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  1. Eben Barnes Was born on March 6th 1996 in the Bronx New York to a poor single mother. Through out his childhood Eben was faced with many serious and traumatic experiences of seeing his close friends and people living in his neighborhood get killed for only the paper in there wallets . Which forced Eben to constantly getting into fights , trouble at school , on the street and basically anywhere around the Bronx. Once he Turned 18 he join the Military for 2 years as a rifle man in the marine Core touring around the world stopping threats before receiving a note one night informing Eben that his Mother Cecilia has been killed walking home from the super market a couple doors down . Eben then was giving the option to tour back home to see his mother buried , once he was done mourning for his mother he couldn't accept going back to the military since it was the reason why she was alone when she mother got murdered by robber. Eben found this Multi Million CEO of this international Bank company called Oasis , He was ordered to go to this back water country of Chernarus to guard his Lead advisor who got ever to call Stickler to promote their new bank industry. When Eben and Stickler where about to go out and work they saw a massive horde of infected causing havoc in the streets of Cherno forcing Eben and Stickler to split up . But Shortly after being split by the masses of people running from the infected he was push into a house and banged his head, when he woke up everyone was gone including Stickler.
  2. Why the verdict is not fair: I feel that is not fair because i get the rules and functions of this community i just didn't take the time to connect each question to answer i previously read about in the rules. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: INSERT_TEXT_HERE What would you like to achieve with this appeal: to get one more chance to prove my self that I will get white listed What could you have done better?: i would take more time and re read the question more carefully so i don't get confused when choosing the right answers.
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