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  1. Hänjokakeräämoniasarvia “He who collects many antlers” Tribal Background The Nahkankäyttäjät, or Hide Wearers, were excellent hunters, this was known from those they interacted with. Nomadic in nature, the Hide Wearers followed the paths of the Reindeer they depended upon for food, clothing, and tools. To them, the Reindeer was an aspect of the Gods, given to them so that they may thrive. They tracked their quarry through snow and forest, lake and tundra, always following them, never staying in any single place long. The Hide Wearers had always lived like this, eve
  2. I, NinjaGriffon, hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 5 in its current form.
  3. Group Idea Name - Pohjoistuuli (North Wind in Finnish) Link - Will post when I can set up a group page with lore and graphics Concept - Nomadic group of Pillagers entering Nyheim territory to plunder what they can before returning to Finland Long term goal - Be a chaotic force for survivors to look out for, and a possible external threat to PLIKT Group idea is very bare bones but I work on it day to day, lemme know if you are interested!
  4. Welcome to the cold white north, Perkele
  5. Oh if only, I'd love to do perkele time. Honestly I'm following the bandwagon, thinking it's Norway, somewhere way up north though, like Narvik.
  6. Manson's making me inspired guys. Next char idea: Josef Mengele-esque crazy scientist?

  7. Well I'm a graduate now.

    Weird. Nothing feels different.

    1. Crimson


      Congratulations 🎉

      Now get out and live your life

    2. Cal



  8. Aye, that's good, I had just heard somewhere the VZ wasn't that good, good to know that I can monke with it
  9. I'm not sure if this holds up today, but I've known in the past that the damage on the VZ.58 is far too weak considering the bullet it uses and it's role as an assault rifle. As far as I know, the VZ.58 should be on par or similar to the AKM due to it being a czech version of the AKM, that uses the same 7.62x39 round. Despite this, the VZ.58 in game is significantly weaker to the AKM, making the weapon undesirable to even an AK-74. Wondering if anything can be done about this, I'd love to be able to use native (in the lore) designs when I need to go be hostile monke.
  10. not really. You just gotta watch for them is all, Keep your eyes peeled, crouch around in towns, and sneaking up on infected and hitting them with a sharp object 1 shots them now, so, they can be easy to dispatch as well. It takes some practice, but, we all have had our troubles with it, you gotta have yours too sometimes.
  11. All I can really say here is, get used to it. Travel light, be more okay with sneaking around infected and being more cautious that way. It's tough at first, but it's unlikely that the stamina is changing any time soon.
  12. Personally love the rain, but mostly that's an aesthetic thing for me. I could agree with lowering the amount of rain by a good amount, but never fully remove the rain. It's chernarus, we're on a coastline, in a temperate climate, it's gonna rain.
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