about the World Revolution, comrades! Worker, by worker, Mile, by mile, and Town, by town! Glory to the motherland, and Glory to the CSSR!" *The radio would turn to static once the song finished*
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